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Chapter 202: 202 The Golden Dragon Arose Again

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202 The Golden Dragon Arose Again

Su Bai’s fingers moved around the Golden Dragon’s belly near its elbow, which made it laugh out loud. At the same time, it twisted its body funnily.

When Bearen saw that, its gaze was dull.

The Golden Dragon felt an unprecedented humiliation. This was a provocation to the proud dragons!

However, at the same time, the F-level skill, Golden Physique, gradually improved, which surprised the Golden Dragon.

Su Bai continued to scratch the Golden Dragon’s belly, and it twisted in a half-resisting and half-enjoying manner.


Congratulations, Golden Dragon’s F-level Golden Physique has been upgraded to E-level!

“It worked!” Su Bai smiled the moment the system notification sounded.

The Golden Dragon felt the changes in its body and realized that its physique had strengthened a lot.

It was originally trembling, and just standing had consumed all its strength. Now, it could walk freely without too many obstacles. It was no longer as sickly as before.


The Golden Dragon roared into the sky. Its roar reverberated in the surroundings, causing the weaker Beasts to feel a great threat. All the Beasts began to flee and hide.

That was the bloodline suppression of the proud dragons. However, it was only a little better than before.

The Golden Dragon, which had just improved, was very satisfied with the Beasts fleeing. Then, it could not wait to run to Bearen, which was huge to it, and let out a long cry.


Bearen sat at the side, its face full of doubt.

A Beast with the strength of Lower-1 Iron level, it was no different from an ant in front of Bearen.

A sudden provocation was even more ridiculous.

When a creature was weak to a certain extent, no matter what it did, others would not take it seriously. They might not even know that it was provoking them.

This was probably between the Golden Dragon and Bearen.

“Stop embarrassing yourself.” Su Bai said. He grabbed the Golden Dragon and started scratching its belly again.

The Golden Dragon enjoyed its belly being scratched recently. Although there was still a trace of shame and anger in its heart, as long as it could become stronger, it did not care! It lasted for a few minutes.

In reality, Bing Qingqing was very anxious when she saw Su Bai seemed to be asleep. Therefore, she tried repeatedly to wake Su Bai up.

Su Bai assigned Dream Wing to continue scratching the Golden Dragon’s belly.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” said Dream Wing. It was very curious about the Golden Dragon and immediately agreed.

Then, Dream Wing went down to the Second Heaven and began to scratch the Golden Dragon’s belly.

When Bearen saw that, it could not help but raise its paw to request for the job. But Su Bai immediately rejected it.

With Bearen’s size, it could smash a Golden Dragon into pieces with a single slap. It was simply not qualified for this job.

When Su Bai returned to reality and woke up, Bing Qingqing sighed, “I thought you were sleepwalking!”

“I’m just patrolling my Beast Space,” said Su Bai.

“How big can your Beast Space be? Even a Diamond-level Beastmaster would need only a minute or two to explore the Beast Space, but you’ve been gone for more than ten minutes!” Bing Qingqing said angrily.

“It’s not that big.” Su Bai scratched his head and smiled. He added, “It’s about time. Let’s find the entrance to the second level.”

It had been three hours since the opening of the labyrinth ruins. Su Bai checked on the time and guessed that someone had probably already entered the second level of the labyrinth ruins.

For others, the adventure might have just begun. But for Su Bai, he had gained something unexpected.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing left the secret chamber and returned to the passageway.

After spending some time passing through the long and narrow corridor, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing returned to the first level of the labyrinth.

Compared to before, the Beastmasters circling the area had already decreased significantly.

Just as Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had guessed, many people had probably already found the entrance to the second level.

“How’s the Golden Dragon doing?” Bing Qingqing asked curiously. She found it hard to believe that Su Bai had made a pact with the Golden Dragon.

After all, the Golden Dragon was already in critical condition. It was in an awful state and had no chance of survival.

“It’s doing well.” Su Bai shrugged.

Bing Qingqing was speechless. She thought, ‘How did he train the Golden Dragon in that state?’

A slight gust of wind could blow the Golden Dragon, who was barely able to stand up, or down, making it impossible for it to carry out normal training.

But Su Bai didn’t look like he was fooling Bing Qingqing, which increased her curiosity.

If those Beastmasters knew what Su Bai had done, they would probably fight over him. After all, the dragons were extraordinary existences to any Beastmaster. The desecration was not allowed.

Just then, Su Bai found the correct path!

“Many people have been here before. This should be the place,” Su Bai said.

The two of them followed the fork in the road and kept walking to the left. Soon, they encountered a door made of stone bricks. Nine Beastmasters were waiting nearby.

“Someone finally came!” someone said excitedly as he saw Su Bai and Bing Qingqing. He added, “Oh gosh, they looked really strong!”

“Is this a dead end?” asked Bing Qingqing.

“No, it isn’t.” a young man in sportswear smiled bitterly. He added, “It’s the entrance to the second level, but we’re not strong enough to open the stone door.”

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing sized up the stone door in front of them.

There was a protruding stone slab in the middle of the floor in front of the stone door. The stone slab had suffered a huge impact and there were traces of it.

Su Bai took a look and knew how to open the stone door.

The reason these nine people could not enter was that they did not mobilize any strength-type Beasts. That was why they could only stand in front of the door.

At the same time, it was truly a coincidence for Supporter Beastmasters to gather together.

“Bro, stop dawdling. Summon your Beast and see if you can open the stone slab.”

“Alright,” said Su Bai. He summoned Bearen, and its huge body startled all the Beastmasters around.

Some people slapped their thighs in excitement because they had found a Beastmaster with a strength-type Beast!

“Bearen, smash the stone slabs on the ground.”



Bearen aimed at the stone slab on the ground. Its palm was like a cannonball, and it accurately landed with a loud boom.

The immense pressure caused the stone slab to sink smoothly and the stone door slowly opened.

“Such power was much stronger than before!”

“Bro, you’re really strong!”


“Bro, are you still lacking people? I got separated from my teammates. No team wants me now!”

The stone door opened, but at the same time, it slowly closed. It seemed that every time the door was opened, it would close within 30 seconds.

The group of people immediately passed through the door and came to an upward staircase.

With Su Bai’s Beast’s performance just now, everyone seemed to have found their backbone and recommended themselves.

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