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Chapter 204: 204 The Golden Dragon Getting Stronger!

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204 The Golden Dragon Getting Stronger!

As the group continued to advance, the intensity of the battle was not low as they faced a group of Beasts blocking their way.

However, Bearen was not afraid of battle.


After a series of battles, numerous Beasts fell at the feet of the Bearen.


Bearen has killed a Lower-Silver level Snowwolf and gained 800 experience points!


Bearen has killed a Lower-Silver level Snowwolf and gained 800 experience points!


Bearen has killed a Lower-Silver level Snowwolf and gained 800 experience points!

Su Bai was very satisfied with the progress of the system notifications.

Half an hour later, the group had already walked for a while.

Bing Qingqing had already digested what she had felt before. She took over the battle and led the four Supporter Beastmasters to stand in front of the team again.

Without a fight, Bearen was like a deflated balloon. It was not content.

The surroundings were harsh. Su Bai found it strange that he didn’t meet any other Beastmasters along the way.

Although the second level of the labyrinth ruins was surprisingly large, it didn’t feel right.

Two hours had quickly passed. Even if Su Bai could survive a high-intensity battle, the others couldn’t.

They could only rest on the spot. Bing Qingqing was working hard, standing guard with the Four-eared Glazecat to guard against the Beasts that could attack at any time.

Su Bai took this opportunity to enter the Second Heaven of the Spiral Realm.

Now, the Golden Dragon had already upgraded its Golden Physique to C-level after being scratched at its belly by Dream Wing!

It didn’t seem like much, but the Golden Dragon was already able to move freely. Its walking speed was not much slower than that of an ordinary Bronze-level Beast.

“As expected of the supreme dragons!” Su Bai sighed.

The Golden Dragon’s current level was still at Lower-1 Iron. It had not grown up yet. Its mobility was already comparable to a bronze-level Beast, which was enough to show how terrifying the dragon bloodline was.


The Golden Dragon dashed over when he saw Su Bai arrive. It appeared to be displaying its valiant posture.

From a distance, the Golden Dragon looked very brave. But up close, it was still a juvenile. It was not as imposing as an adult Green Snake.

But seeing that Golden Dragon was still in high spirits, Su Bai didn’t want to expose it.

“It’s about time for the next step of training.”

After Su Bai finished, the Golden Dragon’s eyes shone with golden light and its face was full of expectation.

In its consciousness, it had completely submitted to Su Bai. After all, that young man could make it survive and become stronger! That was also out of Su Bai’s expectations.

The dragons had always been unruly because of their uniqueness. Even those dragons that had been tamed in history had shocking tempers.

However, the Golden Dragon was very obedient to Su Bai.

Su Bai was worried that he would have to educate Golden Dragon about his loyalty, but now it seemed unnecessary.

Su Bai opened the Golden Dragon’s information panel and selected another skill, Dragon Slither.

It would be considered useless if a dragon couldn’t fly in the sky.


Golden Dragon’s F-level skill, Dragon Slither, is too low. It can be simplified to cultivate by performing breaststroke on land!

Would you like to simplify it?


Su Bai almost couldn’t hold it in when he heard the system’s voice.

‘What did breaststroke on land mean? Hey System, did you not do it on purpose?’ Su Bai thought.

“Ahem.” Su Bai coughed. He said to Golden Dragon after he had prepared his words, “Let’s begin the next training. Lie on the ground.”

The Golden Dragon obediently did as it was told, and its expectant expression did not disperse at all.

“Very good. Now, draw a circle with your front claws, retreat a little, and then climb out. Hmm, good posture!” Su Bai praised.

With Su Bai’s guidance, Golden Dragon easily mastered the breaststroke. However, the way it did it was a little strange.

Although the Golden Dragon was juvenile, it still had the domineering aura of a dragon. Now that it was doing the breaststroke, it looked very funny.

Dream Wing was watching from the side and could not help but laugh uncontrollably.


The Golden Dragon noticed that and was a little confused, but it didn’t think too much about it and continued the training Su Bai arranged for it.

A moment later, the training was effective!


Golden Dragon’s skill, Dragon Slither, has been upgraded to E-level!

“Golden Dragon, try flying!”

The Golden Dragon could not wait to use the skill, Dragon Slither, and its body slowly floated in the air.

However, this was the Golden Dragon’s first attempt. Its posture was even uglier than before as if it was weightless and could not find its balance.


The Golden Dragon, who had struggled to no avail, floated in the air motionless. It turned from a weak dragon on the ground to a dragon in the air. It could restore its reputation.

‘Looks like the training was not enough.’ Su Bai thought.

The Golden Dragon returned to the ground and continued to train by performing breaststroke on land.

At this time, the surrounding curious Beasts dared to come over and watch. When they saw this scene, they immediately held their bellies and laughed.

The Golden Dragon snorted in the face of ridicule. It did not care at all and focused on cultivating its Dragon Slither skill.

Seeing that the Golden Dragon was getting better, Su Bai was relieved to leave it in Dream Wing’s care.

Bearen had to fight with Su Bai on the second level of the labyrinth ruins, so he could not watch over the Golden Dragon.

Although the Second Heaven was very peaceful, there were also many killings.

Bearen could subdue the Beasts here and make them obey it. However, the Golden Dragon could only use its Dragon Aura to hold back the weak Beasts. If the Golden Dragon encountered a slightly stronger Beast, it could only be reduced to food.

The Golden Dragon naturally understood that, so even if it was ridiculed and looked ugly, it still worked hard to train.

Su Bai recovered consciousness and chatted with the others.

The team continued to move forward.

“How big is the second level? We’ve been walking on this path for hours, and we still haven’t reached the end.”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for Su Bai leading us, we wouldn’t even dare to think about it.”

“By the way, don’t you find it strange that you didn’t meet anyone else?”

“The others have already left.”

“That’s right.”

“How big is your Beast Space, Su Bai? It’s already filled with hundreds of Beast corpses, right?!”

With no end in sight, everyone’s morale was somewhat low.

However, an Azure Eagle glided from the sky suddenly. The expression of the Beastmaster who was talking instantly changed drastically.

“Bad news. A Gold-level Beast is blocking the way ahead.”


Everyone could not remain calm when they heard that.

They were all Silver-level Beastmasters, and they weren’t good at combat. They didn’t have the strength to fight back when they encountered Gold-level Beasts.

As for Su Bai, he only maintained the impression that he was slightly stronger than the others of the same level.

It was impossible to compete with a Gold-level Beast.

“Gold-level Beast?” Su Bai was deep in thought.

Wherever they passed, the Beasts they encountered were all at the Lower Silver level. The difficulty suddenly increased in an instant after the appearance of a Gold-level Beast.

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