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Chapter 140: 140 An Invisible Pressure

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140 An Invisible Pressure

It was three o’clock in the morning, and the cold wind was blowing.

The streets of the small town were still very lively. Most of the people had just returned from hunting Beasts.

It wasn’t easy for one to eat a bowl of hot food.

In the crowded restaurant, everyone was talking about the trivial matters that happened today.

Suddenly, someone whispered to the people around them, “Have you heard? A team from North City has been eliminated.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“You have to be careful of a man called Su Bai. He scared a whole team by himself and they left the Spiral Realm without even using his hands.”

The explosive news instantly attracted the attention of others.

It quickly spread throughout the town.

And it was getting more and more evil, from being so scared by Su Bai that he didn’t even dare to fight back, to Su Bai being described as an evil man who did all kinds of evil.

As such, when Bing Qingqing and the rest rushed back to the small town, they were stunned by what they heard.

“Nonsense! Have you seen Su Bai before? How dare you spread such a rumor!” Ye Lin immediately shouted.

Ye Lin had changed a lot ever since he received a bowl of noodles from Su Bai.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Ye Lin had become Su Bai’s little fan.

Everyone immediately nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s right. We shouldn’t talk big. What if we offend Su Bai? What should we do then?”

Ye Lin noticed that he couldn’t persuade the others, and he became anxious and angry.

Suddenly, someone said that Su Bai was back. Immediately, a group of people rushed out.

They wanted to see what kind of face the so-called evil people had.

“That’s a lot of people,” said Su Bai.

At the entrance of the town, Su Bai looked at the dense crowd surrounding the area.

But he didn’t think much about it and entered the town.

“That’s Su Bai?”

“He’s quite handsome. He’s not like what they said about him being ferocious, burly, and able to kill a bull with a single punch.”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover. If you have the ability, go and provoke him.”

“I don’t dare to!”

“Why did he come back?”

“I heard that he’s looking for an enemy.”

The crowd was discussing and following Su Bai in fear.

Soon, they arrived on the street.

Su Bai’s eyes changed and he saw Teng Yuan and the others.

As soon as Teng Yuan saw Su Bai, Teng Yuan became tense.

Su Bai didn’t stop as he was still moving forward slowly, and Teng Yuan’s team happened to be at the end of the street.

“Something’s not right! He’s coming for us!” Teng Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

The other team members immediately panicked.

“Captain, what should we do? He’s someone who can even easily beat up Zhang’s team!”

“It’s over, it’s over. Who leaked the plan?!”

“Is it too late to kneel down and admit your mistake now?”

“Captain, quickly think of something!”

“He’s watching us. He must know that we’re with Zhang. We’re finished!”

Teng Yuan was uneasy looking at his useless team members, even though he despised them.

Su Bai was getting closer and closer.

Teng Yuan’s heart was beating faster and faster as if it was going to burst at any moment.

“Oh yeah, fighting is forbidden in the town!”

Suddenly, one of the team members shouted, “As long as we’re still in the town, he can’t do anything to us!”

These words were like a drop of dew from the heavens.

This made Teng Yuan completely put down the big stone hanging in his chest.

“But are we only allowed to stay in the town until the trial ends?” someone mocked.

Everyone fell silent after hearing that. There was nothing more despairing than that.

They couldn’t win against Su Bai. Not only could Su Bai quickly pass the A-rank challenge, but he could also wipe out Zhang’s team, who was not weaker than them.

Su Bai was getting closer and closer when they were less than ten meters away.

The entire team’s hearts were at their throats.

Suddenly, Su Bai gave them a weird smile and left without looking back.

“It was terrifying.” Teng Yuan clutched his chest, gasping for air.

The others were so nervous that their legs were trembling.

The entire process felt like years to them.

“He didn’t do anything. He must be concerned about the town’s rules. But we can’t just sit here and wait for death? “Teng Yuan stated. “We must send someone to speak with him about his attitude. We’ll have to apologize if it doesn’t work.”

At that moment, the face was not as important as the trial.

The importance of the Spiral Realm trial, which was held once every five years, to the main city was self-evident.

The trial would decide the distribution of resources for the major cities for the next five years.

If they were to be eliminated because of such an embarrassing matter, their future would be bleak.

“That’s right, we have to send someone. Cheng, you go!”

“Why? I’m not going!”

“I definitely won’t go. I didn’t come up with the robbery idea.”

“What do you mean? You’re just going to deny everything?”

“Stop talking nonsense and quickly make a decision!”

“Shut up! Why are you quarreling over such a small matter? Just find someone who’s not one of us and go.” Teng Yuan angrily rebuked.

“That’s a good idea!”

Cheng immediately got someone to come over. It was Ye Lin who had just arrived.

Teng Yuan directly stuffed three Bronze-grade Beast-cores into Ye Lin’s hands and said, “Hey, do me a favor. It’s just a question, no trouble at all.”

Then, Teng Yuan said everything he wanted to ask.

Ye Lin didn’t refuse and asked, “Have you guys offended him in any way?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“I have to ask you guys before I can ask him.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, just get some information.”

Teng Yuan forced a smile.

Ye Lin nodded thoughtfully, then turned around and left.

During the process of waiting, everyone was anxious and uneasy.

Soon, Ye Lin, who they had been waiting for a long time, rushed back.

“You guys didn’t see it. Su Bai is really awesome.”

“What do you mean?”

“He took out a pile of Beasts’ corpses from the Beast Space, making the people counting super busy. What a good fellow and a spectacular sight!”

Teng Yuan’s face darkened and he urged, “Have you found out anything about the matter I asked you to ask?”

“I did.”

“Then hurry up and say it!”

Teng Yuan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan and couldn’t hear anything else.

“Ahem.” Ye Lin coughed drily. Then put on a cold expression and said, “the answer he gave me was… If you have the ability, go out and try.”

Teng Yuan directly sat on the ground, his eyes blank.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The other team members had complicated expressions. They knew the severity of the situation.

To offend such a powerful opponent was no doubt a death sentence.

Their North City was just a small city. They didn’t have any reliable allies, and they didn’t have any reinforcements that could take revenge.

“Poor thing.” Ye Lin stood aside and chuckled. “You could kneel down and beg Su Bai. Maybe he’ll let you live.

“Really?” Teng Yuan hurriedly asked, as if he was grasping at a life-saving straw.

“I was just teasing you guys, hahaha.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Lin laughed and left, leaving behind a group of people who were gnashing their teeth in anger.

Later, some people saw with their own eyes that Teng Yuan’s team disappeared from the street one by one and were teleported out of the Spiral Realm.


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