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Chapter 156: 156 A Perfect Acting

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156 A Perfect Acting

The White Tiger was known as the king of all Beasts.

It was more than three meters long, the fur on its body was extremely tough, and it could withstand the sharp blades of knives and spears.

Even in the Third Heaven, the White Tiger could be considered to be in the upper echelons of the Predators.

Now that it had been parasitized by the Dawn Larva, it had been reduced to a puppet-like state.

Su Bai was not really afraid. He commanded, “Bearen, there’s no need to show mercy. Just take it down.”


Bearen roared and waved its arms, charging straight at the White Tiger. With a flash of lightning, it sent the White Tiger flying a few meters away.

The pupils of the high and mighty Dawn Queen contracted because Bearen’s strength had clearly exceeded its expectations.

It hadn’t stopped yet. After gaining the advantage, Bearen would never show mercy.

Bearen rode the White Tiger directly and struck out with its thick bear paws. Bearen hit the White Tiger so hard that it stopped breathing and fell unconscious.

It was an almost overwhelming situation!

The Dawn Queen could only watch as the larva in The White Tiger’s body was crushed.

“Enough! I acknowledge your strength for now.” The Dawn Queen shouted.

At the same time, under the Dawn Queen’s will, a Dawn Larva quietly began to move from a dark corner.

The insectoids didn’t care about being open and aboveboard.

Su Bai’s strength was great. While the Dawn Queen was surprised, she also wanted to capture this tempting toy.

“It’s almost time.” Su Bai was very calm when he noticed something was wrong.

“Your Majesty, how strong do you think I am?” Su Bai immediately called back Bearen.

“It’s not bad,” said the Dawn Queen.

“Then that’s it.” Su Bai shook his head. “You keep saying that you want to leave the Spiral Realm and become the overlord of a region. But it seems that the Beasts guarding the forbidden land are not as strong as my Bearen.

“Forgive me for my rudeness, but my strength can only be considered at the bottom of the human race.

“If other human experts were here, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be as polite to you as I am.”

If the Beastmasters at the First Heaven were to hear that, their faces would probably turn ugly from anger.

It was simply nonsense with a straight face. But, the key was that it worked!

When the Dawn Queen heard that, it was silent at first, then it recalled the Dawn Larva that was in action.

The Dawn Queen was in deep thought. However, it was a little too much to ask the queen of insectoids who hid in the shadows for ten years to think of a countermeasure.

So Su Bai took the initiative and said, “If you don’t mind, I can help you.”


“Although I’m a human, I’ve been bullied by my own kind, and I’m so weak. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to see you, Dawn Queen.”

Su Bai’s acting skills improved and his voice was trembling.

The Dawn Queen narrowed its eyes and said, “What good does that do you?”

As expected of a queen who had grown to a high level of intelligence.

Even if there was an information gap, the Dawn Queen still didn’t fully believe Su Bai.

“A cooperation.” Su Bai pretended to be excited and sneered. “I’ll give you all the information about the weaknesses of humans. As long as we work together, it won’t be a problem to take down a human city. After that … just let me replace the supreme ruler of the human city.”

Even Su Bai had to admire himself. He was born to be an actor.

Upon hearing that, the Dawn Queen did not show any change in its expression.

But the silence at that moment proved that Su Bai’s plan was successful!

“Interesting.” The Dawn Queen covered its face and smiled, then stood up and approached Su Bai. “We insectoids have never made friends with other races, but today, we will give birth to the first special case…

As the Dawn Queen got closer, Su Bai had an idea.

Dream Wing, which had been ready for a long time, displayed its Spiritual Domain.

When the distance between them was less than ten meters, the shadow instantly wrapped around the Dawn Queen.

“Nightmare Cage!”

The moment the skill was successfully released, the Dawn Queen stopped in its tracks, and the entire insectoid in the area was in a state of stagnation.

“We did it.” Su Bai heaved a sigh of relief and walked forward.

At the same time, the other parasitized Beast noticed the abnormality and immediately transmitted the information through the consciousness of the swarm.

“Don’t even think about it.” Su Bai circled around the Dawn Queen and smiled. “If you dare to move, I will kill your queen!”

Since they had lost contact with the queen and Su Bai had threatened it, the parasitized Beast didn’t move.

After a long time, Su Bai finally settled the Dawn Queen and he asked Bearen to guard it.

Su Bai rushed to the throne at the top of the stairs alone. His target was not the throne, but the wall behind it.

He held the Ice Dagger in his hand and broke through the unknown solidified object on the wall, revealing the Third Heaven’s stone stele!

Long before Su Bai entered the hive, he had discovered that the hive was embedded in the Spiral Realm’s stone stele. Therefore, almost one-third of the Spiral Realm’s stone stele was hidden.

“It’s time for some training.” Su Bai took a glance at the Spiral Realm’s stone stele in the Third Heaven and stretched his body.

Then, Su Bai lay down and began to do push-ups vigorously. The surrounding Dawn Larvae were confused about what Su Bai was doing.

Naturally, Su Bai didn’t need their understanding.

As for the Dawn Queen, who was trapped in the illusion, it would not be trapped for long in theory.

After all, in terms of level, the Dawn Queen was superior to the Lower-2 Silver-level Dream Wing.

However, the Dawn Queen had fallen into a weakened state and had lost one-tenth of its strength at its peak.

It wanted to break free and probably take at least a day or two to escape from the Nightmare Cage.

At the same time, the screen in the conference hall began to light up again in the real world. Before the governors and higher-ups of the various major cities could celebrate, their expressions became complicated.

In the image, the town was completely unrecognizable. Battles between Beasts could be seen everywhere.

“What’s going on?!”

“That’s impossible. There’s a magic formation that can force the Beasts to retreat buried under the town. As long as it’s not a Gold-level Beast, it’s impossible to get close.”

“But what if this group of Beasts is at Gold level?”

“That’s even more impossible!”

“That’s right. The Spiral Realm’s highest level Beasts are only at Silver level, how can there be Gold level?”

In an instant, the conference hall was abuzz with debate.

The town of the Spiral Realm had been attacked by Beasts. This was something that had never happened before.

At the end of the discussion, everyone’s gaze naturally fell on Great Ming City’s governor, who was in charge of the event.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I’m trying my best to find out the problem.”

The Great Ming City’s governor could not help but break out in a cold sweat. He had long lost his previous indifference and calmness.

The attacks in the town had already exceeded the scope of their control.

More importantly, the Beastmasters in the small town were at a disadvantage!

In contrast, the invading Beasts were brave and skilled fighters, not caring about the danger at all, desperately launching attacks on the Beastmasters.

The sight of it shocked all the governors and higher-ups

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