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Chapter 152: 152 The Wheel of Fortune Turns

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152 The Wheel of Fortune Turns

At the entrance of the Spiral Realm’s town, the people were still getting ready to hunt Beasts.

After a few days, everyone was no longer in the same predicament as when they first arrived.

They didn’t even afford to eat a piece of mantou before, and they all could enjoy the delicious meals now.

However, just as a fully armed team walked to the exit of the town, they suddenly found a group of people panting heavily against the gate.

“Hey, are you alright?”

The team member stepped forward and asked, “Look at you guys, you’re quite pitiful. Here are five Iron Beast-cores, take them and get some steamed buns or something.”

“Ah, seeing them is like seeing us when we first arrived.”

“But no matter how weak you are, you can’t be like this. Aren’t there Beasts in the area outside that you can kill as you please?”

The other team members looked at them with pity.

However, when the other party heard that, they almost jumped up in anger.

Xuanyuan Hong returned to the First Heaven and immediately hurried on without stopping, even though they had already cultivated their Beastmaster skill, Conductus, to the third tier.

But not long ago when they comprehended the Spiral Realm’s stone stele, they were already mentally exhausted and had no strength to maintain a standing state.

Thus, their sorry state was not because of anything else but the rules of the Spiral Realm.

“Cut the crap. Don’t go out there.”

Zhu Hong took a deep breath.

“Huh?! I was kind enough to buy you guys some steamed buns to eat, but now you want to rob me? Are beggars so arrogant these days?” the other party said unhappily.

“That’s right. Why don’t you find out who we are? We’re from Great Ming City!”

“Little one, tell me your name. I don’t beat up nameless people!”

The team members immediately summoned their Beasts and prepared to teach Xuanyuan Hong and the others a lesson.

It looked like they were in a deadlock.

Xuanyuan Hong said coldly, “Lu Ci, he’s one of you. Come out and take care of this.”

Then, Lu Ci walked out of the crowd with a pale face. He recognized the man at a glance and said, “Nangong Ren, long time no see.”

“Lu Ci?”

Nangong Ren, who was in the group, recognized Lu Ci with a single glance. He immediately chuckled and said, “Don’t attack, we’re on the same side!”

Although Lu Ci didn’t have a great reputation in Great City Ming, he was still respected by his peers.

After a few simple and implicit words, Lu Ci told Nangong Ren about the urgent matter.

“Is that true?” Nangong Ren asked in surprise.

Lu Ci introduced with a bitter smile, “Of course, you can ask them if you don’t believe me. This is Xuanyuan Hong and Zhu Hong from Los Monstaria. This is Ty’er from the North City…”

As Lu Ci introduced the people of the same gender, the eyes of Nangong Ren and the others gradually became dazed.

The names Lu Ci mentioned were famous geniuses of the generation in the various major cities. Nangong Ren and the others had heard about them many times.

When Nangong Ren thought of the few Iron Beast-cores he had just given out as a charity, his face immediately turned red from embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you block the people from going out! Go and get some rest, you guys.” Nangong Ren said.

“Thank you.” Xuanyuan Hong clasped his fist.

After that, Nangong Ren and his team blocked the town’s entrance. They stopped all those who wanted to go out. Their explanations were written on a wooden board and stuck in the center.

“The situation is dangerous. Beasts are attacking the town, and we have to be cautious about going out?”

“What’s there to follow?”

“Who’s causing trouble? Why didn’t I hear that Beasts were attacking the town? Are they deliberately lying to us?”

“Hehe, I don’t believe that anyone would dare to stop me!”

A group of people was blocked from leaving the town. When they saw the words on the wooden board, they immediately caused an uproar.

However, every time someone was about to make a move, that person would be personally escorted by Nangong Ren to meet Xuanyuan Hong and the others.

In the end, that person would naturally be submissive and would not have the arrogant face from before.

However, the situation could only last for a moment.

Although Xuanyuan Hong and the others were geniuses from the various major cities, the Beastmasters who weren’t from their major cities, especially those who weren’t weak, were already restless. They didn’t believe their words at all.

Seeing that they were about to lose, Xuanyuan Hong immediately led Zhu Hong, Lu Ci, and the others to the outside of the town to summon their Beasts.

“Whoever wants to leave, let your strength speak for you!” Xuanyuan Hong shouted.

The noisy scene immediately fell silent.

On the other hand, Su Bai led the old man into the Third Heaven.

The world here was dark and disorderly, and the strong wind swept across Su Bai’s face, causing him to feel a faint pain.

The thick smell of blood was flowing everywhere. An ordinary Beastmaster would be able to sense this kind of omnipresent pressure even better. It was as if even his body was about to be crushed.

“It’s the same as when my consciousness entered. most of the Beasts have gathered at the gap and are much calmer now.” Su Bai said seriously.

“This is the Third Heaven!” The old man looked around with wide eyes, trying to break free from Bearen’s restraints, but to no avail.

The old man looked around with wide eyes, trying to break free from Bearen’s restraints, but to no avail.

But at Su Bai’s signal, Bearen let go of its strong arms.

“Hurry up and find it!”

The old man who had regained his freedom didn’t care about these trifles. He ran to Su Bai and shouted anxiously, “If you find the stone stele of the Spiral Realm in the Third Heaven, you will be able to completely control the Spiral Realm. By then, you will be the master of this world!”

Su Bai looked at the old man indifferently without saying anything.

The old man couldn’t wait any longer. He turned around and ran forward.

He was still mumbling to himself, almost obsessed with controlling the Spiral Realm. However, at that moment, his body suddenly froze on the spot.

After a short while, he let out a painful cry.

“No…I can’t…Fall…here …”


The long and thin tentacles suddenly stretched out from the old man’s back. The way they swayed in the air reminded Su Bai of the vines he had seen in Hao city.

Soon, the old man lay motionless on the ground, completely dead.

Su Bai’s expression didn’t change as he carefully observed the dead body.

Bearen, who was at the side, seemed to feel threatened. It was also fully armed and on guard, ready to attack at any time.

But the scene was getting more and more disgusting, and even Su Bai felt a little uncomfortable.

Gradually, the old man suddenly stood up from the ground in a strange position, turned around slowly, and looked at Su Bai with a pale and shocked face.

It was like the loss of consciousness in movies, where he could still move freely.

“Using a parasitic Beast, but in the end, you were parasitized after your death. What a change of fortune!” Su Bai smirked and sighed.

Then, Su Bai signaled Bearen to prepare for battle. After understanding the situation here, they continued to explore.


Bearen waved its powerful arms and rushed forward, not waiting for the old man to attack. Its claws instantly landed, turning the old man into a bloody pulp.

The entire process took less than two seconds.

That made Bearen a little unconfident, thinking that it was a smokescreen.

It hesitated for a long time and realized that it was because the other party was too weak, unable to withstand a single blow.

Bearen immediately put on a disappointed expression and returned to Su Bai.

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