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Chapter 134: 134 Disintegrate an Illusion Instantly

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134 Disintegrate an Illusion Instantly

“Please wait a moment.” The Sprite Fox nodded and led the pack into formation.

Su Bai stood in the center and waited in silence.

At that moment, the surrounding Beastmasters really didn’t expect Su Bai to dare to accept an A-rank challenge alone.

The difficulty of the Spiral Realm challenge was high, to begin with.

For example, the C-rank challenge in the Spiral Realm could be done by an ordinary team of Beastmasters outside.

Without any experience, it would be difficult to complete the challenge. Furthermore, it was an A-rank challenge.

“F*ck! This is an illusion!” Someone noticed that the Sprite Fox’s formation was taking shape and expressed surprise. “I’ve discovered something new. Only twice in the record has the rare illusion challenge appeared!”

“Is this for real? There’s actually an illusion challenge?”

“Luckily, it’s not our team’s challenge. Without the corresponding Beast, it’s no different from giving money away for free.”

“Then what’s wrong with this guy to actually dare to challenge alone?!”

“Hehe, just by looking at that person, I know that he’s an ignorant commoner who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

“That’s right, let’s just watch the fun.”

Everyone’s depressed mood was swept away, and they couldn’t wait to see Su Bai’s miserable defeat.

An ordinary A-rank challenge was already considered extremely difficult.

Not to mention that it was an extremely rare illusion challenge.

The Beastmasters present believed that if they were to take up the challenge, there was an 80 – 90% chance that they would fail.

Even Liu of the Lingyun Trade Association was in a good mood. He gloated, “Haha, let’s see how you end this!”

“It’s starting.”

The Sprite Fox was dignified and majestic at the moment. After a shout, Su Bai was covered in an illusion.

From everyone’s point of view, there was no movement at all.

This was also the terrifying part of illusions. It could kill people invisibly.

From Su Bai’s perspective, the ground under his feet started to shake. Everything was so real.

The ground soon split into several long cracks, and hot lava gushed out.

In an instant, the surrounding Beastmasters fell into the lava, letting out miserable cries.

“It’s so real.” Su Bai was amazed.

If it wasn’t for Dream Wing’s support, Su Bai would’ve most likely fallen for the illusion.

“Dream Wing, these things are nothing to you, right?”

“Of course!” said Dream Wing as it came out of the Beast Space.

It spread out its half-meter-long, translucent, white wings, leaving behind a little starlight wherever it flew.

“Then break it open, but don’t make too much commotion.”

“Yes, master!”

At Su Bai’s order, Dream Wing circled around him.


An inexplicable sound rang, and a fragment suddenly fell from the sky. It was a cloud.

Soon, the sun and the sky split apart.

The illusion was on the verge of collapse and could not maintain its stability.

“I’m done.” The Dream Wing excitedly reported.

This was the result of Dream Wing’s first battle and it broke through the Sprite Fox’s illusion without using any skills.

Dream Wing didn’t use its full power. If Su Bai didn’t order it, it could break the illusion in an instant without any delay.

“Well done.” Su Bai immediately put Dream Wing back into the Beast Space.

Dream Wing would be Su Bai’s trump card, and he definitely couldn’t show it to others.

The illusion was destroyed, and reality appeared in front of him.

The Sprite Fox’s entire body was trembling, and its head was on the ground as if it was submitting to its master.

It was the same for the other members of the same species.

Illusions had always been the pride of the Sprite Foxes.

But just a second ago, they felt an inviolable majestic aura and rushed to their divine sense in an instant, disturbing their minds and causing the illusion to fester.

“Forgive me for being powerless, but I’ve made myself embarrassed at my insignificant skills.” the leading Sprite Fox said respectfully.

The crowd’s eyes were filled with questions after seeing that scene.

‘What’s happening?’

‘Why did the Sprite Fox kneel down?’

‘What was it talking about?’

Everyone was completely confused and had a lot of questions in their mind.

“You may skip the formality.” Su Bai didn’t expect such a big reaction from the Sprite Fox. He immediately consoled it, “Your illusion is pretty good. I almost took it for real.”

If the Sprite Fox and the rest knew that Dream Wing had just become an adult, they would be in trouble.

Su Bai wouldn’t consider himself strong at all. He’s just not afraid of it.

“Thank you, my Lord. We all know our own limits.” the Sprite Fox said. “Your powers far exceed the illusory realm that we combined to create. Your mental power is even more incomparable.”

“If it’s possible, can I meet it?” the Sprite Fox’s Blue eyes were filled with anticipation.

It was like a fan meeting their idol, both excited and scared.

“It’s not convenient.”

Su Bai shook his head and reached out his hand, “The challenge is complete. It’s time to give the reward.”


Everyone realized that Su Bai had really completed the A-rank challenge.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and their reactions were intense.

“How is that possible? Has it even been a minute since the start of the challenge?”

“I don’t think so.”

“There’s more than one Gold-level Sprite Fox, but the illusion that it created couldn’t even trap that guy for a minute?!”

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

“This is outrageous. There must be a conspiracy!”

“I have an illusion-type Beast and I know this is not common sense!”

They were not jealous of Su Bai, but they could not imagine what kind of means he had to break the Gold-level Sprite Fox’s illusion within a minute.

To be honest, even Su Bai himself didn’t expect the transformed Dream Wing to be so powerful.

After all, the other party was a Gold level Beast, while Dream Wing was only a Lower-1 Silver level Beast.

It was a whole level lower, but he still easily dispelled the illusion.

“Teng Yuan, that kid has succeeded in his challenge!”

“Don’t talk so much nonsense, I’m not deaf or blind!”

Teng Yuan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. From the moment he arrived, he had never thought that Su Bai would succeed in the challenge, even when he rejected Liu.

They thought Su Bai was just an idiot.

However, not only was Su Bai smart, he even completed the A-rank illusion challenge within a minute!

“This guy is definitely not simple!”

Under everyone’s gaze, the Sprite Fox took out the reward and Su Bai quickly put it away.

However, there were still people with sharp eyes who saw it and shouted, “F*ck, I saw two books. They’re definitely skill books!”

“Not only that but there are also quite a few Beast-cores. It’s a pity that I didn’t get a good look at them, so I don’t know what grade they are.”

“Needless to say, it must be at least Silver grade!”

“Wow… There should be at least a hundred Beast-cores, a bagful of them.”

Everyone’s eyes turned red as they beat their chests and stamped their feet.

They couldn’t do anything about it because the other party was capable.

As Su Bai was the first to find an A-rank challenge and even completed it!

Su Bai got his reward and was ready to leave.

All of a sudden, the Sprite Fox led its entire group to bow down again and said, “My Lord, please wait.”

“Is there anything else?”

“We are willing to follow you and become your Beasts.”

Su Bai was speechless as he was stunned. He didn’t expect that.


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