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Chapter 23

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Seize the Moment as a Vanguard

The group continued on their journey. The Beasts they encountered along the way were almost between Mid-4 to Mid-6 Iron level.

They had only gone a little deeper into the Wilderness.

Even though the sophomore was one year older than Su Bai, they were still students.

“Aerohawk, use Wind Blade!”

“This guy still wants to escape? In its dreams!”

The noise of the battle was intermittent, and the whole team had a smooth journey in the Wilderness.

Occasionally, they would encounter students from other teams.

The two groups of people exchanged a few subtle words with each other and exchanged information.

Su Bai’s position in the team as a supporter had now turned into a technician.

He was in charge of extracting Beast cores.

If one had to say who had gained the most from today’s experience, it would definitely be Su Bai.

The 25% processing fee had directly taken away a quarter of the points, and the other members of the team were envious.

“Sigh, I really envy Su Bai.” One of the students looked on helplessly and said, “When I return home, I’m going to hone this skill properly. It’s really profitable!

“Come on, do you have such steady hands?” Another student said helplessly.

Su Bai could easily extract their Beast cores, whether it was the size of a bowl or a Beast the size of a human.

Hearing that, the other team members said sadly, “Yeah, we should just let him work for us.”

The entire team continued to move forward, and Liu Yiyi would change their route if necessary.

This was to prevent them from entering more dangerous areas and falling into danger.

“Captain, there’s an abnormality three hundred meters ahead!”

At this time, the student in charge of scouting the way rushed back and hurriedly said, “I used my talent, Watcher, and saw hundreds of Wilderfangs gathering!”

Wilderfang was one of the most numerous fierce Beasts in the Wilderness.

They appeared in various places.

They were ruthless and bloodthirsty, and at the same time, they had the intelligence to move in groups.

If an ordinary team encountered hundreds of Wilderfangs, they need not think much. Turning around and feeling to save themselves was the right choice.

“Shoot, that’s a mutated Wilderfang!!!” the scouting student suddenly shouted.

In the middle of the pack of wolves, an injured mutated Wilderfang was lying on the ground.

It should be an injury caused by fighting with other Beasts.

Hundreds of Wilderfangs were surrounding it to protect it.

“A mutated Wilderfang, that’s rare.” Liu Yiyi’s emotions were instantly stirred up.

Not only were mutated Beasts able to produce higher grade Beast core, but their corpses were also extremely rare and precious.

It was probably ten to dozens of times more powerful than the same level!

“Yiyi, this is a good opportunity!”

“If we can take down this mutated Wilderfang, our team will definitely be the first place in this training.”

“But there are so many Wilderfangs. Are we able to get close to it?”

“Whether we are doing it or not, just say the word, and we’ll start fighting immediately, Yiyi!”

The members of the team had a disagreement.

After all, it was too dangerous to get close to the mutated Wilderfang, and it was easy to lose one’s life.

As the team leader, Liu Yiyi did not dare to take risks.

Thus, Liu Yiyi let the scout go ahead to gather information before making other plans.

Not long after, the scout returned with good news and bad news.

The good news was that most of the Wilderfangs were Lower-2 to Mid-4 Iron level, and their team was strong enough to handle them.

The bad news was that there were other competitors on the other side.

Judging from the style of their clothes, they were students from Los Monstaria’s Seasky High.

The Wilderness was not the exclusive training ground of any force, so it was normal for students from another academy to appear.

“Judging by their current state, that group of students has already started to make their move.” the scout said.

Opportunities were given to those who were prepared.

Liu Yiyi pondered for a moment and felt that the team was in a good state.

Therefore, Liu Yiyi decided to place her bet!

“Let’s go!”

Immediately, the team got into formation and advanced toward the pack of Wilderfangs.

Although the strength of the Wilderfangs was low on average, their numbers could make up for that flaw.

The vanguard student of the team was under tremendous pressure.

Even with the help of other students, they could only share some of the burdens.


Suddenly, a Wilderfang launched a suicidal attack and bit the thigh of the vanguard student at the front.

There was blood splattered everywhere.

The other students were so frightened that they immediately killed that Wilderfang.

However, it was too late. The vanguard student’s wound was bleeding profusely.

His Beast was also in a tough battle on its own due to the Beastmaster’s unfortunate encounter.

When the vanguard student recalled his Beast, its body was covered in injuries and its condition had significantly dropped.

The vanguard student had been treated briefly. Although his life was not in danger, he could not continue to take on the responsibility as a vanguard.

“What should we do, Yiyi?”

The rest of the team immediately panicked.

A vanguard was absolutely important to the entire team.

As the team leader, Liu Yiyi was more stressed than the others.

Especially now that the team was in a difficult situation.

There were only two paths left for them. One was to retreat immediately, and the other was to force their way forward.

The former was undoubtedly their best choice since they had lost their vanguard.

The latter might cause them to die horribly.

“How about…” Liu Yiyi’s heart had already begun to waver towards the former.

Although Liu Yiyi’s Beast was of a high rank, she could not take on the role of a vanguard.

As the team leader, Liu Yiyi had to prioritize her team members.

For example, right now, the two people who had replaced the vanguard students were still struggling to hold on at the front and could not continue advancing.


At that moment, an angry roar suddenly sounded from Wilderfang’s howl.

Its two-meter-tall body rushed to the front of the team and slapped a Wilderfang more than ten meters away.

“Where did this Bearen come from?!”

Everyone was shocked, and before they could react.

Su Bai, silent for a long time, had quietly taken the vanguard position and shouted, “I’ll be your vanguard!”

Hearing that, the members of the team stared at each other.

“Can Su Bai do it?”

It wasn’t that they were looking down on Su Bai, but the most basic requirement to be a vanguard was having strength.

As long as one had enough strength, that wouldn’t be a problem.

However, the problem was that the vanguard student on the team was injured and could not continue to take on this role.

Anyone would hesitate when a freshman suddenly came to replace the last vanguard.

Su Bai was commanding Bearen to keep smacking away the Wilderfangs approaching.

Seeing the people behind him still hesitating, Su Bai immediately shouted, “Stop wasting time. Didn’t you notice that the number of Wilderfangs in the surrounding area is decreasing? ”

Hearing that, everyone suddenly came to their senses.

The Wilderfangs gathered together to protect the injured mutated Wilderfang.

On the other hand, the team from Seasky High was advancing faster than Liu Yiyi’s team, so the Wilderfangs focused most of their attention on the Seasky High team.

It was a perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of the situation.

At the same time, Su Bai also demonstrated the strength of Bearen. It had no problem resisting the pressure of the Wilderfangs.

Su Bai was fully qualified to be a temporary vanguard.

“Phew…” Liu Yiyi took a deep breath and made her decision. She immediately shouted, “Continue forward!”

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