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Chapter 226: 226 Chun Exploiting Others Might

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226 Chun Exploiting Others Might

Su Bai took the box and opened it. There were only two items inside. A small bottle and a round metal object.

After the assessment ended, Chun came out and looked at the two items. She nodded, “This small bottle contains the Life Water. As for the other one… I have no idea.”

“No idea?”

“Uh-huh, I was never interested in alchemy.”

Compared to that, Chun was more shocked that Su Bai had really passed the assessment of the Highcloud Pagoda.

Throughout the years of assessments, those who could complete all the assessments were the best among the elves.

Su Bai didn’t mind that. He opened the bottle cap and immediately felt an unusual energy aura. There was only one drop in the bottle, but the energy contained was even more intense than Bearen’s!

‘As expected of the Life Water.’ Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He smiled, “Pity, there was only a drop.”

“One drop is more than enough!”

“Do you know how this thing is made?”

“I don’t know!”

Chun had a look of disdain on her face.

The Life Water was an extremely rare item among the elves. It required a large amount of manpower and material resources every year to provide it consistently.

As for the production method, it was definitely strictly controlled. An underage elf like Chun was not able to come into contact with it.

Su Bai didn’t stay any longer since he had gotten the item. After leaving the Highcloud Pagoda, he went to find the exact location of Xu Qingshan and the others.

The assessment only took a little over two hours.

There were already quite a number of Beastmasters on the third level of the labyrinth ruins. It wouldn’t be long before the place was packed with people.

Su Bai wasted a lot of time before he could regroup with Xu Qingshan and the others.

As for the reason they were separated, Su Bai could just make up an excuse.

With Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s attitude towards him, they would not pursue the matter too deeply.

“This lousy place. Other than the chamber we entered earlier, there’s nothing valuable. I think this is the end of the labyrinth ruins.” Ma Tianlun sighed.

The others felt the same. Only Su Bai looked indifferent. He had already accomplished his goal of entering the labyrinth ruins, and he had gained a lot this time.

Not only did Su Bai adopt a dragon hatchling, but he also adopted an elf. No one would believe him even if he told them.

The team went around in circles repeatedly for a few hours, and the 24-hour limit had been reached!

Besides the soldiers of Great Wilderness City, tens of thousands of mercenaries and adventurers started to swarm in. They began to rush and pushed their way in.

These mercenaries and adventurers were already a step behind, but now, they were charging into the labyrinth ruins like their lives were hanging in the balance. It was only a matter of time before they reached the third level.

Xu Qingshan, the leader, saw that nothing would happen if they continued like that. They had been on the third level for nearly seven to eight hours and began to consider whether they should retreat.

Although the labyrinth ruins were great, it was up to fate whether one could obtain an opportunity.

“Qingshan, I plan to retreat.” Su Bai suddenly said.

Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were not surprised. The advantage they had obtained earlier had gradually disappeared. Staying on the third level of the labyrinth ruins would be futile.

“Alright then. We’re also preparing to retreat. Let’s go together.” Xu Qingshan nodded.


The team left the third level through the passageway after some effort. When they came to the second floor, Su Bai felt a few eyes staring at him. He turned around and saw a group of mercenaries.

Judging from the symbol on the chest of their clothes, they were from the Charlie Mercenary.

“Those guys are coming after you?” Xu Qingshan, who was at the side, saw this and teased Su Bai. “They’re really difficult to deal with. They’re all like rats. You have to be careful.”


Su Bai had been preparing himself, although the people from Charlie Mercenary hadn’t come to him yet.

However, once they seized the opportunity, the Charlie Mercenary would not hesitate to take revenge.

After leaving the labyrinth ruins, everyone returned to the Great Wilderness City together. At that moment, the city was as deserted as the labyrinth ruins were.

Numerous Beastmasters were currently in the labyrinth ruins. Outside the entrance of the labyrinth ruins, they had already established a sizable camp.

Those Beastmasters specialized in selling all kinds of equipment, food, and resources. Almost all the shops in the Great Wilderness City’s streets were closed, and only a few of them were still open for business.

“Mr. Su!” An Mengyun ran to Su Bai and asked for his number so that they could keep in touch conveniently.

After that, Su Bai said goodbye to Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun, then took Bing Qingqing back to the villa.

After a comfortable bath, Su Bai lay on the bed and immersed his mind into the Spiral Realm. The Second Heaven could be said to be extraordinarily lively now.

Bearen used to enjoy making a fuss in the Second Heaven. Now, it was the one who was the least noisy. It was hugging the Thunderstone and lying somewhere sleeping.

Chun’s trouble making had overtaken Bearen recently. She was curious about the micro world, such as the Second Heaven. Whenever she saw a Beast, she would go up to it and strike up a conversation.

Chun did not have the slightest worry, and she was like a fierce person who had just entered society!

“Little Golden Dragon, stop putting on such an ugly posture. You’re a dragon!”


Chun sat at the side and watched the comical Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon ignored her.

Su Bai went up to check on the Golden Dragon.

After a period of practicing breaststroke on land and the double with the simplified practice of belly scratching, the Golden Dragon’s two skills had been upgraded to B-level!

Because of the change in its physical condition, the Golden Dragon’s talent and potential had also changed.

Name: Golden Dragon

Stage: Juvenile

Level: Lower-3 Iron

Potential: Upper-Silver

Talent: Dragon Aura (Great)

Element: Metal

Nature: Stubborn

Skills: Golden Physique (B-Level), Dragon Slither (B-Level)

In all aspects, Golden Dragon had made great progress.

As a dragon, the potential it possessed was extraordinary, and this was far from the limit.

Su Bai stroked Golden Dragon’s head and smiled, “Keep up the good work.”

As for Chun, her performance was acceptable, even though she was a troublemaker in the Second Heaven. She had guarded the two forbidden areas well.

As long as Chun shouted, no Beasts would dare to approach.

Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Chun’s trick.

After all, Chun was the keeper appointed by Su Bai, so she was just exploiting Bearen’s name to deceive everyone.

In the Second Heaven, Bearen was a tyrant. Now, there was another tyrant, Chun, who managed to tame the Beasts living in the Second Heaven so well that they did not have any temper at all.

Su Bai withdrew his consciousness and started to think about his next plan.

The current situation was very clear. Almost all the Beastmasters in the Great Wilderness City were undergoing vigorous training in the labyrinth ruins.

Accepting the mission at this time was undoubtedly the most important!

Normally, the supply of missions would be limited, but this time was different.

Many high-class missions were piled up in the mission center, and no one took them.

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