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Chapter 201: 201 Simplification! Back Scratching.

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201 Simplification! Back Scratching.

“I just want to talk with it.” Su Bai shrugged. He tried to send his spiritual energy through the light pillar to the Golden Dragon.

The process was extremely difficult because the light pillar was made of spiritual power, and its power was already beyond imagination.

However, Dream Wing’s spiritual energy was strong enough for Su Bai to keep pestering the light pillar.

Half an hour passed and Su Bai’s forehead was full of sweat. Dream Wing was greedily absorbing the energy of the Fourth Heaven.

“Why don’t we forget about it?” Bing Qingqing asked worriedly.

But at that moment, Su Bai’s eyes lit up, ‘I did it!’

All of Su Bai’s spiritual power penetrated the light pillar and entered the Golden Dragon’s consciousness.

“Little guy, wake up.” Su Bai’s words woke up the sleeping Golden Dragon.

The Golden Dragon suddenly looked up. It excited eyes suddenly became a little disappointed. It lowered its head and wilted its body, intending to continue sleeping.

Not only that, but it seemed like the Golden Dragon treated Su Bai as someone else.

After being woken up, the Golden Dragon obviously couldn’t fall asleep either. It simply moved around by itself. Its slender body was weak, and its movements were clumsy.

But Su Bai understood Golden Dragon’s intention, it was actually doing stretching exercises.

Obviously, the Golden Dragon was very clear about its physical condition, but it did not yield to the will of heaven. It was still training its body in the light pillar.

“It’s so cute.” Bing Qingqing covered her mouth and chuckled.

It was unknown if the Golden Dragon sensed it, but it even opened its mouth and roared weakly. As if it was telling Bing Qingqing not to laugh!

After all, the Golden Dragon was of a dragon bloodline. It wouldn’t allow others to look down upon it.

But only Su Bai could understand it.

Su Bai asked, “Little guy, tell me who put you here?”

“Hmph!” the Golden Dragon scoffed. It mercilessly rejected Su Bai’s question.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because he thought the Golden Dragon had quite a temper.

It was impossible for Su Bai not to be tempted by the Golden Dragon, but the current situation was right in front of him. The Golden Dragon would die once it left the light pillar!

Su Bai didn’t want to gamble on the possibility of the Golden Dragon leaving the light pillar and surviving, so he racked his brains to think of a way.

In theory, there was a way to let the naturally weak Beasts survive, and it would be very difficult. Otherwise, that group of Beastmasters wouldn’t have chosen to leave so decisively.

“If only I could let the Golden Dragon absorb energy and use it to refine its body. Too bad…”

“What’s a pity?” Bing Qingqing asked. She was curious about what Su Bai had said.

“It’s a pity that the Golden Dragon is unable to absorb energy on its own. This has almost cut off the possibility of its cultivation and growth. It’s even more impossible for outsiders to interfere.”

“I’ve heard of Beastmasters saving Beasts that were about to die. They gradually recovered their potential under gradual guidance, but that’s a rare case.” Bing Qingqing shook her head.

‘Interesting!’ Su Bai thought. He immediately asked Bing Qingqing about the details of that case.

To put it simply, the Beastmaster didn’t do much. Instead, he was helping the Beasts cultivate on their own.

Perhaps it was due to luck that such a rare event happened.

“Hey System, is there any way to let this Golden Dragon leave the light pillar and survive?” Su Bai asked in his mind.

It had to be said that Su Bai’s system was quite cold. He had asked questions before, but he basically did not get an answer.

“It can be done.” a cold voice sounded after a few seconds of silence.

Su Bai clenched his fists and stared at the Golden Dragon excitedly. It was as if he felt such enthusiasm.

The Golden Dragon shivered in the light beam. It was on guard against Su Bai.

“Little fellow, don’t you want to leave this place?”


The Golden Dragon nodded. Then, as if it had thought of something, it shook its head. It seemed that it was behaving vigilantly.

“That’s a pity. I have a way to let you live and become as powerful as the other dragons. How unfortunate. You won’t get another chance after this.”


However, a hatchling was still a hatchling and did not have much knowledge. After Su Bai said a few words, the Golden Dragon approached him excitedly.

The Golden Dragon really wanted to live. It didn’t know how long it had stayed in the light pillar. It had been persisting in the ridiculous training every day, but the effect was minimal.

“Then tell me who locked you in there.” Su Bai instructed.

The Golden Dragon shook its head. From the moment it gained consciousness, it was already within the light pillar.

There was only one answer to this question, and that was that the Golden Dragon had no idea.

In the long years, Su Bai was the first human the Golden Dragon saw when it opened its eyes, so it was normal for it to be vigilant.

“Then do you want to become stronger? Do you want to live? Do you want to soar in the sky?”

A series of questions made Golden Dragon’s knowledge freeze. It had never seen the vast sky.

However, the yearning in its bloodline drove it to nod its head at that moment.

“It’s settled then!” Su Bai’s flattery attack was extremely effective!

Dream Wing at the Fourth Heaven witnessed the entire scene and was now filled with disdain for the Golden Dragon.

Dream Wing had forgotten that it had only made the pact because it was half-cheated by Su Bai.

“What are you guys communicating about?” Bing Qingqing asked curiously after seeing the Golden Dragon’s reaction.

But before Su Bai could say anything, the light beam suddenly disappeared!

It shocked Bing Qingqing.


Cough… cough… cough

A deep dragon cry sounded. The Golden Dragon approached Su Bai on its own accord. At the same time, it felt the cold air outside for the first time, causing it to cough.

Su Bai grabbed the Golden Dragon with one hand and made the pact with it.

In the face of a fate that could kill it at any time, the Golden Dragon accepted it without hesitation.

The pact was made so quickly that Bing Qingqing was dumbfounded. She opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

Su Bai felt the pact with the Golden Dragon. He could sense that the Golden Dragon was in a lot of pain.

Su Bai immediately put the Golden Dragon into the Spiral Realm’s Fourth Heaven. Not only did the Golden Dragon not get better, but it was also suffocated by such majestic and pure energy.

“Oh no!” Su Bai frowned. He immediately placed the Golden Dragon in the Second Heaven, where the energy was a little calmer.

As Su Bai guessed, the Golden Dragon’s physique was weak. Although it couldn’t take the energy in the Second Heaven, it felt a little better.

The Golden Dragon forced itself to support its body. The first thing it did was to look up at the blue sky and listen to the sounds of other Beasts made. It was a feeling that the Golden Dragon had never experienced before.

‘The sky was very blue. So beautiful! The surroundings were very noisy. It stings my ears!’ The Golden Dragon thought. Su Bai could feel its emotion.


It has been detected that your Beast is extremely weak. You can simplify its Golden Physique and train by just scratching its back!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?

The system’s voice sounded at this moment.

“Simplify it!” Su Bai answered immediately and picked up the Golden Dragon.

Su Bai answered immediately and picked up the Golden Dragon.

Looking at its Beastmaster, the Golden Dragon was grateful. After all, it was Su Bai who showed it the vast world outside.

However, the next action caused it to collapse.

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