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Chapter 123: 123 Crushing a Strange Seed!

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123 Crushing a Strange Seed!

At that moment, the perimeter of the Mirror of Illusion was filled with guards.

The elder led a group of subordinates over, his eyes somewhat surprised.

“What’s going on?” he asked sternly.

As far as his eyes could see, there was nothing strange about it except that two guards were missing standing at the tent’s entrance.

After someone informed him, the elder quickly reacted and said softly, “Can you break the domain of an illusion-type Beast?”

“That… Elder Chang has already tried, but it didn’t work.”

“The reason?”

“Elder Chang was the first to arrive. He tried to break through the Illusion Domain, but he suddenly spat out blood and injured his Beast. I’m afraid it’ll take some time for him to recuperate,” the subordinate said bitterly.

“It’s an illusion level stronger than Elder Chang’s.”

The elder squinted his eyes, a trace of anxiety flashing through them.

It was obvious that the other party was here for the young lord, and their plan had probably been exposed.

As an elder, the fragmented information was enough for them to understand that they had fallen into a trap.

“Then, blow it up! Don’t stop until you break this domain!” The elder immediately shouted.

“Yes, elder!”

Then, the Beasts used all their skills to attack the Mirror of Illusion.

At the same time, a muffled sound came from within the Mirror of Illusion.

The vines at the back of the young lord’s neck were cut off by Whitey’s sharp feet and his blood spattered out.

“It hurts! You b*stard!”

At the same time, Bearen slapped the young lord and sent him flying.

Su Bai was stunned.

The young lord had laughed so crazily just now. Su Bai thought the young lord was plotting something, and Su Bai almost called Whitey back to hide.

Su Bai had never expected that he had overestimated the young lord and the Bloody Vines.

The suppressed young lord was directly attacked by both Bearen and Whitey. Even if he could rely on Bloody Vines for a while, he could not hold on for long.

At the same time, Su Bai felt that the Mirror of Illusion was being attacked.

‘The Salvation Sectists finally reacted.’ Su Bai thought.


Suddenly, a roar came from not far away. Su Bai turned around.

The young lord exuded a strange aura and moved quickly. With a sharp wind, he turned around and charged at Whitey.

The sight of the scene would be shocking even for Zhu Di.

The strong energy in the howling wind could even make Silver-level Beasts of the same level feel threatened.

On the ground, Whitey knew that it couldn’t take it head-on with its Extrasensory.

“Whitey, jump sideways repeatedly. Don’t give him a chance!” Su Bai ordered.

Whitey jumped back and forth with its agile body.

As expected, the young lord’s speed was fast under the influence of the violent energy, but his movement technique seemed clumsy. He had no way to catch up with the dodging Whitey.

Seeing that opportunity, Bearen immediately launched an attack. He immediately chased after the young lord and hit him with his palm.

One by one, the vines disintegrated and healed repeatedly.

The young lord hiding under the vines cried out in pain, but he would also laugh from time to time.

“He’s really a madman.” Su Bai shook his head helplessly.

After a short exchange of blows, Su Bai grasped the young lord’s current state.

Although the Bloody Vines had a strange power, it only could move instinctively. As long as the situation was slightly more complicated, it would exceed the limits of understanding.

Su Bai had more than ten ways to deal with such a Beast.

As for the crazy young lord, Su Bai had an even more outrageous way.

Su Bai had only been clear-headed briefly at the beginning, but now he was in a state of madness and posed no threat.

“Let’s end the battle. Get ready, Whitey!”

In an instant, when Bearen destroyed the young lord’s vines, a white figure dropped its sharp feet.


Whitey’s entire body pierced through the young lord’s body, and he was howling in pain.

Su Bai waited in silence and asked Bearen to stop.

At that moment, the vines on the young lord’s body were no longer healing.

Soon, the white figure appeared again. It cut a hole in the young lord’s back and jumped out.

Su Bai’s eyes lit up. His guess was right.

Whitey’s sharp feet were carrying a pitch-black seed. It was the true form of the Bloody Vines!

“Uh…Save me!”

Without the Bloody Vines, the young lord’s vines dried up and fell off. He reached out to Su Bai with his bloody hand and shouted, “You can’t kill me! You can’t kill me!”

“If you kill me! The Salvation Sect will never let you off!”

Looking at the miserable young lord, Su Bai raised his hand, and Bearen immediately understood.


The noise was finally gone. For the first time, Su Bai felt so comfortable in silence.

He took the Bloody Vines’ seed from Whitey’s sharp foot.

Looking at the virtual panel, he found that this damn thing was still strong. It didn’t die even after being pierced through.

The young lord was dead, so the mission was completed.

The third phase of the magic formation could not be activated, and the remaining time was to wait for reinforcements to arrive.

Su Bai sat on the ground and fiddled with the seeds.

After all, Su Bai was not a professional, so he could not see any signs after looking at it for a long time.

Except for one thing, the seed wasn’t completely black; the red was too intense, making it appear dark.

Even now, the commotion outside the Mirror of Illusion was still ongoing.

Obviously, the Salvation Sect didn’t know their young lord was dead and were still trying to break through the Illusion Domain.

Su Bai took this opportunity and tried his best to restore Dream Larva’s mental energy.

Otherwise, if reinforcements did not arrive in time, he would become a sheep in the wolf pack, isolated and helpless.

“Eat … I want to …”

Dream Larva on Su Bai’s left shoulder suddenly sent a telepathic message, “It’s delicious and very nourishing!”

Su Bai was speechless.

‘I can’t believe it. This little guy was actually interested in the Bloody Vines seed. It was as glutton as Whitey.’ Su Bai thought.

“No.” Su Bai shook his head. He didn’t intend to feed the Dream Larva this strange thing.

‘What if it was parasitized after swallowing it and became as mad as the young lord. I simply can’t accept it.’ Su Bai thought.

“Don’t worry, I can digest it! I absolutely can! I promise!”

Dream Larva became anxious after learning it had been rejected, just as it had done with Whitey.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He held the seed and let the Dream Larva come closer.

Suddenly, a strange scene appeared.

One end of the Bloody Vines seed extended a tiny root, pulling back and forth to escape.

It was obvious that it happened due to Dream Larva’s approach.

After confirming that there was no danger, Su Bai was finally relieved. He held up the seed and fed it to Dream Larva.

Whitey and Bearen were envious of Dream Larva. They had no interest in that seed, but an inexplicable desire to win slowly rose.

“When we return to camp, I’ll let you eat and drink to your heart’s content.” Su Bai smiled helplessly.


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