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Chapter 224: 224 A Virtual Avatar

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224 A Virtual Avatar

Among the elves, Chun could be said to be at the bottom of the pyramid. It wasn’t that her talent wasn’t good. It was because she was too mischievous and playful.

However, Chun’s understanding of the Life Water was still passable. But the problem now was how to escape.

The group headed to the examination venue that Chun had mentioned to investigate.

An Mengyun was extremely excited right now. She kept pestering Su Bai to continue cultivating the Penta-Elements Physique.

On the other hand, Bing Qingqing was behaving herself.

The biggest issue was how to escape from Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s eyes.

Soon, the scouting Beastmaster returned with a solemn expression.

“Anything to report?” Xu Qingshan asked.

“Nothing good. The passageway ahead is narrow,” the investigative Beastmaster said. “There are at least a hundred virtual Beasts, and they’re all at Gold-level.”

The scouting Beastmaster only looked around nearby this time. He had no idea what was there deep in the ruins.

As an experienced team, they usually wouldn’t take any chances in such a situation. The nearby surroundings may be grim, but it did not mean that it would be smooth after breaking through.

“Prepare to depart.”

After a short discussion, Xu Qingshan decided to continue moving forward.

Before stepping into the labyrinth ruins, Xu Qingshan was already prepared to face the difficulties. It was impossible for him to give up just because of this setback.

After a short rest, the team set off again.

Before the operation, Xu Qingshan specifically instructed, “Su Bai, take good care of An Mengyun.”

“Understood!” Su Bai nodded. He turned around and said, “Bing Qingqing, you’re in charge of protecting An Mengyun. I’ll cover the rear.”

Then, Su Bai slowed down and walked to the back of the group.

The whole process was very natural. Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun didn’t notice anything strange.

As the team went deeper and deeper, the fierce battles at the head of the team caused the pace of their advance to be intermittent.

Naturally, a Gold-level virtual Beast was not a match for this team.

However, when the team entered the long and narrow passage, the pressure on the vanguard of the team increased sharply. They could not tolerate any accidents.

“It’s about time.”

Su Bai looked at the fierce battle ahead. After making sure that no one was paying attention to him, he immediately used Dream Wing’s skill to become invisible and disappear without a trace.

No one in the team noticed this. By the time they realized it, Su Bai had already gone.

“Su Bai is not weak. He can take care of himself.”

Xu Qingshan was not too worried about Su Bai’s disappearance. After all, Su Bai’s performance had shocked him a lot.

The third floor was full of Gold-level virtual Beasts, but with Su Bai’s strength, he would not be killed even if he couldn’t defeat them.

After leaving the team, Su Bai kept moving forward according to Chun’s instructions. His journey with a guide was very comfortable.

The virtual Beasts blocking the way couldn’t see Su Bai, who was invisible, so he went on smoothly. Soon, he arrived at the examination venue that Chun had pointed out.

Su Bai stepped through the door and saw the decayed decorations still showed its former extravagance.

“It’s already become like this. How nostalgic.” Chun sat on Su Bai’s shoulder and sighed.

As a long-lived species, the elves could not understand the concept of time from their own bodies, but they could still sense the changes in things.

“This is the place.” Chun pointed at a pagoda-like building.

Su Bai walked straight to the pagoda. Even after such a long time, the energy and precepts contained in the pagoda were still intact.

“There will be additional rewards for the assessment every year. If we are lucky, there should be Life Water as well. If I had worked harder back then, I might have been able to get a drop too.” Chun stretched and said.

“Is the Life Water distributed by drops?” Su Bai asked curiously.

“Of course! That’s a very rare treasure,” Chun said helplessly. “It’s the essence extracted from a special plant. As far as I know, it can only be harvested once every ten years. Each time, there are only nine drops. ”

“A special plant?”

“I’m not too sure about the details. Anyway, every year, I see teachers pulling carts after carts of plants in the direction of the alchemy furnace.”

The value of the water of life was not limited to alchemy. It could even be used to increase the potential of Beasts.

Chun said, “Let’s go in. It looks like the Highcloud Pagoda is well-preserved. It should be able to be activated.”

“Okay.” Su Bai responded.

Su Bai stepped into the pagoda. He couldn’t see his fingers in the dark; the visibility was extremely low.

But as Chun moved, she successfully activated the Highcloud Pagoda. Sparks of fire connected the lines, allowing Su Bai to see the inside of the pagoda clearly.

After so many years had passed, the wooden products inside the pagoda had already deteriorated. Only the stone slab embedded in the floor was lifelike and did not change at all.

“What should I do?” Su Bai asked.

“Since you can read Elvish, then follow the normal process and learn this skill. After that, you will be automatically transported to the second floor, all the way to the fifth floor of the pagoda.” explained Chun.

“How difficult is it?”

“I heard… It’s very difficult.”


“Don’t give me that look. I haven’t even awakened my Beastmaster talent. I’m not qualified to come here for the assessment.”

Chun seemed like she felt ashamed and angered.

The elves of the same age had already awakened their talents long ago and become Beastmasters.

Because Chun was mischievous and ignorant, she was held back for two years, so she was not qualified to take the assessment.

Su Bai walked to the stone slab and carefully studied the Elvish characters on it.

From the first sentence, Su Bai had already roughly understood that this was a skill that could communicate with non-tamed Beasts.

This was also an innate skill that only the elves could master!

The content on the stone slab was basically to guide the elves to release their own instincts.

It was almost impossible for human Beastmasters to learn it.


An elven skill, Whisper, has been detected. It can be simplified into rubbing one’s ears to cultivate!

Would you like to simplify it?


Su Bai smiled.

In front of the system, there was no such thing as impossible.

After Su Bai simplified it, he immediately rubbed his ears, causing Chun to be baffled.

“What are you doing?”

“Warming up.”

Chun was a little speechless. At the same time, she prepared to participate in the assessment.

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes passed. Su Bai could feel the effects of the skill, Whisper. However, he was unsure how to verify it. After all, there were no other Beasts here.

“I can give it a try!” said Su Bai.

At that moment, Chun confidently raised her head and shouted, “Begin the assessment!”

After that, a Bronze-level virtual Beast slowly materialized.

Even though the virtual Beast was weak, it was like the ones with consciousness in the previous trial.

“Answer me, who am I…”

A muffled and hoarse voice rang out in Su Bai’s mind. Those were the words of the virtual Beast.

If it was like before, Su Bai definitely couldn’t understand it; he could only hear the Beast’s confused roars.

Su Bai replied through the skill, Whisper, “You are a virtual avatar that doesn’t exist.”

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