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Chapter 130: 130 The Mountaincrocs Waiting to Be Fed

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130 The Mountaincrocs Waiting to Be Fed

On the big screen, screams and embarrassment could be seen everywhere. It was hard to imagine that this group of people were the talents specially selected by the major cities.

However, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any that made people’s eyes light up.

There were already quite a few small teams of Beastmasters who had mastered the first tier of the Conductus and left the quagmire, setting off for the Spiral Realm.

In addition, some people began to gather their men and launched a counterattack at the charging Kylin Wolf.

They had the strength, but the only problem was that they couldn’t face the encounter battle. Especially when their strength had been reduced.

“Who’s that?”

Suddenly, someone pointed at the back of a figure on the screen.

The staff in charge of the broadcast immediately changed the image and enlarged it.

“Su Bai?”

The governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan, recognized him at a glance.

Now that Su Bai had mastered the third tier of Conductus, his speed was returned to normal. He took advantage of the chaos and left.

It seemed simple and unadorned. However, with his current speed, it didn’t take him long to overtake the first wave of Beastmasters who set off early.

“Something’s wrong. He’s still able to move forward with such strength despite being suppressed by the rules. Could it be that he’s already achieved the third tier of Conductus?”

“Someone has leaked this skill book!”

“That’s right!”

“Governor of Great Ming City, you have to give us an explanation. Otherwise, it won’t do good to anyone when we flip the table!”

The governors of the small city could no longer sit still.

Su Bai’s case was completely different from the others.

The Beastmaster skill book, Conductus wasn’t circulating in the market, and none of them had even heard of it before.

Without a doubt, the spearhead was pointed at the governor of Great Ming City.

“Are you guys suspecting that I’ve leaked the information?” the governor of Great Ming City narrowed his eyes.

A Diamond-level Beastmaster’s aura instantly covered the entire area. The weaker Platinum-level Beastmasters felt a bone-piercing chill. However, this Spiral Realm’s trial was related to the distribution of resources for their respective main cities for the next five years.

Therefore, they were still unwilling to give up.

The governor of Great Ming City retracted his aura and said indifferently, “The Conductus skill book was created by more than a dozen Alchemist powerhouses in Great Ming City. It was just completed yesterday. Are you satisfied with this answer?

“Those who are unsatisfied may personally visit the academy in Great Ming City city for an inspection. If there is any evidence, I am willing to let you deal with me as you wish!”

Hearing that, everyone looked at each other.

Concrete evidence couldn’t be hidden, and the original copy of the forging skill book couldn’t be forged.

It was obvious that the governor of Great Ming City had confidence.

But if that was the case, how did Su Bai train so fast?

“Mr. Gu Yan, is this young man from your city?” the Great Ming City’s governor asked.

“That’s right.”

Gu Yan smiled and said, “Please rest assured. I can guarantee that the words of the governor of Great Ming City are not false. As for how this young man trained at such a rapid speed, can’t it be that he is quick-witted?”

There were geniuses in every main city, but among a group of geniuses, those who could still stand out were also called geniuses, while the others were stripped of their halos and became ordinary people who were slightly better.

That logic was superficial and crude.

Hearing that, all the governors stopped talking.

They were relatively weak in the major cities and had little say in the matter. Their doubts were without basis, and if they continued, they would be pestering endlessly.

At the same time, Su Bai had completely entered the Spiral Realm.

Beasts appeared frequently in the surroundings, but they were of no threat to him and had no value.

Su Bai summoned Bearen and it could kill one or a group of them along the way. It didn’t take them seriously.

Until after they had walked for a thousand meters, they were surrounded by a group of Mountaincrocs.

There were more than 30 Mountaincrocs. Their huge bodies were nine meters long, and their backs were nearly four meters high. They were like a small mountain.

Their teeth weren’t sharp. After all, the advantage of their size made it so that they didn’t need to tear their prey apart when they caught them. They could just swallow them alive.

They had noticed Su Bai as soon as he appeared, but they didn’t do anything.

It was not until Su Bai was surrounded that he suddenly realized he had been surrounded.

The black scales were like a natural protective color.

If one didn’t look carefully, it would be hard to detect.

The Mountaincrocs were all around the Lower-2 Silver level.

One of the Mountaincrocs slowly opened its mouth and looked at Su Bai with its vertical pupils, like it was waiting for an opportunity.

“You think I’m stupid?” Su Bai sneered. He immediately ordered, “Bearen, use Gigamax and push your way through!”


With an angry roar, Bearen’s body size changed drastically. It was now six meters tall, a head taller than the Mountaincroc, but it was still not as heavy.

However, that was enough. Bearen put on its Lightning Armor and slapped the Mountaincroc that was closest to him.

After rolling a few times, the Mountaincroc finally stabilized its body. It suffered severe damage and was insulted profoundly.

A few of the Mountaincroc’s front teeth were broken. It immediately stopped pretending and opened its mouth wide as it charged toward Bearen.

There was a Bearen in front of him, so Su Bai didn’t worry and just looked around alertly.

Once Su Bai was attacked by the Mountaincrocs, he would immediately take measures.

However, he had overestimated this group of lazy crocs.

The Mountaincrocs were too lazy to even capture their prey themselves and even wanted the prey to deliver itself to their door. they didn’t do anything when they saw their companion being attacked.

“Bearen, end the battle swiftly!”


With a series of angry roars, Bearen no longer had any scruples. Its fierce and powerful bear paws greeted the Mountaincroc’s mouth, causing it to lose all its teeth.

In the end, the Mountaincroc’s mouth, which was only holding the top and bottom, was torn into two from the mouth to the body.

In front of the ferocious Bearen, the Mountaincrocs were like paper, unable to fight back.


Bearen has killed the Lower Silver level Mountaincroc and gained 600 experience points!

After Su Bai extracted the Beast-core, he looked at the other Mountaincrocs.

‘They were all a bunch of lazy crocs. Their level wasn’t low either, so it was perfect as a hunting target!’ Su Bai thought.

“Bearen, return. It’s your turn now, Whitey.”

Immediately, Whitey jumped out of Su Bai’s pocket, picked a Mountaincroc, and entered its mouth.

Because Whitey was too small, it didn’t have the qualifications to fill the gaps between the Mountaincroc’s teeth. Thus, the Mountaincroc didn’t even notice it.

But very quickly, an intense pain suddenly came from the Mountaincroc’s abdomen. It spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot and died.

‘Whitey is doing great, and the movement was small.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai let Bearen guard him while Whitey continued to attack.

The Mountaincrocs died one after another. For a moment, Su Bai felt like he was reaping without sowing.

He really couldn’t understand how this kind of Beast, who was too lazy to even take the initiative to attack, could survive.

After about ten minutes, more than thirty Mountaincrocs were all killed. Su Bai left with the white-crystalline Beast-core in satisfaction.

A pile of Mountaincrocs’ corpses was left on the spot.

Su Bai’s Beast Space could store the materials. But the question was whether they were valuable or not. Plus, he was too lazy to take them away and too troublesome for him.

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