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Chapter 153: 153 The Dawn Larva

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153 The Dawn Larva

However, Su Bai didn’t let down his guard. He found the insect-type Beast in the bloody mud and checked its information.

Name: Dawn Larva

Level: Lower-2 Silver

Potential: Lower Gold

Talent: Control (Outstanding)

Nature: None

Skill: Manipulate (A-Level)

The information was simple and concise. Under the Outstanding grade talent, there was only one A-Level skill, Manipulate.

In terms of combat power, it was equal to zero for Dawn Larva.

It was no wonder that after being a parasite in the old man’s body, it could not even withstand a Bearen’s palm.

After understanding the situation, Su Bai looked up to the southwest.

Through his consciousness, he could sense that the stone stele of the Spiral Realm of the Third Heaven was just a few kilometers away.

At the same time, the fragile barrier was finally destroyed by the thousands of parasitic Beasts. The collapse of the barrier revealed the entrance to the First Heaven.

Su Bai had no idea what was the situation of the First Heaven, but he had no other way to help.

Immediately after, he began to hurry on his journey.

In general, there were only a few Beasts that had not been parasitized in the Third Heaven. These Beasts were oppressed all year round and could only live in dark places.

Once they were discovered by the Dawn Larva, they would immediately be seen as a target, parasitized, and then died.

Along the way, Bearen became more and more courageous.

Even the Gold-level Beast that was parasitized was not a match for Bearen.

Su Bai gradually understood.

It was different from the parasitic Beasts that the old man used. The Beasts that were parasitized by the Dawn Larva would become weaker and weaker as time passed.

Therefore, even if it was a Gold-level Beast that looked very scary, Bearen was not afraid.

It had been a long time since Bearen had such a carefree battle.

In the blink of an eye, the path was filled with bloody corpses and pieces of meat. Bearen was even dyed with red and black blood.

But the closer Su Bai got to the stone stele, the more Dawn Larvas and Beasts there were. To avoid any accidents, Su Bai let the well-rested Dream Wing out.

Su Bai used Invisibility again and began to move forward quickly.

On the other hand, a few hours had passed. Most of the town’s Beastmasters were stuck at the exit.

“What exactly happened? Can’t you let us go hunt?”

“That’s right. If I don’t hunt, are you going to support me?”

“This beautiful lady, I’ll take care of you!”

“Get lost!”

“I heard that Xuanyuan Hong and Lu Ci are blocking the way. There will be Beasts attacking the city.”

“Nonsense! When we came in, they didn’t say anything about this happening.”

The crowd was in an uproar, but there was nothing they could do.

Until a group of people appeared.

Everyone looked at him as if he was their savior. They immediately shouted, “Bai Shu and the others are here!”

Upon hearing that, they immediately opened up a path in the middle of the street.

An elegant and graceful young man took the lead and stepped in. He was also curious about the reactions of the people around him.

“What is this group of people doing here? It’s noon now, we should be hunting Beasts. Instead, we’ve gathered here,” the young man said with a smile.

“I heard that Beasts are attacking the city. Xuanyuan Hong has brought a group of people to block the entrance and won’t let anyone out,” someone else said.

“Oh? Then let’s go take a look.”

The young man led the group to the town’s entrance.

Very quickly, Xuanyuan Hong’s face darkened when he received the message.

“What’s wrong, Xuanyuan Hong?” Bai Shu and the others are here.

“The people from Snowton City? Those guys are prouder than we are, it won’t be easy to stop them,” someone said with a bitter smile.

The Spiral Realm trial was jointly organized by more than 20 major cities. One of the top three most powerful figures last year was from Snowton City!

However, they did not rely on their individual strength, but on their unspeakable cohesion.

They had gathered the strength of the younger generation of Beastmasters in the city and won first place in the Spiral Realm trial five years ago.

Xuanyuan Hong didn’t think that he would lose to Bai Shu.

However, once they fought, the situation would obviously go out of control.

After all, they were currently going against all the Beastmasters in the town.

“Long time no see, Xuanyuan Hong.”

After a while, Bai Shu came over with a smile.

Bai Shu’s originally handsome face, coupled with his confident smile, instantly made the female Beastmasters around him fall head over heels for him.

Even the men were stunned when they saw it.

“Bai Shu, do you need me to explain the situation? They can’t leave, and neither can you.” Xuanyuan Hong replied indifferently.

“Oh?” Bai Shu pretended to be surprised and then smiled. “What if I’m going to leave?”

“Then you can try,” said Xuanyuan Hong. His smile disappeared and his expression turned serious.

His imposing manner made the surrounding people feel an extraordinary sense of oppression. Even Bai Shu was the same.

Bai Shu’s eyes showed a trace of displeasure, and he threatened, “Don’t you go too far. If you want to start a war with Snowton City, I’m willing to accompany you to the end!”

As Xuanyuan Hong expected, he knew that this was bad.

Once Xuanyuan Hong fought Bai Shu, it would be equivalent to declaring war on all the Beastmasters in Snowton City.

It could only be said that this group of people should not be offended easily, or else they would be like vicious dogs that would pester him.

After Xuanyuan Hong calmed down, he said coldly, “Forget it. If you want to leave, then leave. As for—”

Before Xuanyuan Hong could finish speaking, a scout Beastmaster suddenly rushed back and shouted at the crowd, “Bad news! 1500 meters away, a group of strange Beasts was discovered. They might be the intruders Su Bai mentioned!”

Hearing that, the Beastmasters around the town started discussing themselves.

“F*ck, it’s actually true?!”

“Strange Beasts, how strange are they?”

“Thank God I didn’t sneak away just now. That was close.”

“I think I heard Su Bai. Is he with Xuanyuan Hong?”

Bai Shu snorted coldly and said sarcastically, “Hmph, laughable. What a coincidence. I was just about to go out and someone came to pass the news. Xuanyuan Hong, your methods are not that good.”

It was obvious that everything was too coincidental in Bai Shu’s eyes.

Xuanyuan Hong didn’t explain any further and only gestured for them to make way.

Immediately after, Bai Shu didn’t want to waste any more time and left with the team.

“Xuanyuan Hong, are we letting them go just like that?” asked Zhu Hong hurriedly.

“Let them go. If there’s an accident, it will serve as a warning to others,” Xuanyuan Hong said.

Then, Bai Shu and the others left.

The Beastmasters who were originally restless and restless completely erupted.

“This is not fair! Xuanyuan Hong, you guys only know how to bully the weak and fear the strong. If you have the ability, stop Bai Shu and the others!”

“That’s right, it’s not fair!”

“If you want to stop them, stop them together. Otherwise, don’t block the door!”

“I think we should just rush out together. There are so many of us. Why should we be afraid of him?”

“That’s right!”

The noisy crowd began to riot.

Even Xuanyuan Hong’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

For the sake of the bigger picture, he had to stop the Beastmasters here. Otherwise, he’d be like a pile of loose sand.

Suddenly, a man covered in mud and blood ran toward the town as if his life depended on it. He shouted as he ran, “Help!”

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