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Chapter 203: 203 A Place Covered With Ice

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203 A Place Covered With Ice

Su Bai wasn’t surprised by the other Beastmasters’ invitation to form a team.

Although Supporter Beastmasters had combat strength, they weren’t strong enough.

It was still unknown what they would face in the second level of the labyrinth ruins. It might be Beasts that were as large as mountains or seas, or they might not need to fight.

Su Bai refused to take up the responsibility while following behind them to the entrance of the second floor.

As the group walked up the last step of the staircase, the first person pushed open the door and instantly felt the cold wind.


In that person’s field of vision, the road ahead was a vast expanse of whiteness.

It was the same structure as the first level, but the difference was that the passageway here was more spacious. It was nearly ten meters high and more than thirty meters wide.

“Such dense ice, how is this possible?!” that person said.

Everyone was extremely shocked by the situation of the second level of the labyrinth ruins.

Su Bai was even more curious. He thought, ‘What kind of existence could build the labyrinth ruins?’

Su Bai had never heard of any human being able to do that.

The ice filled the entire second level of the labyrinth ruins. What was even more shocking was that there were more Beasts here than on the first level.

Just a short distance away from the intersection, there were many Beast corpses on the ground. Clearly, someone had come before them.

However, there were still a lot of Beasts around, and they were already eyeing Su Bai and his group.


A group of Frost Apes took the lead to attack everyone.

Although the surrounding space was spacious, it would be difficult for Su Bai and his group to ignore them and move forward.

“Prepare for battle immediately!” someone shouted loudly and immediately summoned his Beast to fight.

Except for Su Bai and Bing Qingqing, the rest of the group were Supporter Beastmasters.

There were also Beasts that focused on combat. However, in terms of strength, it was not enough.

Su Bai smiled at Bing Qingqing, “You take the lead. This is the perfect time to give you a lesson. You’ll learn faster in actual combat now.”

“Huh?” Bing Qingqing was shocked. She had been a vanguard in the military a few times, but she was always restrained, resulting in repeated setbacks.

Now that Bing Qingqing was going to be the vanguard again, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“I can do it!” said Bing Qingqing. She took a deep breath and stepped forward to summon Four-eared Glazecat and Firebird.

Everyone could feel the heat wave, and their expressions changed when they looked at the Firebird.

“No, the ice here is too dense. You won’t be able to unleash your strength with a fire-type Beast.

“Quickly take it back, lest the Firebird can’t adapt to the environment and suffer internal injuries!”

Under the urging of the crowd, Bing Qingqing hesitated.

Bing Qingqing recognized that environmental factors could influence how well a Beast performed. As a result, she had a premonition that the ice here was dense. However, the effect on Firebird was minimal.

“You have to have your own opinions.” Su Bai immediately said. “As the vanguard, your position is crucial. So you must have your own opinion to lead the team forward.”

“Understood!” Bing Qingqing nodded. She said to the others, “Don’t worry, everyone. Firebird can still hold on for the time being!”

Immediately, Bing Qingqing commanded the Four-eared Glazecat to attack the Frost Apes. The others also rushed over to support her.

Su Bai was standing at the back, not in a hurry to make a move.

The Frost Apes here were all at Lower-Silver level, so they were not too much of a threat.

Bing Qingqing’s performance this time was surprisingly good. She ordered the Four-eared Glazecat to shuttle through the dozen Frost Apes and was able to escape unscathed.

It was the first time Bing Qingqing tried such a risky command.

The risks Bing Qingqing took brought huge rewards. She could not help but feel pleasantly surprised.

“Well done.” Su Bai nodded to himself. He couldn’t find anything to nitpick on.

In comparison of experience, Bing Qingqing had been in the military for at least two years, one and a half years longer than Su Bai. She knew all kinds of things related to Beastmasters and Beasts very well.

Bing Qingqing knew the reason for the Four-eared Glazecat’s rebellion. Therefore, she made a change.

However, the most fatal thing was that the reason Bing Qingqing could command the Four-eared Glazecat without any worries was the sense of security the other nine support Beastmasters gave her!

A normal team would have at most two support positions, one for the vanguard and one for the center back.

Never have there been nine Supporter Beastmasters all watching over one vanguard. It could not simulate the usual battle atmosphere at all.

To help Bing Qingqing solve her current problem, Su Bai immediately called back the five Beastmasters.

“You guys rest for a while and support me later. I don’t know how far we have to go. We have to conserve our strength,” Su Bai said.


The five Beastmasters had no objections.

Bing Qingqing wasn’t tired after losing the support of five Beastmasters.

Soon, a wave of Frost Apes were all killed by Bing Qingqing’s fierce attacks.

“Take these corpses with you.”

“Thank you, Su Bai!”

“These Frost Apes are massive. My Beast Space can’t hold a few of them.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just put it in first.”

Su Bai generously gave the Frost Ape to them, and everyone was grateful for that.

The corpse of a Lower-Silver level Beast was already a regular alchemy material, so it was worth some money. Not to mention, the Beast-cores can be extracted.

Besides, the other Beastmasters in the group couldn’t possibly have a larger Beast Space than Su Bai.

It would be a long journey. After the other Beastmasters were fed, Su Bai could take the rest of them away.

After that, Bing Qingqing continued to fight against groups of Beasts. Her stamina was gradually exhausted.

“It’s our turn. You guys get some rest.”


Su Bai took over the battle and summoned Bearen. Its huge body appeared and faced the Beasts that attacked one after another. It did not waste any time.

There were 40 to 50 Beasts gathered in groups. In just a short while, some died, some fled, and none of them could fight.

The five Beastmasters behind Su Bai were dumbfounded. They looked at the Beasts beside them in a daze, not knowing what to do for a moment.

Naturally, the other Beastmasters had to support the Beasts of the vanguard members in battle.

However, the other Beastmasters had no idea how to support Bearen when it could kill a Beast with a single slap.

Probably the only thing they could do was to collect the corpses of the fallen Beasts. Yet, they couldn’t collect too many of them. Their Beast Space was already filled to the brim.

“Don’t you want it?” Su Bai walked to a pile of dead Beasts and asked.

“No! Su Bai, you’re working harder. We don’t dare to snatch the spoils of war from you.”

“That’s right!”

Su Bai chuckled, “Alright.”

Then, Su Bai threw the corpses of the Beasts that had piled up into a small mountain into the Third Heaven of the Spiral Realm.

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