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Chapter 20

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The First Ruthless Battle in Training

Su Bai left the encampment and came to the Wilderness.

Bearen accompanied Su Bai, and they looked at the Ratasaw scattered around.

Ratasaws’ teeth were extremely sharp, as long as a saw, and could easily cut through hard objects.

The largest one could grow to a meter long and half a meter tall.

Su Bai looked at the Ratasaw nearest to him and opened its information panel.

Name: Ratasaw

Lineage: None

Potential: Mid Iron

Level: Mid-4 Iron

Nature: Dauntless

Attribute: Earth

Talent: None

Skills: Dig (D-level), Saw Stab (E-level)

The Ratasaws were now on high alert due to Bearen’s roar.

With Su Bai’s arrival, they had already noticed his existence.

In the next second, the Ratasaws immediately used their sharp claws to easily dig the ground, burrowed its whole body in, and quickly rushed over.

It was so fast that it was ten meters from Su Bai in the blink of an eye.

“They are walking right into our trap.” Su Bai smiled easily

Su Bai smiled easily.

Immediately, Su Bai waved his hand and had Bearen stand before him.

The Ratasaws leaped out when they got close, stretching out their sharp teeth and attacking Bearen.


Bearen roared, and its thick claws swung at an even faster speed.


The Ratasaws floating in the air were smacked away and fell hard on the ground.

Bearen was no longer the same as before. It was no longer a palm-sized bear.

Bearen was 1.9 meters tall and weighed more than 300 jins. The Ratasaws’ size was too puny to look at.

The Ratasaws fell to the ground and fainted. Before they could wake up, Bearen caught up to them and smashed their heads.

Against the Ratasaws that were only one rank lower, Bearen could be said to have killed it in an instant.

The only problem was that Bearen had smashed the Ratasaws’ head, causing some damage to their Beast core.

“Try not to hit their head next time, Bearen.” Su Bai said with heartache.

The Beast cores were all money.

The smooth dissection and the extraction of the Beast core only had a completion rate of 65%.

It wasn’t that Su Bai didn’t extract the Beast cores properly, but Bearen’s palm was too powerful.

Bearen stood at the side, his face full of grievances, like a child who had done something wrong.

Su Bai stuffed the Ratasaws’ corpse into his Beast Space.

Then, Su Bai immediately set his sights on the Ratasaws around the Wilderness.

Bearen’s great strength and electric power could almost kill a Ratasaw with a single palm.

After three hours, Bearen killed over 40 Ratasaws in the Wilderness.


As another Ratasaw fell, a system notification suddenly sounded.


Bearen has grown into an adult!


Bearen has leveled up to Mid-6 Iron!


Bearen’s skill, Bare Physique, has leveled up to B-level!


As Bearen has grown into an adult, the Simplification’s effect will be changed to absorbing electrical energy to increase experience points!

Su Bai immediately opened Bearen’s information panel.

Name: Bearen

Lineage: Bear

Stage: Adult

Level: Mid-6 Iron (0/300)

Potential: Upper Platinum

Nature: Combative

Talent: Thunderstorm (Outstanding)

Skills: Lightning Strike (B-level), Bare Physique (B-level), Heavy Strike (C-level)

After reaching adulthood, Bearen’s body size increased again.

The oppressive feeling of a Beast was also getting stronger.


Bearen felt the increase in its strength and roared furiously, scaring the surrounding Ratasaws into hiding underground.

This was the pressure of an adult Bearen.

“Bearen, force the Ratasaws out!”

When Su Bai finished his words, Bearen hit the ground with its palm.


The huge force caused the ground to shake a little. The Ratasaws hiding underground were so frightened that they couldn’t breathe and immediately jumped out.

Bearen was waiting for this opportunity and killed all the Ratasaws with a palm strike.


Bearen has killed a Mid Iron level Ratasaw and gained ten experience points!

“That’s many experience points?” Su Bai was shocked.

If killing a Mid Iron level Beast gave ten experience points, then Bearen would only need to kill 30 Beasts of the same rank to reach Upper-7 Iron level.

That leveling speed was simply outrageous.

That was also closely related to Bearen’s potential. The higher its potential, the more experience points it could obtain.

If it was an adult Beast with a potential of Mid Iron level, the experience points it gained would likely be less than half of Bearen’s.

That was the importance of a Beast’s potential.

As the sky turned dark, Su Bai wandered around the Wilderness around the encampment.

He noticed that something was following him.

It was a black snake.

Even though it followed Su Bai, it had no intention of getting closer.

Su Bai guessed it was probably the Beast of the Beastmaster stationed there, monitoring him and preventing him from going deep into the wasteland.

Although Su Bai did not enter the depths of the Wilderness, today’s harvest was quite bountiful.

Su Bai’s 18 square meters of Beast Space was already filled with the corpses and Beast cores of Beasts.

In the encampment, the sophomores had also rushed back.

The first training day was basically to explore and plan the route after, so they would not stay outside for long.

The teacher in charge, Li Heng, counted the number of students and found that Su Bai had yet to return. He immediately asked the other students.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him.”

The students who were asked shook their heads.

“I thought the freshman was not allowed to go too far away from the encampment, and there would be someone in charge of his safety.”

“That’s right, Mr. Li. Don’t worry. He’ll probably be back soon.”

“There are many cases of freshmen dying on their first day.”

“Mr. Li, let’s settle our spoils first. We’re starving.”

After a day of hard work, the students didn’t have the time to care about Su Bai. They only wanted to exchange points quickly and have a good meal.

The encampment didn’t provide food and drink.

Everything had to be exchanged for points with the Beast cores and corpses of the Beasts, and then used the points to exchange for daily necessities.

“Well, alright.”

Mr. Li Heng nodded, but he was still worried, so he told the students to inform him as soon as they saw Su Bai.

In less than ten minutes, a student came and shouted, “Mr. Li, Su Bai is back!”

Li Heng immediately went to the station’s entrance and saw Su Bai standing there perfectly fine.

Mr. Li immediately felt at ease.

“Damn, there’s no witness. How do we know if he peed his pants?”

“There’s no trace of water on his pants. Did he clean it secretly?”

The sophomores around were still thinking about their bet.

Su Bai’s calm expression didn’t look like he had peed his pants.

“Mr. Li, are you the one to calculate the points?” Su Bai walked towards Li Heng and asked.

“Yes, show me the Beast cores and the Beasts’ corpses.” Li Heng nodded, “Don’t be afraid of not having enough points. As a freshman, you’ll have enough points to last for the rest of your days here.

“By the way, remember not to dissect the Beast core when killing the Beasts because you’re not familiar with it yet…”

Before Li Heng could finish his words, Su Bai threw out the hill-like corpses of the Ratasaws from his Beast Space.

There were also over 60 Beast cores that were still in perfect condition.

The surrounding sophomores, who were ready to watch the fun, were so shocked that their jaws dropped subconsciously.

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