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Chapter 128: 128 Simplification, Training With Just Deep Breath!

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128 Simplification, Training With Just Deep Breath!

“You came just in time, we were just talking about you,” said Xu Chu.

When Xu Chu saw Su Bai, he immediately stood up and introduced, “This is Su Bai from the Ninth Legion. Su Bai, this is Gu Yan, the governor of Los Monstaria, and He Wenyuan, the commander of the Third Legion…”

Xu Chu then introduced the rest of the members in the room, who were all big shots with great reputations.

“You are Su Bai?” Gu Yan sized Su Bai up and then nodded. “Not bad. It’s just like the rumors say. If I wasn’t so busy at that time, I would have met you long ago.”

“Greetings, Mr. Governor!” Su Bai slightly bowed and said politely.

Xu Chu immediately helped Su Bai and said, “Su Bai, you have made great achievements recently. But you are still inexperienced. Don’t be careless in this Spiral Realm.”

“Understood, sir!”

Under such circumstances, Su Bai only needed to nod.

Su Bai didn’t need to care about other things. Even if there were some difficult questions, Xu Chu would help him.

But luckily, Gu Yan, the governor of Los Monstaria, was a funny man. Su Bai was quite relaxed after their repeated conversations.

A short while later, a Beastmaster entered the room to report.

“Governor, the Spiral Realm is about to open and the meeting has begun.”

“Thank you.” Gu Yan nodded and left the room with the rest.

Since they were not going to the same place, Xu Chu let Su Bai leave after giving him some instructions.

But before he left, Gu Yan chuckled and said, “The Spiral Realm this time is different from the past. You should pay more attention.”

“Many thanks, Mr. Governor!” Su Bai thanked him and left.

As for what the difference was, he didn’t ask.

Back at the entrance, Huo Hua immediately approached him and asked, “How is it? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” said Su Bai. He told Huo Hua everything that had happened in his usual manner.

Huo Hua heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good. But why would the governor come here? Did something happen?”

In the past, the Spiral Realm had indeed been the highlight of the major cities, but it would never alarm the governors to make an appearance unless something major happened.

Su Bai couldn’t help but think of what Gu Yan had reminded him.

However, Su Bai didn’t need to think too much about it. He only needed to see what kind of changes would happen.

After bidding farewell to Huo Hua, Su Bai arrived at the square with the guidance of the staff.

The place was full of people. Many young faces from all the major cities had gathered here. Su Bai stood in a corner and watched quietly.

Since Su Bai was bored, he checked on their Beasts one by one.

From the looks of it, the average level of the Beasts was Lower-3 Silver level, and it was hard to evaluate its attributes.

However, the Beasts’ level was already considered outstanding.

Soon, an old man went up to the podium and began to explain the rules for this year’s Spiral Realm.

“Silence! We’re going to announce the rules of this year’s Spiral Realm!”

“It will be based on a point system. You’ll extract the Beast-cores after killing a Beast. The points will be calculated based on the number of Beast-cores and their levels, followed by the total number of people in the main city.

“The top five will receive first-grade resources, while the sixth to tenth will receive second-grade resources…”

Other than that, there was an additional reward for first place.

This Spiral Realm trial was not an individual’s nature. It was more of a battle representing the respective main cities.

After the announcement of the rules, the entrance to the Spiral Realm will be officially opened in ten minutes.

A pitch-black metal door suddenly appeared.

It was released by a spatial-type Beast.

What the Beast did caused a commotion among the young men and women present.

“A spatial-type Beast.” Su Bai muttered as his expression changed slightly. It was the first time he had seen a spatial-type Beast.

The energy released by the spatial-type Beast made all the Beasts present feel restless.

Whitey was still fine but Bearen on the other hand was getting restless in the Sigil.

If Su Bai didn’t suppress Bearen, it might even try to fight with a spatial-type Beast.

Su Bai quietly leaned against the corner, waiting for the entrance to open.

During that time, some of the Beastmasters from Los Monstaria saw his clothes and knew Su Bai was one of them, so they went up and invited him to join the team.

After all, the strength in the Spiral Realm was based on a team.

“Hey, do you want to join us? The young master of the Xuanyuan family is leading the team!”

“No thanks. I’m used to being alone.”

Su Bai had always been a loner, not to mention the Xuanyuan family, who had a history with him.

However, it was clear now.

Los Monstaria wasn’t a monolithic whole, except for the team led by the young master from the Xuanyuan family.

The other six teams moved into their own groups.

“Tsk, stop pretending.”

Seeing that he had been rejected, the man immediately left with a sullen expression.

At the same time, a group of Great Ming City Beastmasters in uniform entered the square, passing a book from a box to the Beastmasters participating in the Spiral Realm’s trial.

“What is it?”

“Is this a Beastmaster skill?”

“What the hell? It’s so complicated. I can’t even understand it!”

After everyone got it, their faces were filled with confusion, suspecting that they had come to the wrong place.

Immediately, the old man on the podium said, “This is the Beastmaster skill book, Stand, that I’ve given you. It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, nourishing essence, and strengthening the body.”

“That’s all?”

Everyone was confused. They had been regarded as key talents by the school and carefully nurtured by their families. They wouldn’t be interested in such a low-level skill.

“You’ll know the use of this skill after entering the Spiral Realm.”

With that, the old man strode away. He didn’t explain the reason to everyone. As if telling them, if they wanted to learn, they would. If they didn’t want to, then they could forget about it.

Su Bai flipped through a few pages and forced himself to take a look, but it was difficult for him to even understand the meaning.

According to what governor Gu Yan had said, Su Bai had some inkling of this strange scene.

“The Spiral Realm is open!”

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard.

The pitch-black door slowly opened, and everyone excitedly threw the skill books to the back of their minds and rushed into the Spiral Realm.

With more than a hundred people gathered together and squeezing forward, it was tiring to watch.

Su Bai was reading the skill book unhurriedly.


The Beastmaster skill book, Conductus, has been detected. It can be simplified to training with a deep breath.

Do you wish to simplify it?


It was hard to read, but now he only needed to take a deep breath to learn.

Su Bai touched his chin and immediately did as he was told.


Su Bai was testing it by taking a deep breath.

He immediately felt his body become lighter, but it was very blurry.

As he continued to take deep breaths, the feeling became more and more obvious.

There was a long line entering the Spiral Realm in an orderly manner. Soon, it was Su Bai’s turn. The moment he passed through the white light curtain, he felt an invisible pressure.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the Beastmasters who had arrived first. It was a barren land.

“What’s going on? I’ve only walked a few steps and I’m already out of breath.”

“Could this be the rule of the Spiral Realm?”

“Impossible. How could we not know about something so important?”

“That’s right. In the past, there had never been any special rules in the Spiral Realm.”

Everyone was now struggling with great difficulty, and some people were even unable to breathe under the pressure, sitting on the ground and sweating all over.

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