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Chapter 139: 139 Destroy Someone Began With Their Spirit

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139 Destroy Someone Began With Their Spirit

“Chubby Bear beat it up!”

At the Beastmaster’s command, Chubby Bear, which was one head tall but two times thicker than Bearen, pounced like an iron ball.

Chubby Bear’s combat strength was nothing like its appearance. It was powerful.

With a weight of more than 500 kilograms, if one was hit by it, even if they didn’t die, they would lose a layer of skin.


The moment the two came into contact, Bearen slammed its palm on the ground to release Thunderfury. The lightning flowed to the ground and locked onto Chubby Bear, causing its body to stiffen and its movements to be slowed down.

In the next second, Bearen’s palm smashed over. Chubby Bear cried in pain and fell to the ground, unconscious.

“How is that possible?!” The Beastmaster of the Chubby Bear was filled with despair.

Chubby Bear was defeated in an instant!

When the others saw that, their hearts skipped a beat.

Chubby Bear’s strength was definitely one of the best among them, and it did not even last two moves against Bearen.

“Don’t be scared! All of you, charged!” Zhang shouted with a ferocious expression.

With that, Zhang took the lead and charged Bearen with his Beast.

However, Zhang’s Beast could not even withstand a single blow from Bearen. When Zhang’s Beast’s attack landed on Bearen’s Lightning Armor, it only left a white mark. In the next second, Bearen’s paw grabbed the Beast’s vital part.

After lifting the Beast up, Bearen slammed it on the ground, causing it to lose consciousness instantly.

The other team members saw the situation and quickly came to aid Zhang, but they were no match for Bearen.

The coordination of attacks and the tactics of a Beastmaster was disrupted by Bearen’s strength and had no way to attack.

The surrounding Beastmasters could only watch as their Beasts were seriously injured.


Bearen stepped on the head of a lion. The Beastmaster hurriedly shouted, “I surrender! Don’t kill my Golden Lion!”

Bearen was unmoved after hearing that and Su Bai didn’t say anything.

Seeing that his Beast was in danger, the Beastmaster gritted his teeth and took out a metal cube that resembled a dice from his pocket, shouting, “Exit from the Spiral Realm!”

In an instant, the Beastmaster and his Beast turned into shadows, disappearing from where they were.

The other people’s faces turned ashen.

It was a teleportation tool given to the Spiral Realm participants. As long as they were in danger and their lives were at stake, they could say the words and be teleported out of the Spiral Realm.

The Beastmasters who were able to enter the trial were all the outstanding talents of the major cities’ younger generation. The higher-ups naturally wouldn’t let them die in vain.

That was why it was specially made by spatial-type Beastmasters for the trial-takers to use.

The remaining people didn’t want to be forced out, so they could only focus their attention on their captain, Zhang.

However, Zhang was holding his severely injured Beast and his face was pale.

Su Bai had no pity for Zhang.

The scene was silent. Zhang had understood what Su Bai meant.

The team was almost wiped out and had no will to fight. Zhang could only take out the metal cube and shout, “Exit the Spiral Realm.”

There were still a few people left. Seeing that their leader had left, although they were unwilling, they all left the Spiral Realm one by one.

There was only one person left. As his Beast was of the support type, it did not get injured.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong. Please let me go!” The man knelt on the ground and said in a sobbing tone. “It wasn’t easy for me to obtain this qualification. If I’m eliminated like this, I won’t have the face with face my parents and master!

“I have an ordinary background and my body has been weak since I was young. To treat my body, my parents…”

The man knelt on the ground and mumbled, trying to move Su Bai with his tragic fate.

One could tell that his desire to live was extremely strong.

“That’s enough. I see you mean it. I’ll let you live.” Su Bai smiled helplessly.

“Thank you! From now on, I’ll never do anything sneaky!” the man burst into tears of joy. He got up from the ground and left in a hurry with his Beast.

The man was afraid that Su Bai would go back on his word the next second.

In fact, Su Bai had never intended to kill them all.

However, Su Bai did not expect that most of them would give up decisively because their Beasts were seriously injured and they knew that they could not continue with the trial.

“There’s another group of people.” Su Bai smirked.

The main reason he let one person go was to lay the foundations for what was to come, which was to allow Teng Yuan’s team to receive the news.

Zhang’s team was actually not weak. Among all the trial-takers, they were above average.

So, if this news were to spread, it would definitely cause Teng Yuan to be frightened and uneasy.

Su Bai desired this outcome, and it was also something he learned from the military. When destroying someone, start with their mind!

More than six hours later, Teng Yuan took the first batch of Beasts’ corpses back to the small town. He was ready to replenish his supplies and rest for a while.

Suddenly, he saw a person sitting alone on the steps of the roof.

“Wasn’t that Zhang’s teammate?” Teng Yuan, taking advantage of his free time, stepped forward and inquired, “What happened to Zhang and the others? Didn’t they invite you?”

Hearing Teng Yuan’s voice, the man raised his pale face and startled Teng Yuan.

It was so dark that it was no different from seeing a ghost.

“They’ve all left.”

“They left? Where did he go? Why didn’t he bring you along?”

“They have left the Spiral Realm.”


Zhang couldn’t understand why the others would leave the Spiral Realm for no reason.

“Hehe.” The man forced a smile and told Teng Yuan everything after hesitating for a while.

The entire process was described vividly. Especially when the man added a lot of details to Bearen’s description.

Teng Yuan was so scared that his face turned slightly pale, and it completely changed into the same color as that man.

“Then what do we do? No, how did he know?” Teng Yuan muttered to himself.

After much thought, Teng Yuan eliminated the possibility of a mole.

The two teams came from the same major city, and Zhang and Teng yuan were old acquaintances, although they had never been on good terms.

But they were all on the same side, fighting for their city.

The other team members were the same. They would not betray their own team members for a moment of pleasure. So there was no reason at all!

“He probably doesn’t know that we’re here, right?” Teng Yuan swallowed his saliva and asked nervously.

“I don’t know.”

Then, Teng Yuan told his teammates what had happened, and the whole team was in an uproar.

“How is that possible? Zhang and the others were actually defeated by one person?!”

“Who is that guy?”

“Did we offend someone we shouldn’t have?”

“What should we do, Captain?”

“Don’t be nervous.” Teng Yuan frowned and said thoughtfully. “Maybe he doesn’t know that we’re on the same side as Zhang. During this time, we should avoid contact with him. We should pretend that nothing has happened and that we don’t know anything.”


“I guess that’s the only way.”

Everyone was worried and lost the mood to hunt Beasts for a while.

But at that time, someone suddenly ran over and gasped for breath. He said, “H-H-He’s here!”

“Who’s here?”

“It’s the one who knocked out Zhang and his team!”

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