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Chapter 146: 146 You’ll Be Dead Meat if You Don’t Fight

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146 You’ll Be Dead Meat if You Don’t Fight

Everyone’s pace couldn’t help but increase as they rushed to the location the old man had mentioned.

Not just them, Su Bai was sure that all his doubts were coming to light.

Along the way, they encountered new and rare Beasts, but they didn’t even take a look.

It was enough to show the anxiety and excitement in their heart.

Ten minutes later, everyone rushed to the open space pointed out by the old man and saw a huge rectangular stone slab standing in the middle.

The stone slab looked ordinary, no different from the stones that could be seen everywhere.

That was why everyone was confused at first, and then they realized the secret behind it.

“That’s a stone stele!”

Xuanyuan Hong’s eyes lit up, and he took the lead.

The rest of the people followed closely behind.

They looked at the stone stele with excitement.

It was different from ordinary stone steles used for meditation. The energy contained in that stone stele was vast and boundless.

Even geniuses like Xuanyuan Hong would feel a splitting headache when they looked at it, and it was as if their spirit was being absorbed.

“Since the Beastmaster is dead, the First Heaven of the Spiral Realm is ownerless. This stone stele is the core of the entire Second Heaven. As long as you can comprehend it, you can take the Spiral Realm.” said the old man.

He continued, “I have forgotten how many years it has been. Since I don’t have much time left, I’ve given up on this idea.”

There was a trace of unwillingness in the old man’s words.

However, Xuanyuan Hong and the others were already captivated by the stone stele and were unwilling to listen to the old man.

“Lu Ci, you should go too.”

“But …”

“No buts. It was a lucky chance to meet you. the opportunity is right in front of you,” the old man said with a kind smile. “Whoever can get it will have to rely on their own abilities.”

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Ci excitedly walked to the stone stele, his eyes instantly turning infatuated.


On the other hand, Dream Wing sensed the old man’s spirit and gave an answer.

The most terrifying ability of the spirit-type was not only illusions but also the ability to observe the spiritual power that ordinary Beasts could not touch.

With Dream Wing’s observation feedback, Su Bai further confirmed his guesses.

However, Su Bai didn’t blame this group of people for losing the big picture over a small matter and leaving their backs to a stranger.

The temptation of the stone stele also made Su Bai feel like losing something at first sight.

“The stone stele is obscure and difficult to understand. The profoundness within it is difficult to figure out!”

“I feel a splitting headache just by looking at it. Wow…”

“It seems like … We’ll have to stay here for a few more days.”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed as they sat down cross-legged on the spot and began to try to comprehend the stone stele of the Spiral Realm.

At the same time, the old man took a few steps back.

Su Bai kept his eyes on the old man. Once there was any slight movement, Su Bai would take action immediately.

Sure enough, a few Beasts appeared soon and slowly approached Xuanyuan Hong and the others under the old man’s instructions.

If it was before, they would definitely be able to detect the aura of the Beasts. Unfortunately, they were too close, and the distance between the two groups was less than 30 meters.

Now, everyone was sitting cross-legged in front of the Spiral Realm’s stone stele, completely unaware of the impending danger.

The old man clasped his hands behind his back and revealed a faint smile.

As if everything was going according to the old man’s plan.

However, Xuanyuan Hong’s head was struck by a hard object at that precise moment, and he did not react at all. He continued to maintain his meditative posture.

“Has he gone into deep concentration?” Su Bai looked at the little stone in his hand and sighed. “It’s too small, I have to change to a bigger one.”

Su Bai threw away the little rock, and this time, he reached out and slapped Xuanyuan Hong on the back of his head.


Xuanyuan Hong was caught off guard and fell forward, face-first. The scene was quite comical.

However, the people around Xuanyuan Hong were still immersed in the world of the stone stele. The old man’s vision was also blocked by the Beast.

Only Xuanyuan Hong raised his head and looked around in confusion. He asked, “Who hit me?”

However, after looking around, he did not notice anything unusual. Then, Xuanyuan Hong’s eyes looked up again as he tried to enter a state of enlightenment.


The next second, the same force was applied. However, this time, Xuanyuan Hong was more careful and used his hands to support himself from the ground.

“Who hit me!” Xuanyuan Hong stood up abruptly and turned around to find the beasts approaching.

Su Bai, who was hiding in the dark, immediately retreated.

“Good. If you don’t fight, you’ll be dead meat.”

Su Bai didn’t care if these people were dead or alive. However, because he didn’t know the current situation and the old man’s power hadn’t yet been revealed, he still had to save those people so they won’t die for nothing.

“Enemy attack!” Xuanyuan Hong immediately shouted.

However, the people around him were all mesmerized, and just like him, they were completely unaware of the situation around them.

Seeing that his shouting did not work, Xuanyuan Hong immediately kicked the nearest teenager.

“Wake up! If you don’t get up now, you’ll be dead!”

‘He copied my lines?’ Su Bai thought.

Xuanyuan Hong was attacking everyone crazily. Su Bai stood aside and couldn’t help laughing.

Very quickly, everyone woke up from their comprehension.

“What are you doing, stop pestering us!”

“F*ck, I almost gained some insight. Who’s the idiot who disturbed me?!”

“What’s going on?”

“You dare to disturb us…Oh, it’s you, Xuanyuan Hong. Why did you wake us up?”

The crowd was startled awake. They were furious, but when they saw that it was Xuanyuan Hong, they were confused.

Xuanyuan Hong pointed behind them and said coldly, “See for yourself.”

When everyone heard that, they all turned around and discovered the presence of the three Beasts.

“We’ve been targeted by the Beasts?”

“F*ck! How dare you disturb our opportunity! Guys, let’s attack together!”

“That’s right!”

“Wait, where’s that old man?”

It was only now that everyone realized that the old man had disappeared.

“He’s right behind that group of beasts.”

The moment Xuanyuan Hong noticed that he had already sent out his second Beast, Poochy. It was a peculiar Beast that was good at finding its way by hearing sounds and had a keen sense of smell.

The Poochies were not good at fighting, but as functional Beasts, they were very useful.

Therefore, when Xuanyuan Hong saw the old man standing behind the beast, he understood.

“Sir, why did you plot against us!” Xuanyuan Hong shouted.

The others were even more furious, thinking that if they had not been awakened, they would not even know how they had died.

The old man slowly walked out from the middle of the beasts.

The old man swept his gaze across the crowd and said indifferently, “I was bored and wanted to put on a show with you. I didn’t expect you to be so alert and notice it. Since that’s the case, there’s no need to talk anymore.”

“You’ve been acting all along?!”

The crowd was even more furious.

“Then your previous words were all false, and this isn’t the core of the Spiral Realm?” Xuanyuan Hong questioned coldly.

“It’s all true.” The old man looked at the crowd as if he was looking at a dead man and said, “Other than one point, the Spiral Realm stone stele contains endless mysteries. One person can’t understand it!”


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