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Chapter 154: 154 A Humanoid Beast

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154 A Humanoid Beast

“Isn’t that the person who followed Bai Shu?”

After some people recognized that person, they fought to be the first to go forward and find out what happened.

But before everyone could step forward, Xuanyuan Hong took the initiative to bring the man to his side and asked, “Speak, what did you see?”

“Beasts … countless Beasts are charging towards the town!” The man was on the verge of a mental breakdown as he cried. “Hurry up and send reinforcements. Bai Shu and the others have been surrounded. If we delay any longer, they will die!”

Everyone present turned silent. Their arrogant and unruly words from before were like a slap in their faces.

“It is actually true … what should I do? I don’t want to die yet!”

“Quickly contact the outside!”

“Just give up. Xuanyuan Hong and the others have already tried, but they couldn’t find that person at all.”

“But we can’t just sit around and wait for death.”

Finally, the people came to their senses. They who had been trying to leave the town slowly retreated back into the town.

Xuanyuan Hong and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, that was just the beginning. The real challenge was about to come.

“Zhu Hong, hurry up and organize a team and assign them to defensive positions. Tell them if the town falls, no one will be able to escape!” Xuanyuan Hong said immediately.

“Understood!” Zhu Hong then assigned everyone’s seats.

The organization work was carried out gradually. With Bai Shu and the group of people as the unlucky ones, the people who originally doubted Xuanyuan Hong and his team were instantly convinced.

Xuanyuan Hong looked at the sky in the distance, and his expression became heavy.

In the Spiral Realm’s Third Heaven, the Gigamaxed Bearen was wrestling with a Mammoth.

The collision of the two forces made the surrounding Beasts not dare to approach.

Su Bai was observing the surroundings calmly not far away and checked the information of all the Beasts in his sight.

He found that the lowest level among the Beasts was the Mid-Silver level, and the highest was the Mid-Gold level.

The Third Heaven’s Beasts’ levels were not low, especially the Mammoth that was wrestling with Bearen. The Mammoth’s strength was not inferior to Bearen which had been enlarged to three times its size and was slightly outmatched.


A battle cry rang out as Bearen’s two palms grabbed onto the Mammoth’s long tusks, and Bearen tilted the Mammoth to the side with its strength.

The biggest difference between Bearen and the Mammoth was that the Mammoth didn’t have any combat experience and only relied on its primitive strength.


Under Bearen’s provocation, the Mammoth — which had brute force — directly flipped to the side and fell to the ground. Just as the Mammoth wanted to get up and resist, it was stunned by Bearen’s lightning-filled palm.


Bearen, who had finally seized the opportunity, would not let go of it. Its palm landed one after another.

Bearen didn’t stop until the Mammoth’ skull was shattered.

Such a brutal scene caused the surrounding parasitized Beasts to tremble in fear and unconsciously took a few steps back.

However, before the other Beasts could escape, a white figure silently approached.


In just a moment, the blade-like limbs danced in the air, and red and black blood splashed everywhere.

With Su Bai’s Beastmaster skill, Soul Link, the parasitized Beast couldn’t resist Whitey’s fatal blow at all, let alone when it was completely unprepared.

Su Bai sighed again, ‘Whitey was a natural assassin.’

After Su Bai had dealt with the Beasts, he continued on his way to the stone stele.

It was different from what he had seen at the Second Heaven’s stone stele. Since the barrier was broken, most of the Third Heaven’s Beasts had left.

The number of Beasts left in the Third Heaven was very sparse.

About twenty minutes later, Su Bai climbed over the hill and saw the peak of the stone stele.

The Third Heaven’s stone stele was huge. It stood upright on the ground as if it was holding up the sky.

However, to Su Bai’s surprise, there were insect eggs of different sizes around the stone stele.

It covered almost three miles in radius from the stone stele. From the stone stele as the center, the insect eggs were spread out on a large scale.

Any Beastmaster who saw that would tremble uncontrollably.


Just then, the eggs not far from Su Bai suddenly burst open. The sticky liquid flowed on the ground, and a dozen tiny larvae crawled out.

Su Bai frowned, ‘There was no doubt that this was the nest of the Dawn Larva.’

The Dawn Larvas could grow very quickly. In less than three days, it was able to move on its own and began to look for a host.


At Su Bai’s signal, Bearen stepped forward and stomped the dozen newly born larvae to death.

Then, they continued to move forward. However, he had Dream wing use Invisibility this time.

As for Bearen, because it was too big, even if it was invisible, it would still make a lot of noise, so it was temporarily kept in the Sigil.

Su Bai carefully approached the center of the nest.

Fortunately, because the barrier was broken, most of the Beasts in the nest had already escaped.

The ones left behind were either weak or Dawn Larvas that had not found their host body.

Following the clues, Su Bai soon arrived sneakily in the center of the stone stele.

After Su Bai sensed the presence of a powerful enemy, he immediately stopped and began to observe.

Sure enough, two Lower-Gold level Beasts were guarding the entrance of a nest made of unknown white silk.

Its level was not low, and its body was fresh. It seemed like the leader of the Dawn Larva was in the nest.

Su Bai boldly walked out of the cover and slowly approached the two Lower-Gold level Beasts.

When he walked to the front, the two Beasts did not notice anything strange. They looked forward with blank expressions, not even blinking.

Su Bai patrolled around once more and made sure that there were no other threats other than the two Gold-level Beasts.

Su Bai slowly entered the nest.

The juvenile worms in the nest were piled up in the corner like cockroaches. As long as there was a slight sound, they would escape with agile speed.

The ceiling and the walls on both sides were filled with Dawn Larvas.

“Disgusting. It’s not tasty.” Dream Wing couldn’t help but complain while it sat on Su Bai’s shoulder.

The nest was neither big nor small. Su Bai first made sure that there was no threat in the smaller area, then he gradually came to a space that looks like the main area.

Before Su Bai stepped in, Whitey’s Extrasensory was triggered. It adjusted its posture and got into a fighting posture.

“No rush, let’s take a look first.” Su Bai said telepathically.

He entered the main area and saw a snow-white, slim, armor-like humanoid Beast.

Through one glance, he could see the similarities between it and Dawn Larva.

‘It was Dawn Larva’s adult form!’ Su Bai was shocked.

He did not dare to be careless. He held his breath and observed calmly.

There were only humanoid Beasts in the main area and Su Bai who had snuck in.

Su Bai didn’t dare to be careless. If he made any noise and was detected, the two Beasts on guard would arrive immediately.

Unless there was a way to kill the humanoid Beast in one blow, Su Bai must not act rashly.

Su Bai adjusted his breath and came ten meters away from the Beast.

Fortunately, the humanoid Beast was lying on its side on a bed. It seemed to be sleeping, so it didn’t notice.


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