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Chapter 136: 136 Beef Noodles for a Treat

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136 Beef Noodles for a Treat

“You’re asking me for three Iron-grade Beast-cores for a steamed bun made of flour? Why don’t you just rob me!? I don’t have any Beast-core.”

“If you don’t have Beast-cores, I’ll write you an IOU, but the interest…”


Those who entered the town for the first time, even if they had heard of it before, were deeply shocked after witnessing it themselves.

This was what the phrase “no unscrupulous businessmen” meant.

Now, it was fully displayed, and there was nothing in the town that could afford to spend.

The first batch of people had been able to rush over because they had been forced to resist the suppression of the Spiral Realm’s rules.

There was simply no time to hunt for Beasts.

So, a strange scene soon appeared.

Dozens of people sat in the open space, looking at a bun shop with longing eyes.

Immediately, the second group of people arrived.

The scene from before was replayed, and they were shocked by the consumption here.

“It’s so expensive.”

A young girl clutched her rumbling stomach and sighed resentfully, “Our combined Beast-cores are only enough to buy one steamed bun. What should we do?”

Bing Qingqing had passed the selection and had also obtained the right to enter the Spiral Realm.

In the beginning, Bing Qingqing was looking forward to it. She even went to her sister, Bing Mengqi to ask for experience.

Bing Qingqing was well prepared but the reality was completely different from what she expected.

First was the shocking rules of the Spiral Realm, then the sky-high price of the steamed buns.

On the market, an Iron-grade Beast-core was worth at least $1,000. However, the steamed buns here cost three Iron-grade Beast-cores. It was pricier than gold!

“How about … Let’s go buy a steamed bun first to fill your stomach?” The handsome young man beside him immediately said. “We’ll bear the hunger a little while more and go hunt some Beasts later. It’s not so bad to eat some Beast meat.”

“Ye Lin, you can go ahead if you want to eat. We don’t find it enjoyable.”

Ye Lin’s teammates immediately objected.

Most of the meat of Beasts was bitter and sour, and ordinary people could not swallow it at all.

There wasn’t anything here that could be called delicious.

There were only four people on the team, and they had all formed a temporary team to come to the Spiral Realm.

Along the way, Ye Lin tried to please Bing Qingqing many times, which made the other two members of his team quite dissatisfied.

Even now, he was attempting to please Bing Qingqing by giving her his Beast-cores to purchase palm-sized steamed buns rather than sharing them with the others.

“What are you saying?” Ye Lin put on a serious expression and said, “Qingqing is the core combat power of the team. We can better hunt the Beasts if she is full.”

His two teammates were so angry that their faces turned green after hearing what Ye Ling had said.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Lin’s father was the Vice President of the Beastmaster Association, he would’ve fallen out with them long ago.

“Forget it.” Bing Qingqing shook her head. “It’s fine even if we don’t eat. Everyone, take a rest. We’ll go hunt for some Beast-cores later. If we wait any longer, there will be more people.”

More and more people rushed to the town, and in order not to go hungry, they would definitely attack the Beasts around the town.

Therefore, the most important thing now was to rest for a while.

Then, Bing Qingqing and her teammates would immediately take the lead and kill the Beasts to obtain their Beast-cores.

“Then I’ll go and deal with the body first.” one of the team members left.

Bing Qingqing’s team could not extract Beast-cores. They could only take the heads of the Beasts they killed and bring them to the town, where they would be dealt with in a special place.

Soon, the team members returned and said sadly, “Damn, he’s really wicked. He extracted three Beast-cores, and directly took one as a commission.”

There weren’t many Beast-cores, to begin with, and now there were only two left.

It immediately made the atmosphere in the team drop tremendously.


Bing Qingqing became depressed as she heard her stomach growling.

Sitting on the steps with her arms around her legs, Bing Qingqing suddenly saw a familiar yet strange figure from the corner of her eye.

“Su Bai?”

“It’s been a long time.”

Su Bai had just finished resting in the inn and was going downstairs to eat something.

Su Bai had not thought that the moment he stepped out, he would meet Bing Qingqing who was sitting on the steps at the entrance.

They had not met since after the events in the youth training camp.

But Bing Qingqing was no stranger to Su Bai’s name. At home, Bing He would always mention Su Bai’s name and praise him. She couldn’t take it anymore hearing Su Bai’s name.

“You live here?” seeing that Bing Qingqing knew Su Bai, a young girl with a ponytail asked with a bitter smile. “That’s not possible. The price for a night at this inn is sky-high.”

Su Bai neither denied nor confirmed it.

But soon after, a series of growling sounds caused Bing Qingqing’s face to turn red.

“You’re also hungry?”


Bing Qingqing nodded her head in embarrassment.

Just as Bing Qingqing was going to leave, Su Bai smiled, “I’m just about to go eat some noodles. Care to join me?”

Normally, no one would care about a bowl of noodles, but in special circumstances, they treated it differently.

“Do you have any Beast-cores? A bowl of beef noodles costs two Bronze-grade Beast-cores. Don’t pretend that you are rich.” Ye Lin said coldly.

“That’s true. You’d be lucky if you had 2.”

Although the other youth in the group didn’t really like Ye Lin, he couldn’t just watch Bing Qingqing being approached by an unknown person.

Su Bai smiled in the face of doubt. He didn’t care about the two of them but waited for Bing Qingqing’s answer.

After all, Bing Qingqing was his superior’s daughter, and Bing He had treated him very well in the military camp.

Especially in the battle to support Howl City.

Bing He even almost got into a fight with Gu Lin for Su Bai’s sake, so it was reasonable for Su Bai to buy Bing Qingqing a bowl of noodles.

“Won’t it be very costly?” Bing Qingqing asked carefully.

Although Bing He had mentioned Su Bai in front of her, he didn’t talk about the details.

So Bing Qingqing only knew that Bing He thought highly of Su Bai.

“Qingqing, do you really believe him?” Ye Lin stood up aggressively and shouted. “I don’t know who you are, but if you know what’s good for you, then get lost. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Ye Lin, what are you trying to do?” Bing Qingqing quickly stopped Ye Lin. “Private fights are prohibited in this town. Anyone who violates this rule will be expelled.

“I’ve seen you before.” Ye Lin was not willing to let it go and said coldly, “I saw you standing still at the entrance of the Spiral Realm. I guess … You can’t move, right?”

Hearing that, the gazes of the other two teammates changed.

Ye Lin was always trying to please Bing Qingqing, but his moral character was not bad. Therefore, he was still a reliable lad.

“What does it have to do with you?”

Su Bai helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said to Bing Qingqing, “I’m going to the noodle restaurant next door. If you want to eat, you’re welcome to join me.”

After Su Bai finished speaking, he left the inn.

Even though Bing Qingqing had an extreme impression of Su Bai before, after what happened in the ruins, she changed her opinion of him.

So, Bing Qingqing immediately followed.

Seeing that, the other three also followed behind Bing Qingqing as they were concerned about her.

“Hmph, you really know how to act. Let’s see how long you can keep up the act.” Ye Lin refused to give up.

“Indeed, he’s better at acting than you.”

“What did you just say?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

The young man laughed embarrassedly and accidentally spoke the truth.

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