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Chapter 141: 141 The Corpse in the Pond

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141 The Corpse in the Pond

There was a small house in the small town that specialized in collecting materials from the corpses of Beasts.

Just as Ye Lin had said, a few of the staff members were working hard.

“What’s that guy’s background? Why did he bring back so many corpses?”

A muscular man wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “That’s almost equivalent to the gains of five Beastmaster squads!”

“Shh! Quiet. He’s the legendary Su Bai!” someone reminded the muscular man softly.

“That’s the Su Bai who kills without blinking?!”

“That’s right.”

Su Bai’s reputation had spread throughout the town, but not in a good way.

In particular, Teng Yuan and the others’ fear could be seen clearly.

Su Bai was completely labeled as someone who committed all kinds of evil and it would be difficult to prove his innocence.

On the contrary, Su Bai didn’t mind that as it could be a good thing for him.

It would save him the trouble of those guys who didn’t have wits.

“Su Bai, I’m back!” Ye Lin ran over eagerly and said with an excited face. “Hahaha, those guys almost peed their pants when they heard that!”

“I see. If there’s nothing else, you can leave.”


After half an hour, the checkers had finished counting Su Bai’s spoils. The corpses could be exchanged for 10 Bronze-grade Beast-cores and 30 Iron-grade Beast-cores.

It wasn’t too much or too little.

Su Bai put the Beast-cores into his inventory and went back to the inn to rest.

After a night’s sleep, it was already noon.

Su Bai went downstairs to eat a bowl of rice and immediately left the town to continue hunting in the Spiral Realm.

At present, most Beastmasters had already grasped the Conductus.

The rules in the Spiral Realm were not as heavy as before, but they could not be ignored.

A small portion of the Beastmasters was gifted and managed to cultivate to the second tier.

They were able to display 70% of their original strength and began to show their talent.

On the other hand, Su Bai was taking a deep breath in a corner of the wild. When he exhaled, his eyes suddenly lit up.

His Conductus had already broken through to the fourth tier!

With the support of the skill, his body’s agility and sturdiness had a qualitative leap.

“I’ll try it out.”

There just so happened to be a group of Bronze level Raging Bulls gathered in front of Su Bai.

Su Bai chose the one who was alone and approached it with Dream Wing’s Invisibility.

Su Bai focused and immediately raised his fist and smashed it with all his strength.


The attack fell on the middle of the Raging Bull’s horns.

In theory, it was the area where the Raging Bull had the highest defense, but after Su Bai’s punch, the Raging Bull directly passed out and fell to the ground.

“Not bad.” Su Bai smiled.

He was satisfied with his physique and could easily deal with Bronze-level Beasts.

This was only with his physical strength. If he unleashed a Beast’s skill, he could even defeat a Silver-level Beast. Perhaps even withstand a few rounds without being killed immediately. He had developed a means to protect himself.

“Let’s continue!”

Su Bai continued to look for prey with his Beast. There were all kinds of Beasts in the vast wilderness.

Name: Golden Saberhawk

Level: Mid-5 Silver

Potential: Upper-9 Silver

Nature: Steady

Talent: Advanced Wind Element (Outstanding)

Skills: Wind Blade (B-Level), Rapid Dive (C-Level), Talon Breaker (B-Level)

The Golden Saberhawk’s level was not bad. They were different from Su Bai’s understanding and were a special species that moved in groups.

The Golden Saberhawks would gang up on their prey.

They would use their sharp talons to scratch their prey and slowly torture them to death.

After selecting the target, Su Bai immediately summoned Dream Wing.

The Golden Saberhawk was circling in the air, not within Bearen and Whitey’s attack range.

At that time, Dream Wing came in handy.

“Dream Wing, use Nightmare Cage.”

“Yes, master!”

Dream Wing’s mental energy instantly skyrocketed, and a shadow gradually enveloped the dozen Golden Saberhawks in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the cooperating Golden Saberhawks that were looking for prey began to attack each other in the next second.

This was the terrifying part of the Nightmare Cage skill.

It was different from Sprite Fox’s rigid illusionary technique.

The Nightmare Cage would create the most terrifying existence that was shrouded in it.

The more fearful a Beast was, the stronger the Nightmare Cage would be.

Without a doubt, the Golden Saberhawk had already imagined its companions to be its natural enemy and was fighting to the death.

A moment later, the Golden Saberhawks fell to the ground one by one covered in blood.

“You’re quite efficient.” Su Bai was very satisfied with Dream Wing’s first fight.

“It’s fun!” Dream Wing was very happy to have its own attack skill. It flew around Su Bai in excitement.

The strongest of the beasts in the Spiral Realm was only at Silver level.

Su Bai had only seen the Gold-level Beast, Sprite Fox so far. He was like a powerful hunter, and all the Beasts he met were killed by him.

To Su Bai, the Spiral Realm was no different from Mt. Six-peaks. On the contrary, Mt. Six-peaks was even more challenging.

Two hours later, Su Bai passed by a pond. He squatted down and was about to drink some water.

Just as Su Bai scooped up the water, he saw a blurry corpse in the water from the corner of his eye.

Su Bai immediately asked Bearen to get it out of the water. He was certain that the corpse floating on the surface was a human corpse. Not like an illusion or mirage.

Su Bai found the clothes on the corpse look very familiar. He frowned and examined the body. He was sure that the clothes belonged to a school in one of the major cities. But he wasn’t sure which major city it was.

At the same time, Su Bai believed that the person’s time of death did not exceed a day. He wouldn’t care about it if he found it on Mt. Six-peaks.

After all, other than soldiers, there were also many mercenaries and adventurers in the Mt. Six-peaks. There would be internal conflicts all year round.

It was common for the adventurers or mercenaries to be killed because they couldn’t defeat the Beasts.

However, this was a Spiral Realm. There was a clear rule that participants were not allowed to kill each other. The most they could do was kill each other’s Beasts.

Since there was a corpse here, it meant that someone had broken the rule.

“Who is it? Who is so vicious?”

The body was cut in half at the waist, but there were no other wounds.

It meant that the deceased had been killed in one blow, thrown into the pond, and wanted to use the Beast to destroy the corpse and get rid of all traces.

Unfortunately, there were no Beasts in the pond, or Su Bai had found the corpse in time.

This matter could not be ignored. Whether it was a personal grudge or being attacked by a Beast, there was a chance of both.

After all, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any Beasts with intelligence.

But what was more obvious was that it was a homicide.

It was because the teleportation metal cube on the corpse had disappeared!

The deceased was in a Spiral Realm and could not contact the outside world.

Realizing that something was wrong, Su Bai immediately buried the body in a pile of rocks by the pond and hurried to the town.

On the way, a few Beastmasters were yawning. They had just finished hunting a few Beasts and were resting on the spot, exhausted.

Suddenly, a figure caught their attention.

However, before they could get a clear look at the figure’s face, it had passed them and left quickly.

“Who’s running past us?”

“No idea.”

“F*ck, what a fast speed! What tier is this guy’s Conductus?!”

“From the looks of it, it’s at least three!”


“Impossible! He must have used other skills!”

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