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Chapter 148: 148 Controlling Beasts With Hex Worm

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148 Controlling Beasts With Hex Worm

Xuanyuan Hong and the others were also a little confused. They turned around and realized that there was another person besides the old man.

“It’s Su Bai! It must be Yu Xuan who saw that something was wrong and called for help!” some exclaimed in surprise after recognizing Su Bai.

The Yu Xuan that the man was talking about was the one who had left earlier.

Just as everyone was feeling relieved, a blood-curdling screech suddenly sounded.


Bearen gradually increased its strength, and the old man’s ribs were all broken in an instant.

“Old man, I’ve told you I’d kill without blinking.” Su Bai’s calm eyes showed a trace of ruthlessness.

Earlier, Su Bai had asked the old man about the real situation of the Second Heaven. In the end, the old man grinned and said nothing, but his eyes were full of contempt.

Now that all the Gold-level Beasts were dead, Su Bai had complete control of the situation.

“How did you do it? Those are Gold-level Beasts!” the old man licked the blood at the corner of his mouth and grinned hideously.

Su Bai shook his head and sighed, “Just like preaching to deaf ears.”

It was all thanks to Dream Wing’s growth after its transformation.

Before it had turned into a cocoon, Dream Larva was unable to unleash the full power of the original S-Level skill. However, after its transformation, its strength increased by more than a few times.

Using illusions to control a Gold-level Beast for a while was not a problem at all.

Since the soft approach didn’t work, he could only use the hard approach.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt too much.” Su Bai reached out his hand and touched the old man’s forehead.

“Stop!” the old man’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly shouted. “If you dare, I’ll die in front of you!”

The old man had countless experiences. He could tell at a glance that Su Bai had some mental or illusionary-related skills.

Su Bai shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “Since you’re so afraid of letting others know about your dirty memories, why don’t you just cooperate obediently and be done with it?”

After Su Bai finished speaking, he put down his hand and took a step back, a smile still on his face.

In fact, he didn’t know how to read minds. He was just using the bait to fish.

Su Bai would let Dream Wing use Nightmare Cage to imprison the Gold-level Beasts so that the old man would make a wrong judgment and be warier than Su Bai.

This strategy had been overused in the military.

In the old man’s eyes, Su Bai’s smile was as horrifying as a devil’s.

At the same time, the old man also realized that Su Bai was completely different from Xuanyuan Hong and the others. A premeditated attack coupled with decisive action, the experience and means were worlds apart.

To the old man, Su Bai was someone not to be trifled with!

“You really want to know that much? Since my life is in your hands, so there’s no harm in telling you,” the old man said with squinted eyes.

“I was one of the Beastmasters pursuing Qing Tu at the time. I entered the Spiral Realm’s First Heaven and wandered around for half a year before discovering the entrance to the Second Heaven by chance, and then…”

“And then?”

“And then I finally discovered Qing Tu’s secret!” The old man laughed arrogantly. “I’ve found out that it wasn’t Qing Tu who got lucky back then. It was the two forces who discovered the Spiral Realm together. In the end, they had a dispute and a great battle.

“There were many pools of blood on the ground and then absorbed by the stone stele to form a consciousness!

“Qing Tu was just lucky enough to be the only survivor. Anyone else would be the same!

“In other words, the stone stele doesn’t absorb the Beasts’ blood but humans, and what you need to do is to copy Qing Tu and the others,” Su Bai said coldly with a frown.

“That’s right!” the old man’s mental state gradually became unstable. He said emotionally, “I’ve already been here for decades. As long as I offer those guys to the stone stele, I’ll be able to completely control the Spiral Realm!”

But under the intense pain, the old man returned to his original state.

His eyes gradually dimmed. He knew very well that he couldn’t break free from Bearen.

“Interesting.” Su Bai shrugged his shoulders.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Hong and the others rushed over.

“Thank you for saving my life, Su Bai!”

“I’ve heard of your great name, but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“I heard that you look like a ghost. Why are you so different?”

None of them had seen Su Bai before.

Xuanyuan Hong and Zhu Hong, who were the only two from Los Monstaria, were no different from them.

“Anyway, leave this person to me. You guys go do what you need to do.”

Everyone was stunned that Su Bai suddenly ordered them to leave.

“Aren’t you interested in the Spiral Realm?! As long as I can control the Spiral Realm, I’ll be able to rise to the top!” the old man said excitedly.

“Shut up.” Su Bai interrupted. “You want these people to fight so you can power up your stone stele?”

Whether the old man could comprehend the stone stele and control the Spiral Realm was a mystery.

In the current situation, it was already lucky to be able to survive.

The strength of the Beasts in the Second Heaven of the Spiral Realm far exceeded that of the First Heaven!

Then, Su Bai went to take a look at the dead Beasts on the ground and realized that they were all controlled by some kind of Hex Worm, which was very rare.

Su Bai also knew someone in the military who could control Beasts with Hex Worm.

That person was eerie and terrifying, he had a Hex Worm that he had carefully cultivated.

The attacking method was very despicable. As long as one could find the right opportunity to insert the Hex Worm into the other party’s Beast’s brain, one could control the other party’s actions like a machine.

So as long as one had the chance, even a Platinum-level Hex Worm could be controlled for a while, let alone a Gold-level Hex Worm.

However, its weakness was that it would not be controlled for long, and the target’s body would rot.

Without a doubt, the old man’s methods were exactly the same as that of Beastmaster and they were probably from the same clan.

“Kid, don’t you have any thoughts about the Spiral Realm? This is your only chance. If those big shots find out, you won’t have a chance anymore!” the old man sweated and shouted anxiously.

“I’m just a city guard, and I’m already ambitious. Don’t you have the same ambition?!”

The people behind the old man all fell silent.

As long as they could control the Spiral Realm, it would bring a great opportunity to their family.

It was definitely a rare occurrence.

“You’re pretty generous. Why would you give us such a great opportunity?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“That’s right. This old thing almost killed us!”

“Although that’s what you say, I’m not willing to give up if I can control the Spiral Realm.”

“Me too!”

“Since we’re already here, we can’t just leave empty-handed.”

“That’s right. There’s still a short period before we leave the Spiral Realm. Why don’t we take this opportunity to try to comprehend it in the Second Heaven?”

“But, didn’t he say that he couldn’t comprehend it and could only use blood to irrigate it?”

Xuanyuan Hong gathered his energy and said arrogantly, “That’s only him. We come from all the great clans and have outstanding talent. How can a mere city guard compare to us?”

This was the arrogance of a genius, and it made everyone’s hearts tremble.

Xuanyuan Hong’s originally retreating mentality had changed.

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