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Chapter 142: 142 The Spiral Realm’s Second Floor

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142 The Spiral Realm’s Second Floor

After less than an hour, Su Bai returned to the town and immediately headed straight to the building in the center.

The door plate read ‘don’t disturb’.

The only Beastmaster from the outside world in the town. He was the only means to contact the outside world.

Su Bai knocked on the door and waited for a while. There was no response. He knocked on the door again, but there was still no response.

“No one’s home?” Su Bai frowned. He held the door handle and pushed the lock open with force.

He then searched the house but didn’t find any traces of that Beastmaster.

‘Something’s off!’ Su Bai thought.

The assigned Beastmaster’s responsibility was to maintain order in the town.

Once there was a conflict between the trial-takers, he would rush to the scene to stop it at the first moment.

However, most of the people had already gone out to hunt. The town was very peaceful, and nothing happened.

Then Su Bai asked the vendors nearby.

The replies he received were all that he had never seen the Beastmaster leave the house.

The last time they met was three days before they were arranged to enter the Spiral Realm. At that time, the Spiral Realm had not yet opened to the trial-takers.

Su Bai’s search was fruitless. He walked on the street after he left, thinking of countermeasures.

Su Bai knew that the news of someone’s death must not be spread, or it would cause panic.

There was also the possibility of alerting the enemy.

However, Su Bai had no idea who the murderer was.

It wasn’t Su Bai’s place to investigate it, either. More importantly, the disappearance of the corpses and the Beastmaster’s maintaining order happened at the same time, leaving him a little puzzled.

‘Was it a coincidence or a conspiracy?’ Su Bai thought.

Then, Su Bai bought some supplies and left the town.

He wasn’t a detective, and he had no experience.

Other than having an extra eye, there was no other way to interfere.

Su Bai decided to bide his time until he could contact the only assigned Beastmaster he needed to maintain the operation.

Su Bai still had to do what he had to do.

He returned to the side of the pond and concealed the body even more.

Su Bai was active for the whole afternoon. He killed one batch of Beasts after another. Bearen’s desire to fight was high, but it was already dusk.

Su Bai leaned against a huge rock while he was resting.

Suddenly, there was a movement not far away.

He looked over and saw a group of people approaching.

“Lu, there’s no one here, so it’s about time to talk.”

“If you keep us in suspense, we won’t further waste our time on you.”


There were a total of nine people, and the young man named Lu Ci was obviously the leader.

Lu Ci looked around and said after making sure no one was around, “Everyone, don’t worry. I’m definitely not fooling you.”

“Then tell us.”

“How much do you know about the Spiral Realm?” Lu Ci revealed a strange smile and said. “It’s nothing more than the things recorded in the Spiral Realm. Other than that, it’s especially used for us, the new generation of Beastmasters, to gain experience.”

“What else?”

Someone rolled his eyes, clearly a little impatient.

“Patience, my friend. What I want to tell you is that the Spiral Realm is beyond all these. It has a second level!” Lu Ci said indifferently.

“What did you say? A second level?”

“How is that possible? This place alone is big enough to accommodate the residents of five medium cities. There’s actually a second level?”

“Wait a minute, what does this have to do with us?”

“Whether there is a second level or third level, we are just juniors who have come to gain experience. Shouldn’t you report this to the higher-ups?” asked the person who was still calm.

“What a joke. Do you want to run away for nothing?” Lu Ci laughed disdainfully. “A hundred years ago, an expert saw through heaven’s secrets and made the Spiral Realm his own. However, he didn’t know that there was a second level. Perhaps he discovered the second level but died somewhere.”

“You mean to say … He only refined the first level?”

“It’s completely possible!”

The one who had asked the question was Xuanyuan Hong, one of the members of the eight great families of Los Monstaria.

Zhu Hong, one of the eight great families, also came with them.

Zhu Hong said, “I’ve read about it in my family’s secret history. No one knows about the birth of the Spiral Realm. Just as Lu Ci said, there were some records.”

“Go on.”

“Although there are records, it’s only one or two sentences.” Zhu Hong tried hard to recall. “The first level of the Spiral Realm is called the First Heaven. The second level is called the Second Heaven. So far, the highest level has only been the Third Heaven.”

Each level of heaven was like a micro world or a huge Beast Space.

Thus, some believed that the Spiral Realm was a Beast Space created by a powerful Beastmaster.

“There’s such a saying?”

Some people were shocked.

The rest of the people were also surprised and fell into deep thought.

If it was really like what was said, that the two heavens in this Spiral Realm had not been seized and controlled, then they would have a chance to take the Second Heaven for themselves.

The Beastmasters present were basically first-rate Beastmasters among the participants.

To gather this group of people, Lu Ci put in a lot of effort.

“That’s right. The reason I’ve gathered everyone here is to enter the Second Heaven together,” Lu Ci said.

“Have you found the entrance?”

“Yes, it’s not far from here.”

“What’s it like inside?”

“I don’t know.” Lü CI shook his head. “I just happened to stumble upon it. I didn’t dare to try it alone. That’s why I gathered all of you from the major cities.

“Everyone can be considered the leaders of your respective factions. I’m willing to share this secret with you.

“No matter who masters the Second Heaven in the end, as long as they don’t forget my good deeds, I’ll thank you again.”

Lu Ci’s words revealed his intentions.

Although no one said anything, their expressions betrayed them.

As the leader of the younger generation, it was impossible for Lu Ci to not have a little pride.

Controlling a Spiral Realm was no different from a fool’s dream to ordinary Beastmasters.

However, the Beastmasters present displayed extraordinary confidence.

They believed that they could master the Second Heaven of the Spiral Realm!

“What interesting news.” Su Bai muttered to himself. He could hear it clearly while in an invisible state.

Su Bai felt that It was really lively in the Spiral Realm.

This was the first time he had heard of the First and Second Heavens of the Spiral Realm and his trip was not in vain.

The sun was setting, and it would soon be night.

Everyone discussed for a moment and decided to immediately head to the Second Heaven.

Lu Ci took the lead and started heading south.

The Beasts they encountered along the way were of a higher level, but they were not a challenge to them at all. They killed the Beasts that blocked their way one after another.

Su Bai observed and found that these people were not easy to deal with.

A few of them had already reached the third tier of the Conductus.

They had completely broken free from the suppression of the Spiral Realm’s rules.

This included Xuanyuan Hong, Zhu Hong, and Lu Ci.

In addition, from their conversations along the way, Su Bai found out that Lu Ci was a genius Beastmaster from Great Ming City, and was proud of his Phoenix Eagle, which was skilled in aerial combat.

The Phoenix Eagle had the bloodline of the divine beast Phoenix, although it was thin. However, it still possessed terrifying strength.

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