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Chapter 159: 159 The Birth of the Fourth Heaven

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159 The Birth of the Fourth Heaven

Other than that, Su Bai also tried to communicate with the stone stele, but it was to no avail.

The stone stele’s intelligence was too weak. It was like a needle in a haystack, difficult to find.

Su Bai didn’t want to waste any more time. He had to gain more control of the Spiral Realm.

At that moment, his consciousness was once again wandering around every corner of the Spiral Realm.

The underground cave of the First Heaven was dark and lightless. There was a kind of eyeless lizard Beast resting inside. At this moment, they felt the riot on the ground and gathered together.

In the rainforest of the Second Heaven, Su Bai could feel the strong vitality.

In his eyes, every Beast was like a doll that he could control.

As long as Su Bai gave a signal, the Beasts would follow his instructions and head to a certain location or do something.

It was as simple as a God mocking a mortal. From that moment on, Su Bai had become the owner of the Spiral Realm!


Just then, Su Bai found that the Beast Space in him was also changing quietly as the Spiral Realm was being absorbed by the Beast Space.

The energy conversion speed was very slow.

Su Bai observed calmly for a while but couldn’t find any clues.

The change in energy didn’t change the size of the Beast Space.

However, Su Bai’s keen spirit sensed a subtle change, and he was shocked.

‘The Beast Space … it was transforming into the Fourth Heaven! Amazing!’ Su Bai was astonished.

In Su Bai’s opinion, it could be completely reversed.

It was the Beast Space that had absorbed the Spiral Realm and gradually grown into an existence similar to the Fourth Heaven.

According to the records, the current governor of Los Monstaria, Gu Yan, was a Diamond-level Beastmaster, and his Beast Space was only slightly over three thousand square meters.

It was about the size of five or six basketball courts.

Normally, when a Beastmaster reached the limit of their potential, they would maintain a space of around three hundred square meters.

As for Su Bai, his Beast Space that became the Fourth Heaven was only a little smaller than the current territory of Los Monstaria!

This was a space that no one could imagine. More importantly, Su Bai’s Beast Space was like a micro world.

It gave birth to no less than a hundred types of Beasts. If Su Bai wanted to, he could build a city in it.

Su Bai calmed his excited heart. He came back to his senses and looked at Dawn Queen, it was trembling slightly.

After a few hours, the duration of the Nightmare Cage was much shorter than Su Bai had imagined.

It seemed like this insectoid queen was not to be underestimated.

“Dream Wing, release.”

As soon as Su Bai finished, the Dawn Queen’s consciousness returned to its body, and its legs collapsed to the ground.

The Dawn Queen looked up at Su Bai in shock and then became alert.

After making sure it was back to normal, the Dawn Queen scolded Su Bai, “How audacious! How dare you imprison me? I’ll tear you into pieces!”

Rage filled the Dawn Queen’s mind, but that moment, the moment her eyes met Su Bai’s cold eyes, she was stunned.

“That’s impossible … it cannot be!”

The Dawn Queen felt an energy above it from Su Bai, and its anger was instantly dispelled.

No one was more familiar with this energy than the Dawn Queen. It was the energy of the Spiral Realm!

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you kneeling?” Su Bai showed a mocking smile. “Now, I have the final say here. You only have one choice. Bow down and submit.”

“You’ve mastered the Spiral Realm!”

“You’re noisy.” Su Bai shouted coldly, and an invisible wire instantly attacked the Dawn Queen.

The power that the Dawn Queen couldn’t turn around made it breathless.

The Dawn Larvae were so frightened that they trembled and frantically crawled to the foot of the wall.

Su Bai couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the trembling Dawn Queen.

In the Spiral Realm, he was the true king!

However, once Su Bai’s outside the Spiral Realm, they would not be able to do anything to this Gold-level Dawn Queen, and could only kill it.

About ten seconds later, the pressure was reduced a little. The Dawn Queen knelt on the ground and lowered her head in Su Bai’s direction.

The Dawn Queen had already realized it. As long as Su Bai wanted to, he could kill it without even doing it himself.

The Dawn Queen couldn’t even resist.

“You’re still useful. Call back the Beasts of the First Heaven immediately.”

“Yes …”

“You seem to have missed a word.” Su Bai narrowed his eyes. The invisible pressure came again.


At that moment, the Dawn Queen was full of humiliation. As the proud queen of the insectoid race, it was a great humiliation to bow down to a human.

What Su Bai wanted to suppress was the Dawn Queen’s arrogance.

“Then, I’ll give you three days to move the nest to the westernmost swamp. I won’t interfere with anything else in the Third Heaven, but I have to have a bottom line,” Su Bai said indifferently.

“M-Master, please elaborate further.” the Dawn Queen asked in a low voice shamefully, almost roaring.

Su Bai was very satisfied with the Dawn Queen’s reaction. He immediately smiled, “At least 30% of the Beasts must not be parasitized, and the remaining 70% is at your disposal.”

At present, under the abuse of the Dawn Larvae in the Third Heaven, there were less than 500 Beasts left in good condition. This number was already on the verge of extinction.

“Yes, master!”

“Alright, let’s start moving.”

After that, Su Bai sat on the throne that belonged to the Dawn Queen and looked at it with a smile.

In the eyes of the Dawn Queen, Su Bai’s smile was as terrifying as the god of death.

Only when the Dawn Queen grew to a higher level of intelligence could Su Bai better control it.

If it was just the lowest level larvae, they would not be able to carry out Su Bai’s tasks because they could not even reach the threshold of understanding.

In the future, as long as the Dawn Queen was tamed, even if it didn’t become his Beast, it could be used by Su Bai.

Soon, the Dawn Queen ordered through the consciousness of the swarm to recall the parasitic Beasts of the First Heaven.

This time, the Dawn Queen had deployed nearly 3,000 parasitic Beasts.

After losing more than 400 Beasts, the remaining ones felt the queen’s call and immediately turned around and left.

they would return to where they came from.

Su Bai didn’t repair the barrier on purpose so that the Dawn Larvae could return to the Third Heaven.

“Master, I’ve already recalled the insectoids.”

The Dawn Queen entered the hall and knelt on the ground. Its movements were as smooth as flowing water, and there was no longer any trace of humiliation or unwillingness.

‘The Dawn Queen adapted quite quickly.’ Su Bai thought.

“Good.” Su Bai nodded. He added, “How many larvae could you produce in half a year?”

The Dawn Queen was stunned when Su Bai asked her that.

After all, no one had ever asked the Dawn Queen that question before, and she had never thought about it.

“As long as there is enough nutrition, the eggs will hatch about every seven days. There will be between five to twenty larvae per egg.”

“That slow?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He was obviously not satisfied, but he said, “Then I’ll leave it to you. Make more during this period. Don’t worry about nutrition. I’ll naturally help you solve it.

“Don’t worry, stay in the Spiral Realm and lay more eggs for me. I won’t let you suffer.”

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