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Chapter 129: 129 The Rules of the Spiral Realm

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129 The Rules of the Spiral Realm

“You’re really weaklings. I won’t wait for you guys.”

The stronger teenager saw his companion’s sorry state and walked away first with a look of disgust.

However, after walking for more than ten meters, he suddenly stopped.

He turned around stiffly and said with embarrassment, “I’m worried about you all. I think I’ll wait for you guys.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at him.

“What’s going on? try summoning your Beasts!”

“No use. Even the Beasts will be suppressed.”

“How is this possible?!”

“In my opinion, this must be the suppression of the rules in the Spiral Realm. To remove it…”

“The skill book he gave us!”

The others immediately reacted, picking up the Beastmaster skill books that they had tossed to the back of their minds earlier.

No wonder the old man had said so before.

When they entered the Spiral Realm, they would naturally know the importance of Conductus.

So it had been waiting for them to use it here.

The Beastmasters who were able to participate in the Spiral Realm were all promising talents from the various main cities.

Even though the skill book was difficult to understand, some people had already made some progress.

“It’s really good!” A girl with a ferret said in surprise. “The suppression isn’t that obvious anymore. Everyone, learn it quickly. This is a good opportunity!”

“It’s really useful!”

“Indeed, whoever masters the skill first will be the first to enter the Spiral Realm.”

Knowing the importance of a Beastmaster’s skills, everyone sat down cross-legged and began to study hard.

Ten minutes later, most of them had already grasped the threshold of the skill, Conductus.

“Hey, you’re still standing here like a fool.”

All of a sudden, the teenager who invited Su Bai to form a team came closer and said with a mocking face, “You’ve given up on yourself?”

Su Bai was standing there. Different from the others, he was not holding a skill book.

“Don’t bother about him. A good-for-nothing who knows his own limitations is still a good-for-nothing.”

“F*ck, you’re not even willing to work hard?”

“Don’t tell anyone that you’re from Los Monstaria. We can’t afford to lose face like that!”

“Don’t bother about him. I really don’t know how he got Into the Spiral Realm through the back door.”

The team from Los Monstaria sneered at Su Bai.

Then, the people who had achieved some initial success began to leave the entrance slowly and walked toward the depths of the Spiral Realm.

The large group gradually moved further and further away.

Su Bai was still calm, taking deep breaths.

The Beastmaster skill book, Conductus had a total of six tiers. The first tier was only the beginning and was also the stage that everyone was currently able to reach.

As for the second tier, one’s physique would be significantly improved.

Su Bai had only felt this when Bearen broke through to the Silver-level.

“As expected, this isn’t an ordinary skill book.” Su Bai muttered to himself while deep in thought.

Su Bai had already advanced to the third tier of Conductus after continuous training through simplification!

The effect of the third tier was able to completely remove the suppression effect in the Spiral Realm, and it was no different from moving in the real world.

Good things naturally had to be savored slowly.

Although the Spiral Realm was held once every five years, Huo Hua’s information told Su Bai that it would be different from the past each year.

It could be a change in the Beasts, or the terrain, weather, and other factors. Only this change in the rules was a first!

It was no wonder that even the governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan, would mention it.

Su Bai took a deep breath and started to move after making sure no one was around.

But at that moment, a series of screams suddenly came from the distance.

“It’s a Silver-level Skylin Wolf! Quickly run!”

“Don’t run! There are so many of us here, and we’re all afraid of mere a Silver-level Beast. Where’s our backbone?!”

“If you have a backbone, you’re awesome. Now that everyone is suppressed by the rules of the Spiral Realm, whoever fights is a fool!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“Damn, why aren’t the Beasts being suppressed?!”

“They’re quickly catching up. Someone, come and block them!”

Just a hundred meters away, everyone was running away in a mess.

Su Bai was dumbfounded when he saw it.

It was just a Silver-level Kylin Wolf, yet it was chasing after over a hundred Beastmasters and attacking them crazily.

The Beastmasters who entered the Spiral Realm were at least Upper-8 Bronze level, and now they were like a bunch of Iron-level rookies with no fighting spirit to speak of.

“I can’t take it anymore!”

“We can’t run, fight it!”

Soon, a small team stopped and ordered their Beasts to start the battle.

The surrounding people immediately stopped in their tracks and gasped for breath.

“Thunderball Rat, use Lightning Tail!”

“Earth Bear, distract it and stall the Kylin Wolf!”

From the looks of it, the team’s combat level was still okay.

Everyone had their own duties and they acted without any hesitation.


However, the Kylin Wolf did not run away when it was besieged by the Beasts. Instead, it was full of fighting spirit.

Its agile movements were far faster than the Thunderball Rat after activating its skill. It directly bit the Thunderball Rat tightly, then raised its head and swallowed it into its stomach.

“M-My Thunderball Rat!”

The Beastmaster broke down on the spot when he saw this.

His teammates were shocked and immediately called back their Beasts.

The battle intent that it had just been forced into a corner instantly disappeared.

The Kylin Wolf was unbeatable. The Thunderball Rat was well-known for its agility, but due to the suppression of the Spiral Realm’s rules, it couldn’t even avoid the Kylin Wolf’s attacks and was cruelly swallowed up by the Kylin Wolf.

Every Beastmaster’s Beast was raised with all their heart. No one would be able to accept a meaningless death in battle.

When the surrounding people saw this, they also quickly slipped away.

However, they had only touched the first tier of the skill, Conductus so they could not speed up. They could only run away, panting.


The Kylin Wolf was even more excited than before when it saw the crowd fleeing in all directions again.

It had never had such a wonderful feeling before.

It was as if it had come to an unguarded sheepfold and was randomly choosing a fat sheep to kill.

“Don’t chase me, don’t chase me…F*ck, are you deaf?”

“I’m sorry, my friend!”

“F*ck, what are you doing!”

“I’ll definitely repay you in the future!”

The scene was in chaos. Some people were not as fast as the Kylin Wolf and could only fight hard and pay a heavy price after being caught. Some people chose to sacrifice their teammates for their own benefit.

At that moment, in a large hall that was hundreds of square meters in size, the upper echelons of the various major cities were gathered.

They looked at their miserable Beastmasters on the screen, covering their faces in anger.

“What happened this year? Why is there a new rule that suppresses everyone’s strength?”

At this time, a vice governor of a small city stood up and asked.

Everyone was silent because he was definitely targeting the host of this event, the governor of Great Ming City.

“No comment. If you can’t accept it, you can take your people and leave. No one will stop you,” the governor of Great Ming City said indifferently.

The vice governor’s eyes were bloodshot, but he could only sit down helplessly and suppress his anger.


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