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Chapter 147: 147 A Pointless Struggle

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147 A Pointless Struggle

“The Spiral Realm is the essence of heaven and earth. Back then, Qing Tu was only able to take the Spiral Realm by chance after he came into contact with the primordial sentience that had given birth to a wisp of spiritual intelligence after the chaos in the Spiral Realm.

“Today, I’ve spent decades of hard work, and I’m finally going to master it!” the old man laughed hideously.

The Qing Tu mentioned by the old man was the previous owner of the Spiral Realm.

However, what everyone was more concerned about was that there was another way to control the Spiral Realm.

“Sir, you mean…”

“Children, you’re so greedy.” The old man’s smile was as sinister as a malicious spirit’s. He said, “You don’t need to know what’s going to happen next. Just die.”

With that, the surrounding Beasts began to move.

Everyone was immediately on high alert.

However, these Beasts were all at the Gold level, so Xuanyuna Hong and the others couldn’t deal with them at all.

“Everyone, retreat and report the situation to the governor!”

Xuanyuan Hong took out the metal cube and tried to teleport back to the real world.

However, when Xuanyuan Hong realized that nothing had happened, he felt a chill in his heart.

Long before they took the metal cubes back, the interior of the metal cubes had already been destroyed. It couldn’t be detected from the outside.

“B*stard! You lied to us!”

“I’m the disciple of Master Wu Ming. I dare you to try and kill me!”

Looking at the approaching Beasts, everyone fell into a state of unease.

“Why?” Lu Ci stood out and asked at that moment. “You saved my life back then, and I regard you as my savior. Why are you doing this to me?!”

However, the old man’s expression was cold, and he didn’t respond as if he didn’t hear Lu Ci.

Lu Ci gritted his teeth, and his eyes were bloodshot. He was from a declined clan in Great Ming City. He had wanted to revitalize his clan by entering the Spiral Realm.

But Lu Ci didn’t expect that someone else in the same city would blackmail him.

In order not to be exposed, Lu Ci had repeatedly compromised with that person.

Just yesterday, Lu Ci couldn’t take it anymore. However, he was not strong enough. Even his Beast was almost killed.

Fortunately, the old man saved Lu Ci. The two had a pleasant conversation, and Lu Ci had already treated the old man as his savior.

Then, at the old man’s direction, he informed Lu Ci of the existence of the Second Heaven and asked him to bring the elite trial-takers of this trial.

Lu Ci knelt on the ground as if he had lost his backbone.

“There’s no time. Fight with me if you don’t want to die!” Xuanyuan Hong said coldly.

Then, Xuanyuan Hong summoned his Beast and charged forward. The others followed him closely.

This was the last chance for Lu Ci to make up for his mistake.

Although the other party was a powerful Gold-level Beast, they had no choice but to brace themselves.

In an instant, the battle had already begun.

The old man stood at the side and observed calmly, without any fluctuations in his heart. He seemed to have seen such a scene many times.


Blood splattered. A Beast was cut in half by the Darkboa like a sharp blade and died on the spot.

“Everyone, be careful. There are more than three Beasts on the other side!” Zhu Hong shouted anxiously.

The Darkboa was a Beast that had suddenly appeared. It was extremely fast.

It would approach its target silently and deliver a fatal blow!

“B*stard, let’s fight it out with it!”

After losing his Beast, the young man summoned his second Beast and began to attack with all his might. The others also went all out.

They were all geniuses from their families in major cities. Their Beasts were rare in the market, not to mention that they had other means to save their lives.

Even if they were to face a Beast that was one level higher than them, they would be able to hold on for a while.

But the situation was clear, they could only protect themselves for a while, but not forever.

Soon, Xuanyuan Hong’s Beast was severely injured and had no choice but to fall back.

As the others struggled, they also suffered heavy losses.

In the end, everyone retreated step by step into a circle, and they could die at any moment.

“We can’t continue this stalemate!”

“That’s right, we have to quickly think of a countermeasure!”

“I think we should let Xuanyuan Hong go. He has a Snowmane Stallion that can travel a thousand miles in a day. As long as he can find an opportunity to break out of the encirclement, he can escape!”

These words made everyone’s heart sink.

Because executing this plan would undoubtedly require them to sacrifice their lives.

But seeing that the situation was dangerous, Zhu Hong immediately stood up and said, “There’s no time for nonsense. Xuanyuan Hong, get ready to run. Remember to avenge us!”

Although they were not from the same family, they only had one thought in mind and that was to kill the old man!

They may have not known each other for long, but in the face of major issues, they still had the same thoughts.

“I will.” Xuanyuan Hong clenched his fists tightly and nodded his head with difficulty.

Xuanyuan Hong then summoned the Snowmane Stallion from his Beast Space.

Its snow-white body and well-defined muscles made it a stallion of the best quality.

“It’s a pointless struggle.”

The old man in the distance remained calm after seeing that, but his expression changed in the next second. His body suddenly stiffened and he said coldly, “Who are you?”

“I’ll return your words to you. Don’t make any unnecessary struggles.”

Su Bai removed the Invisibility effect, held the Ice Dagger against the old man’s back, and said, “Don’t move. I’m different from those young masters. I don’t even blink when I kill.”

To be able to get close to the old man so smoothly, was completely beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

“What are you doing? No, who are you?” the old man asked solemnly.

“Although I haven’t fully mastered it, through the sentience of the Spiral Realm, I can see that everyone who has entered the Second Heaven. Except for you…”

Su Bai was a little surprised. It was a good thing that he had been careful when he entered, using Dream Wing’s Mirror of Illusion as protection. Otherwise, he would have been discovered.

“You talk too much. Bearen, come out!”

Bearen appeared from Su Bai’s Sigil and immediately wrapped its arms around the old man.

The huge force made it impossible for the old man to struggle at all. Just maintaining his breathing was already exhausting.

Su Bai glanced at him and said calmly, ” I really didn’t expect you to be so weak that an ordinary bronze Beastmaster could kill you even though you could control the Gold-level beasts.”

It was an illogical phenomenon. As the Beast’s strength continued to improve, it would constantly be shared with the Beastmaster.

Even an old man over 70 years old could rely on the strength of his Beast and was still full of energy.

“Forget it. I won’t force you if you don’t want to say it.” Su Bai shrugged and ordered, “Dream Wing, you can pull in the net now.”

At the same time, the people who were prepared to fight to the death suddenly stopped.

It was because of the four Beasts in front of them. The four Beasts stood still on the spot as if they were possessed.

Everyone scratched their heads in confusion.

However, they were not fools. If their opponents did not attack, they would not stop. They ordered their Beasts to kill them.

In an instant, the four Beasts fell into a pool of blood.

“They’re dead?” Zhu Hong swallowed his saliva in disbelief.

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