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Chapter 188: 188 The Unnoticeable Cloudflies

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188 The Unnoticeable Cloudflies

The storm had calmed down temporarily. At the same time, Bing Qingqing was more and more curious about Su Bai’s strengths.

‘Su Bai was actually able to appear relaxed and carefree in front of six mercenaries. His ruthless decisiveness made him look more like a Beastmaster who had served in the army for more than ten years.

‘Besides, how did Su Bai train the Four-eared Glazecat?’ Bing Qingqing pondered.

Ever since it was taken away yesterday, the Four-eared Glazecat was now obedient and cute. Although it was still a little rebellious, it behaved much better towards Bing Qingqing.

Bing Qingqing couldn’t help but doubt herself.

Then, Su Bai took Bing Qingqing back to the Mission Center and transferred the points from Ancient Gale and Homecoming Heroes to his account.

In an instant, Su Bai’s team leveled up from C-level to B-level!

“Respected Beastmaster, these are the missions that you can accept. Please take a look.”

Under the guidance of the staff, hundreds of missions appeared on the screen in front of Su Bai. There were all kinds of missions ranging from B-class to D-class.

As Su Bai expected, it was the off-season recently. A few hundred missions for Great Wilderness City, which had more than a hundred thousand Beastmasters, was indeed a tight squeeze.

Missions were being accepted every second, so the mission interface refreshed very quickly.

“I’ll take that mission!” said Su Bai. He saw a B-class mission and immediately accepted it!

“The mission has been accepted. The time limit is 72 hours. Please complete it as soon as possible.” said the administrator. He transferred the authorization and assigned the task to Su Bai’s team.

The preparations made earlier were already in place, and it just so happened that the Beasts that the mission required to hunt often appeared at night. So Su Bai drove out of Great Wilderness City with Bing Qingqing.

The border of the Great Wilderness at night was not peaceful at all.

As Su Bai and Bing Qingqing drove on uneven land, Beasts would often be attracted to them.

Su Bai was playing a tune, looking at the map on the navigation system, and approaching the destination.

Bing Qingqing, who was standing beside Su Bai, looked nervous and alert.

A mission at night was not uncommon in the military, but it was different this time.

The number of Beasts that roamed the border of the Great Wilderness at night was several times more than during the day. It was a little more dangerous during the night.

Su Bai’s spiritual power was very strong, and he could clearly sense the presence of a large number of Beasts around him.

These Beasts were hungry predators at night. Once they identified their target as prey, they would pounce on it without hesitation.

“There are quite a few little cuties at night. Too bad, I don’t want to stay up late.” Su Bai joked.

“This is a B-class mission. We’re lucky if we can finish it before dawn,” Bing Qingqing smiled bitterly.

A 72-hour mission that could be completed in 10 hours was already considered extremely efficient.

Under the dim sky, a patch of reeds fluttered in the breeze.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing got out of the car and looked around, looking for the Beast, Cloudfly that they needed to kill a total of 100 of them.

Bing Qingqing looked around and asked, “The reeds are filled with rats, snakes, and the like. I didn’t find any Cloudflies.”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows, looked up at the sky, and said softly, “Shh…Look at the sky.”

Hearing that, Bing Qingqing slowly looked up.

Under the sparkling starry sky, specks of light floated in the air like fireflies.

The reeds were filled with its figure. However, if one didn’t notice it intentionally, one wouldn’t be able to notice this scene at all.

Su Bai found the Cloudflies with the help of his spiritual power.

“Those are the Cloudflies?! ” Bing Qingqing was surprised. She had good observation skills, but she didn’t expect the energy of the Cloudflies to be so weak.

Compared to the other Beasts, the Cloudflies were nothing. They were even inferior in the presence of an Iron-level Beast.

Name: Cloudfly

Level: Upper-7 Silver

Potential: Mid-6 Platinum

Talent: Shadow of Silence (Outstanding)

Element: None

Nature: Gentle

Skills: Float (C-Level), Lock Skill (A-Level), Corrosion (B-Level)

After reading through the information, Su Bai and Bai Qingqing finally understood the reason for all this.

An outstanding talent that could actively weaken the presence of the Cloudflies.

The Cloudflies were aggressive. They moved in groups and unknowingly surrounded their prey. Then, they corroded their energy like boiling frogs in warm water.

When the prey reacted, it would be powerless to struggle and would become their meal.

“Luckily, we found it in time. The Cloudflies are approaching us,” Bing Qingqing said.

Su Bai nodded. Apparently, the Cloudflies had already taken Su Bai and Bai Qingqing as prey.

However, it was too early to say who was the prey. Only after a display of power could determine that.

The Cloudflies were extremely small, only one-third the size of a grain of rice.

If Su Bai sent Bearen to fight, it would be like punching cotton, a waste of energy.

Bing Qingqing thought for a while and said, “There are too many reeds here. If the Firebird attacks, it might cause a fire. As for the Four-eared Glazecat, there’s no way it could attack the Cloudflies in the air…”

“Indeed. That’s why we need a Beast that can kill one by one accurately.”

Su Bai took out Crackantula from his pocket. This was a battle between small-sized Beasts and it will have a better advantage.

“Delicious!” Whitey said telepathically. It could not wait to give it a try when it saw the Cloudflies flying in the sky.


In an instant, Whitey leaped up more than ten meters and transformed into a terrifying predator. It attacked accurately with its sharp feet, piercing through a floating Cloudfly.

The Cloudflies did not have any attack skills, let alone defense.


Whitey continued to attack, leaping high into the air.

However, at the same time, all the Cloudflies sensed the threat and began to deviate from the sky.

No matter how strong Whitey’s jumping was, its limit was only about 20 meters. It could no longer be able to reach the Cloudflies.

“They’re trying to escape? What a bunch of cowards. No wonder their talents and skills are pathetic.” Bing Qingqing said.

They were only one percent away from fulfilling the number required for the mission.

“Let the Firebird carry Whitey to hunt,” Su Bai said immediately.

“Okay!” Bing Qingqing was so surprised that she almost forgot that she had a flying-type Beast.

Immediately, a bright red light appeared in the dark night. The Firebird carried Whitey and soared into the sky aggressively. Whitey was preparing to attack again.

“Yummy food, don’t run!” said Whitey. It had already treated the Cloudflies as snacks that could run.

“Something was wrong with the Cloudflies,” said Su Bai as he found something unusual on the ground through his spiritual energy.

Facing the approaching Firebird and Whitey, the Cloudflies didn’t flee. Instead, they gathered together.

At the same time, Bing Qingqing also sensed the abnormality of the Firebird.

“That is an A-Level skill, Lock Skill!” The two of them instantly made a judgment.

The reason why the Cloudflies were able to live in the cruel border of the Great Wilderness was not only because they desperately weakened their presence, but also because they relied on the A-Level skill, Lock Skill!

The Cloudflies were able to seal the target’s energy and prevent them from using their own skills. It was equivalent to turning the opponent into a blank slate.

Furthermore, the Cloudflies weren’t fighting alone. Instead, they gathered the power of hundreds of them and surrounded Firebird and Whitey to cast Lock Skill!

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