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Chapter 238: 238 Bing Qingqing's Lucky Day

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238 Bing Qingqing’s Lucky Day

Everyone returned to the appraisal conference’s lounge and was ready for the opening of tonight’s highlight.

But An Qingpu had a lot of things to handle. His phone kept ringing, and the secretary came to discuss matters with him.

An Qingpu had to bid farewell to Su Bai and the others and leave the appraisal conference.

“It seems that being the governor is quite a workaholic. I guess we are lucky that we aren’t that busy.” Ma Tianlun chuckled.

“If you are the governor, the Great Wilderness City will not survive for a few days.” Xu Qingshan joked. Then he turned to Su Bai, “Su Bai, what kind of Beast do you plan to find next?”

“I don’t have anything in mind for the time being,” said Su Bai. He was clear about the principle of quality over quantity.

At present, the Golden Dragon was still growing steadily. So Su Bai had no plans to train new Beasts for the time being.

After some chatting, a man in a grand uniform went on stage.

“Sorry for the long wait, distinguished guests. The selection of this appraisal conference is about to begin!”

After that, the Beastmasters arrived at the entrance of the hall on the third underground floor.

Beyond the door were the Beast eggs provided by the Great Wilderness City this time. The scene was extremely lively.

Many had spent a lot of money or connections to get this opportunity. Naturally, they were prepared to get a top-grade Beast egg.

“I need to mention something about the selection of this appraisal conference. Everyone only needs to take one Beast egg, and the price will be 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores,” the man shouted.

“If you are not satisfied with the selected Beast eggs, the Great Wilderness City will not make any compensation.

“However, please rest assured. There are a total of 1000 appraised Beast eggs this time. There are 100 of them with potential of Platinum-level…”

It was even more ridiculous than Bai Meng’s price. However, the difference was the Beast eggs had already been appraised and a better chance to land on Beast eggs with Platinum-level potential.

In other words, one could get a better grade if he grabbed earlier. That was also the goal of most Beastmasters.

It was a steal to get a Beast egg with Platinum-level potential with 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores!

“You don’t plan to take one more?” Su Bai looked at Bing Qingqing and smiled.

“I don’t have that many monster cores.” Bing Qingqing replied.

“I can lend it to you,” said Su Bai.

“There’s no need for that. I’m already very satisfied with the Golden-eyed Lynx,” Bing Qingqing said proudly.

At that moment, the door opened amidst the commotion. Everyone could not wait to enter.

The numerous Beast eggs were placed on the shelf, covered with a thin layer of energy.

When one looked up, the space on the first underground floor was as vast as two football fields and there were tens of thousands of Beast eggs placed among them! Only one-tenth of the Beast eggs were appraised. This was the foundation of the Great Wilderness City.

Over a hundred Beastmasters had already begun to fight for the Platinum-level potential Beast eggs with great fanfare. In just a short while, they were all sold out.

As for the rest of the people, their attention was on the Beast eggs that were not appraised.

Bai Meng had sold more than a dozen Beast eggs with Diamond-level potential in Great Wilderness City, earning the trust of many Beastmasters.

However, compared to the Great Wilderness City. It was still insignificant.

In the Great Wilderness City’s appraisal conference, on average, there would be a Diamond-level potential Beast egg selected every year.

It could be said that this place was simply a treasure trove of unlimited value!

“I have to go and take a look too.” Xu Qingshan did not come here for fun. He immediately set off to choose the Beast eggs.

Ma Tianlun was the same.

Su Bai wasn’t in a hurry. He slowly checked the information about the Beast egg.

Great Wilderness City was indeed trustworthy. The vast majority of the Beast eggs here had potential at the Silver-level. The average quality was more than far better than those vendors outside.

There were also quite a number of Gold-level potential Beast eggs, about one in five. However, most of them were common Beasts and were not attractive to Su Bai at all.

Su Bai was walking around when he suddenly saw Bing Qingqing not far away.

At that moment, Bing Qingqing was observing the Beast egg that was covered by the energy layer. She had a complicated expression.

“Are you interested in it?”

Su Bai smiled and looked at the information of the Beast egg.

Name: Silver-eyed Lynx

Potential: Lower-Diamond

Talent: Spatial Constancy (Outstanding)

Element: Wind

Nature: Obedient

Su Bai didn’t expect and was surprised that the Beast egg was a variant of the Golden-eyed Lynx.

The Beast variant was a very broad concept. There were still many things that the humans did not understand about it, so it was still a mystery.

No one knew whether the effect on the variant Beasts would be great or small. Some variant Beasts were weaker, some displayed extraordinary strength. Anything was possible!

But Su Bai dared to say that this Silver-eyed Lynx belonged to the latter! The Outstanding talent, Spatial Constancy, could greatly improve spatial-related skills. It was a great buff.

The only problem was that the Silver-eyed Lynx didn’t have the Space element.

Therefore, in Su Bai’s eyes. It was an existence that was unable to live to its full potential. However, it was very suitable for Bing Qingqing because her Golden-eyed Lynx was a spatial-type Beast.

One can act as the assistant, while the other was the main attacker. It was simply an excellent combination!

“I keep feeling a little … How should I put it? Yes, it is pleasing to the eye!” Bing Qingqing said.

It was the same excuse as Su Bai’s. However, Bing Qingqing really had this intuition that the Beast egg wasn’t simple.

“Then let’s buy it. The Beast-core will be deducted from your salary.”


Bing Qingqing was a little hesitant. After all, it was a big taboo to be too greedy when it came to the number of Beasts.

“Of course, I also find it pleasing to the eye.”

“Alright then!”

With Su Bai’s guarantee, Bing Qingqing had the courage to go to the staff and buy this Beast egg.

Bing Qingqing couldn’t help but sigh that today was her lucky day. She was able to choose such a perfect Beast combination.

After paying the 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores, Bing Qingqing couldn’t wait to make the pact with the Beast egg, and the entire process was very smooth.

Shortly, the staff members at the scene were shocked.

“A variant Beast with Diamond-level potential?!”

“Wow… And it’s a Wind element Silver-eyed Lynx!”

This scene attracted the attention of all the Beastmasters, and they all rushed over to watch.

Su Bai was standing outside. He found it interesting to see Bing Qingqing at a loss.

But behind him. A young girl in a green lotus dress arrived late. She rushed up to Su Bai as soon as she saw him.

“Mr. Su!”

“You’re here too?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at the budding An Mengyun.

“Of course. Today is the best chance for me to choose my first Beast!” An Mengyun said excitedly.

After An Mengyun had cultivated the S-level skill, Penta-Elements Physique, she could already feel the energy in her. Naturally, she could also make a pact with the Beast.

Today was the appraisal conference. If An Mengyun didn’t come now, when would she?

However, with An Mengyun’s identity, Su Bai was surprised that An Qingpu didn’t arrange a better and safer choice for her.

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