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Chapter 228: 228 An Invitation From the Governor of Great Wilderness City

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228 An Invitation From the Governor of Great Wilderness City


Golden Dragon has killed an Upper-Bronze level Bomber Bug and gained 380 experience points!


Golden Dragon has killed a Lower-Silver level Bomber Bug and gained 880 experience points!


Golden Dragon has killed an Upper-Bronze level Bomber Bug and gained 400 experience points!


Golden Dragon has advanced to the High-10 Iron level!

A series of notifications sounded.

The Golden Dragon benefited greatly from the Bomber Bugs’ experience points. In just a moment, its level had advanced to the High-10 Iron level!

As a top-notch species, the difficulty of upgrading a Golden Dragon from Iron-level to Bronze-level was easy as pie.


Golden Dragon has advanced to Lower-1 Bronze level!


Golden Dragon’s potential has advanced to the Upper-Gold level!

“As expected of the dragons.” Su Bai sighed.

The dragons were indeed worthy of their reputation. Even the Bomber Bugs that were two or three levels higher could not leave a scar on the Golden Dragon’s body.

The last mission for the day was completed, but the Golden Dragon was still reluctant to part.

Although the Golden Dragon considered battling with Bomber Bugs to be an insult to its kind, it found it to be quite enjoyable now.

The Bomber Bugs’ Beast-core was only the size of a grain of rice. After it exploded, it scattered everywhere. Su Bai was too lazy to collect them one by one. He led the team back to the Great Wilderness City and submitted the mission.

“Mr. Beastmaster, thank you for your hard work.”

When the staff saw Su Bai, she couldn’t help but smile.

The C-class missions were still piling up like a mountain. But with Su Bai’s enthusiasm these days, at least she had completed her monthly performance for the B-class missions.

After submitting the mission, Su Bai received the mission rewards and returned to the villa.

Su Bai immediately went into the room and started to prepare for Whitey and Bearen’s breakthrough. Before he could do that, there was a knock on the door.

“Su Bai, someone is here to see you.”

Bing Qingqing’s voice sounded from outside the door.

Su Bai frowned.

At this time, it was unlikely that Xu Qingshan or Ma Tianlun would come looking for him. Su Bai knew that he was not the only one who had been rushing to carry out missions recently.

Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were two seasoned Beastmasters and would not let go of this opportunity.

As for who was looking for Su Bai, he would know once he went out to meet him.

Su Bai came out of his room and went to the living room. He saw a well-dressed man sitting on the sofa.

“You must be Su Bai?”

When the man saw Su Bai, he immediately stood up and introduced himself, “Hello, I’m entrusted by the governor of Great Wilderness City to deliver an invitation letter to you.”

“An invitation letter?”

Su Bai took an envelope but didn’t open it.

Ever since Su Bai bid farewell to An Mengyun, they did not meet each other because he was busy with the missions he took. But, they still called each other often.

The content of the invitation letter was naturally about how to cultivate the Penta-Elements Physique.

Su Bai had thought of that before. If An Mengyun was not within two meters from him, she would not be able to cultivate the Penta-Elements Physique.

Therefore, Su Bai planned to find a day to cultivate with her properly. After all, he had managed to get an S-level skill book from her, so it was only right for him to fulfill his promise.

But Su Bai couldn’t figure out the reason the governor of Great Wilderness City suddenly wanted to meet him.

“May I know the main purpose of the invitation?”

Su Bai went straight to the point. The man was caught off guard by Su Bai’s question.

“I’m not sure about the specifics. You can confirm this with the governor personally.”

Su Bai shrugged and thought, ‘It shouldn’t be because I borrowed an S-level skill book and wanted to get it back for his granddaughter, An Mengyun.’

As the governor of a city, he was quite magnanimous. The only possibility was what Xu Qingshan had mentioned before.

Su Bai had healed An Mengyun’s special condition and made her qualified to become a Beastmaster. That made the governor of Great Wilderness City to be overjoyed.

The governor wouldn’t possibly make things difficult for Su Bai just because of an S-level skill book.

“I will have to say no. I have a lot of things to do recently, and I can’t get away from them for the time being. So please send my regards on my behalf.” said Su Bai.

No matter what the governor’s goal was, it was a troublesome matter and Su Bai didn’t want to be involved.

The man had a high level of self-cultivation. He didn’t show any emotions on the surface, but in fact, he was stunned.

In the Great Wilderness City, the governor was the supreme person.

The man was curious why the governor of the Great Wilderness City, a supreme person, would invite an ordinary Beastmaster. Now that the man saw Su Bai, he was even more curious.

“Su Bai…”

The man narrowed his eyes as if he suddenly remembered something.

A few days ago, a young Beastmaster had broken the arena record. In just three days, he had reached the 20th floor! His name was Su Bai!

‘No wonder … He was so arrogant. He even dared to reject the governor’s invitation.’ that man thought.

The man smiled and said, “You should consider it.”

“There’s no need for that now.” Su Bai shook his head.

From the bottom of his heart, Su Bai did not want to be involved with trouble.

As for An Mengyun’s matter, even if the governor didn’t instruct Su Bai, he would do his best to help.

After being decisively rejected, the man left with a depressed expression.

“Why aren’t you going? It’s the governor’s invitation!” Bing Qingqing asked curiously.

“So what?” Su Bai smiled bitterly. “It’s better to avoid trouble. The most important thing is to upgrade our team to A-level in these few days.”

The reward for an A-class mission was at least three times that of a B-class mission.

Nothing was more important than getting Su Bai’s Beasts to become Gold-level Beast as soon as possible.

Su Bai returned to his room and sent his consciousness to the Spiral Realm. Then he brought Bearen and Whitey to the Fourth Heaven.


Bearen looked around curiously and found that it was empty. It immediately lost interest and lay down on its side with the Thunderstone in its arms.

Whitey was also bored and laid on Bearen’s body.

The two Beasts were now the strongest, and they could already feel that they were about to transform.

Ordinary Beastmasters attached great importance to their Beasts stepping into the Gold-level.

During the process, the Beastmasters would deliberately stop their Beasts from fighting and then start to improve their physical strength. Their Beasts would consume the most nutritious food and even feed their Beasts with Beast-cores.

Then, the Beastmaster would wait for a few months, or even half a year, for his Beast to naturally advance to the Gold-level. Of course, that was the safest way.

On the contrary, some radical Beastmasters would let their Beast fight frequently. During the battle, the Beast would gain a flash of inspiration and then advance to the Gold-level!

This method could greatly shorten the progress, but it was also easy for the Beast to suffer setbacks, resulting in the failure of the advancement.

Su Bai was not going to follow those two examples.

“Hey system, don’t be lazy. Get to work!”


Crackantula and Bearen have both reached the High-10 Silver level. Breaking through to the Gold level can be simplified to jumping around!

Would you like to simplify it?


Su Bai answered and immediately put away the Thunderstone in Bearen’s arms.


Bearen felt extremely wronged.

Su Bai shrugged and smiled. “Now jump around. I’ll give it back to you after you break through.”

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