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Chapter 19

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The First Wilderness Training

“You’ve broken through to Mid-5 Iron?!” Su Bai exclaimed.

Su Bai was woken up by the alarm clock in the morning and saw that Bearen had grown bigger than last night.

Its current state was Mid-5 Iron level, and its strength was one step higher.

“Well done.” Su Bai praised Bearen and touched its furry head in surprise.

It was naturally good news to have a breakthrough on the eve of the training.

After washing up, Su Bai kept Bearen in his Sigil and rushed to the academy’s gate.

This year’s sophomores were ready to go to the Wilderness for training.

After Su Bai arrived, he couldn’t find the teacher in charge. So he asked the sophomores around him.

“Hi, may I ask where the teacher in charge of this training is?” Su Bai asked.

One of the sophomores was stunned for a moment. He pointed to the bus in the distance and said, “The teacher in charge is tabulating the data over there.”

“Many thanks,” said Su Bai. He immediately got on the bus.

The surrounding sophomores were full of question marks.

“Who’s that guy? He looks like a freshman from this year’s batch.”

“He is indeed from the latest batch of freshmen.”

“What is a freshman doing here?”

“Beats me? Maybe he’s just here to watch the fun.”

“You guys, quickly look!”

Suddenly, a student pointed at Su Bai on the bus and shouted in surprise, “Don’t tell me that freshman is going to train with us!?”

Through the bus’s windshield, they could clearly see that Su Bai was already sitting beside the teacher in charge.

Su Bai even took out a piece of bread and began to eat his breakfast.

It was obvious that Su Bai would be traveling together.

The teacher in charge of the training had a worried look.

He didn’t expect the principal to suddenly allow a freshman to go to the Wilderness for training.

“Su Bai, do you know about the Scarlet Mist?” the teacher in charge asked.

“I know,” said Su Bai. He took a bite of his bread and continued, “When you encounter the Scarlet Mist, lie down and cover your mouth and nose if you can’t run away. You must also keep your Beasts in your Sigil or Beast Space as soon as possible.”

Lu Xiaolin had repeatedly reminded Su Bai of these safety precautions more than ten times last night.

Su Bai could still remember all of it clearly.

“Hmm, looks like you have done your homework.” the teacher in charge nodded.

Without any problems, they began to prepare to set off.

The sophomores on the same bus noticed Su Bai and started a discussion.

“A freshman dares to go to the Wilderness? He must be crazy!”

“Who knows? Maybe he’s tired of living.”

“Hahaha, I hope that freshman doesn’t cry when the time comes.”

“Sigh, thinking back to the first time I went there. I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep for two days.”

The sophomores present had already experienced the cruelty of the Wilderness once.

Some of them had scars on their bodies from that experience.

Su Bai didn’t stay idle; he continued to catch up on sleep on the bus.

When Su Bai woke up, the bus had already left Los Monstaria and arrived at a Wilderness outside the city.

From time to time, they could also see fierce Beasts wandering by the roadside.

After the bus stopped, the students alighted in an orderly manner and came to a camp of wooden buildings.

This was a place specially prepared for students to gain experience.

More than a dozen official Bronze level Beastmasters guarding the students during their training, and a Silver level Beastmaster was keeping watch.

“Let’s guess if that freshman will wet his pants.”

The sophomores were quite interested in Su Bai.

Every year, there would be newcomers who came to the Wilderness and were scared to the point of peeing their pants, leaving psychological trauma.

This was also one of the joys of the sophomores.

“I bet ten points that he will!”

“Then you and I, he won’t!”

Everyone began to place their bets.

At the same time, Su Bai learned about the use of points from the teacher.

The Beast cores and corpses of Beasts brought back by the students who entered the Wilderness for training could be exchanged for points.

On the other hand, points could be exchanged for daily necessities, Beastmaster equipment, and so on.

One point could be exchanged for a bottle of drink. As for medicine and other living supplies only cost a few dozen points, at most five hundred points.

As for the Beastmaster’s equipment, one should only think about it if they had over a thousand points.

“What’s going on this year?”

Some Beastmasters noticed Su Bai, a freshman, and immediately went to the teacher in charge and asked, “Why did you bring a freshman here this time? What if something happens? We have to follow the rules.”

The teacher in charge who was being questioned was also helpless. He smiled bitterly and said, “I have no choice. This is the principal’s order.”

“The principal’s order?!”

Hearing that, the Beastmaster didn’t say anything else.

After all, the principal naturally had his reasons for making such arrangements. A mere Bronze level Beastmaster like him didn’t have the right to question the principal about following the rules.

After putting down their respective luggage, the sophomores had already begun to form teams.

This training was to let the students form teams and fight as a whole.

That way, they could help each other and minimize the danger.

They would be in trouble with the Beastmasters here if they fought alone.

To the Beastmasters, one shouldn’t joke around with their lives here.

After all, many of them were in their teens and twenties. They were young and hot-blooded teenagers, and it was easy for them to have problems when they were hot-headed.

Therefore, all the teachers paid close attention to Su Bai’s performance.

In the crowd, Su Bai was quietly observing the groups of sophomores.

The lively scene seemed to have nothing to do with him.

That was normal. After all, no one would invite a freshman to join them.

A freshman had no experience, no strength, and no courage. He was simply a burden.

But Su Bai didn’t care. He already had a plan of his own.

At this moment, a sweet-looking female sophomore suddenly approached Su Bai and said with a strange smile, “Hey there, cutie. Are you lost? How about joining our team?”

She was quite pretty, but her tone was as strange as a strange uncle’s.

“No way, Yiyi. Bringing a freshman for training? Wouldn’t he hold us back?”

“We have a bet with the class next door.”

“That’s right!”

“I don’t agree either. Bringing a freshman along will only drag us down.”

The members of the team firmly opposed Su Bai’s joining.

In this regard, Liu Yiyi was disdainful and coldly rebuked, “You really don’t have any foresight. You only know how to make bets every day.

“Have you forgotten how our seniors taught us last year!”

“Just like you. You were a noob back then. You couldn’t even walk when you saw a Beast. Who carried you back? Have you forgotten? ”

“And you, you coward!”

Liu Yiyi brutally scolded everyone, and her team members’ faces turned bitter.

They cried and shouted, trying to stop Liu Yiyi from talking and exposing everyone’s past.

“Thanks for the offer, but I don’t plan to go deep into the Wilderness for the time being,” said Su Bai, and he strode away.

Liu Yiyi and the other team members were left behind.

After leaving the camp, Su Bai immediately summoned Bearen from his Sigil.


Feeling the aura of the ferocious Beasts on this land, Bearen immediately roared toward the sky.

Bearen attracted the attention of the Beastmaster on the outpost tower, and he said, “That Bearen’s strength and courage are impressive.”

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