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Chapter 208: 208 The Thunderstone!

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208 The Thunderstone!

Although Su Bai was here to be a troublemaker, he wasn’t making trouble at all.

Whitey attracted the attention of the Beast, and Bing Qingqing immediately commanded the Four-eared Glazecat to launch a fatal attack and kill the first Mid-Gold level Beast.

Facing three of them, the Four-eared Glazecat could almost deal with them alone. The remaining two were killed one after another!

“We’ve won!” Bing Qingqing was overjoyed and hugged the Four-eared Glazecat in her arms.

Su Bai smiled, “How was it? Do you feel much better now?”

“Yes! I can feel Glacy is excited too. It’s different from before.” Bing Qingqing nodded.

After the battle, Bing Qingqing’s style would change.

At the same time, the voice in Elvish sounded, “Congratulations on completing the training. Distributing reward!”

In the empty room, dense energy descended and bathed Su Bai, Bing Qingqing, and the two Beasts.

It felt like they had just taken a bath in a hot spring. It was a little uncomfortable, but it felt unusually refreshing.

Furthermore, it lasted for about ten seconds and the energy gradually became thinner until it completely disappeared.

“My Beast Space… It’s bigger? What kind of energy is this?” Bing Qingqing was surprised. “Even Glacy has broken through to the next level!”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at Whitey. Although it didn’t level up after absorbing the energy, it still gained a lot of experience points!

As for the changes in the Beast Space, to be honest, it was far inferior to the improvement of running a day by himself for Su Bai.

All in all, the energy was completely different from what they had seen before. It could allow the Beastmaster to absorb it smoothly without any loss or obstruction!

The elves were much more mysterious than Su Bai had imagined. They actually had such an unexpected method.

After the training ended, the hidden door was opened.

“Do you think we can challenge again?” Bing Qingqing looked expectant, staring at the door of the training room.

“You can try.” Su Bai chuckled.

Su Bai and Bing Qingqing did it. The two of them went out of the door and waited for a few seconds before turning back. Unfortunately, there was no reaction at all.

“What a pity. If I can train it repeatedly, I might be able to level up Glacy!” Bing Qingqing said regretfully.

Su Bai smiled.

How could there be such a good thing in the world? The elves had actually mastered extraordinary methods. They must be able to prevent the occurrence of extraordinary situations.

Bing Qingqing’s thoughts had probably been seen through.

After leaving the passageway, the two of them returned the way they came.

Along the way, they met Beastmasters in twos and threes, all of whom maintained their silence and didn’t communicate with each other.

Usually, in the wilderness, everyone might stop and exchange a few words.

Now, everyone was considered a competitor. Naturally, they would not have too many interactions.

All of a sudden, they returned to the tunnel and found a hole in the wall. It turned out that the fork was full of ice.

Moreover, because of the ice energy, the ice on the fork that had been broken would freeze again in less than ten minutes.

Many experienced Beastmasters would notice that.

Su Bai should have noticed it, but he was more concerned about Bing Qingqing, who was the vanguard. He was focused on helping her in time if something went wrong.

“This way,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai soon found a frozen cave. Judging from the thickness and hardness of the ice, it had been frozen for at least an hour.

The other forked paths had been opened at least a dozen times by the Beastmasters who came later. They followed behind Su Bai and had nothing to do.



Su Bai summoned Bearen and smashed the thick ice layer with two palms. Then, he recalled Bearen back into the Second Heaven.

After entering the passage, the energy contained in the surroundings had already changed.

Bing Qingqing said, “This place is full of water… No wonder the cave entrance was frozen.”

Su Bai nodded. The abundant elemental energy on the second floor would indeed change the terrain.

The walls of the passage were covered in water droplets.

“I don’t feel so good…” said Whitey. It hated water the most. Its originally smooth body now felt sticky.

“Do you want to stay in the Sigil?”


“Then bear with it for a while.”

Su Bai smiled helplessly.

Not to mention Whitey, even the Four-eared Glazecat couldn’t stand the environment and hid in Bing Qingqing’s Sigil.

There weren’t many Beasts here, so the two of them pushed forward.

Suddenly, the sound of an intense battle came from the front, accompanied by a dispute.

“How dare you, Heng Ba!”

“Hmph cut the crap and hand over the Thunderstone!”

“Fine. You’ve turned your back on your brothers of decades for a stupid stone. I think you’ve lost your conscience! From now on, we will sever all ties!” Veins popped out on the forehead of a muscular man as he shouted angrily.

The thin man with a mustache laughed loudly.

“You think you’re worthy of calling me brother? Did you just get to know me today?”

“Why you…”

These words angered the muscular man until his face turned red.

However, at his feet, three corpses were still warm. Those were all his fellow Beastmasters.

“Come on, Xiao. Be honest and go on your way. For the sake of the past, I won’t let you suffer too much.”

“Xiao Yan, don’t blame us for being heartless.”

“If you didn’t take the Thunderstone for yourself, it wouldn’t have come to this.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and do it so that others won’t find out.”

The four Beastmasters beside Heng Ba looked at Xiao Yan fiercely.

However, the Sprint Wolf in front of Xiao Yan was protecting him. This was the only reason they were afraid of him.

Once the Sprint Wolf attacked, it could not end instantly.

Then, Xiao Yan, who was fighting back at the brink of death, could have used his last breath to get the Sprint Wolf to kamikaze.


Bing Qingqing, who was hiding not far away, was surprised. She whispered, “The Thunderstone is an alchemy material that is not inferior to the Life Water.”

“What do you mean?” Su Bai asked.

“Don’t you know? Our commander has a Beast, and one of his Beast equipment is an Epic-grade forged from Thunderstones,” Bing Qingqing said in surprise.

Bing Qingqing added, “It’s said that the equipment was a failed product of alchemy.”

“A failed product?” said Su Bai. He was also surprised.

A failed item of Epic grade. If it did not fail, it would have reached a Legendary grade!

“That’s our commander’s trump card. Many people are eyeing it,” said Bing Qingqing.

Su Bai understood Bing Qingqing’s explanation.

Such a top-grade item. It was no wonder that one could make his buddy, who had been friends for decades, fall out with each other, resulting in the current hostility.

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