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Chapter 239: 239 Blue Phoenix

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239 Blue Phoenix

An Mengyun seemed to have seen through that and smiled, “Compared to what grandpa chose, I’d rather choose it myself. After all, it’s my first Beast!”

Normally, the first Beast determined the speed of a Beastmaster’s growth in the initial stage.

It was a little different for Spiritualist Beastmasters. Due to special reasons, they were naturally more sensitive. An Mengyun, who had an S-level talent, was a classic example.

“Mr. Su, come with me!”


The two of them toured through the various types of Beast eggs. An Mengyun had already made plans for the selection of Beast eggs. Even the materials to promote the growth of the Beast were prepared.

“This seems pretty good!”

An Mengyun pointed at a fist-sized, beautiful Beast egg that had specks of starlight on its surface.

A Spiritualist Beastmaster usually trusted his intuition very much.

“It’s just so-so.” Su Bai shook his head and opposed An Mengyun’s choice.

Through the information, Su Bai could see that this was a relatively good Beast species. Unfortunately, its potential was only at Gold-level.

Seeing that Su Bai opposed it, An Mengyun obediently turned her eyes elsewhere.

Not long after, An Mengyun took a fancy to another Beast egg.


“It’s okay. I can take my time!”

An Mengyun was looking around excitedly. During this time, Su Bai was also helping her find some good Beast eggs.

In such a huge space, there could be said to be quite a number of Beast eggs here.

After walking for about ten minutes, they still had not reached the next area.

“Mr. Su, how about this?”

At that moment, An Mengyun came to ask Su Bai excitedly.

When Su Bai checked the Beast egg, he found it was only the size of a quail egg. He was surprised when he checked the information.

Name: Blue Phoenix

Potential: Lower-Diamond

Talent: Exquisite Phoenix (Outstanding)

Element: Spiritual, Fire

Nature: Cautious

“Not bad.” Su Bai chuckled. “This one looks small, but it seems a little unusual.”

A Beast with Diamond-level potential was enough to drive Beastmasters crazy. Moreover, this was a spiritual-type Beast egg. It was quite suitable for An Mengyun.

“Then, I choose you!” An Mengyun happily took the Beast egg. Then, she headed to the place to queue up and make the pact.

During that time, Su Bai went around and found two Beast eggs with Diamond-level potential, but they were not very useful to him.

On the contrary, Whitey, who was in Su Bai’s pocket, was greedy again.

“This one is worth 50 Gold-grade Beast-cores. Don’t even think about squandering.” Su Bai shook his head and smiled.

Whitey had eaten the Beast eggs that Su Bai had obtained in Los Monstaria long ago. Now, it was actually thought about eating the Beast eggs here.

Soon, a burst of exclamations came from the crowd again.

“This is already the second Beast whose potential has reached Diamond-level. What good luck!”

“F*ck, why am I so unlucky to pick a Speedy Rat with Silver-level potential!”

“Hehe, me too. I’ve got a Raging Bull with Silver-level potential.”

“The Blue Phoenix has the bloodline of a phoenix. Although it’s not much, it’s enough!”

“I’m tempted by it. No, I have to find another one!”

“Me too. I don’t believe I’m so unlucky!”

Amidst everyone’s envy, An Mengyun carefully put the Baby Blue Phoenix back into her Sigil.

Then An Mengyun followed Bing Qingqing and the other two to Su Bai, talking and laughing.

Su Bai said, “Is everything settled? We’re ready to go back.”

“Mr. Su, aren’t you going to choose a Beast egg?”

“That’s right!”

“I’ll pass. I don’t need it for now.”

Su Bai had always preferred quality to quantity. Although he didn’t have much pressure on raising Beasts, he still had the Golden Dragon to take care of.

Just as Su Bai was about to leave, Xu Qingshan happened to have chosen a Beast egg and hatched a Blue-eyes White Tiger with Gold-level potential.

As expected of an experienced Beastmaster. Even if he couldn’t confirm the potential of the Beast egg, he could still determine the type of Beast from the details.

The Blue-eyes White Tiger was an extremely powerful existence in battle.

Ma Tianlun was not bad either. He had picked a Gold-level Blood Drake, which was not inferior to the Blue-eyes White Tiger in the slightest.

The only downside was that the Blood Drake was extremely picky about food and needed high-quality fresh blood. It would despise the blood if the freshness exceeded more than ten minutes.

Ma Tianlun was pleasantly surprised and melancholic. He seemed to have chosen a Beast.

After that, Su Bai brought Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun back to the villa. The two girls couldn’t wait to return to their rooms and began to nurture their baby Beasts.

Su Bai returned to his room and entered the Second Heaven. Looking at the Golden Dragon who was still training hard, he could not help but smile.

It was time to test the results of its efforts. Su Bai immediately took a look at the Golden Dragon’s information.

Name: Golden Dragon

Stage: Juvenile

Level: Lower-1 Bronze

Potential: Upper-Gold

Talent: Dragon Aura (Epic)

Element: Gold

Nature: Stubborn

Skills: Golden Physique (S-level), Dragon Slither (S-level)

“Your skill has broken through to S-level?” Su Bai was surprised by Golden Dragon’s improvement.

Not only that, the Golden Dragon’s talent had also reached the Epic level!

Su Bai had to admit that the Golden Dragon thirsted for strength due to its innate weakness.

It was exactly for that reason that the Golden Dragon insisted on following Su Bai’s instructions, doing the high-intensity breaststroke on dry land and having its belly scratched.


The Golden Dragon saw Su Bai and immediately flew up to him. It was extremely fast.

Then, the Golden Dragon flew up into the sky and returned to Su Bai in the blink of an eye after flying for thousands of meters.

With the S-level Golden Physique, the Golden Dragon’s body had become incomparably tyrannical at this moment. It was probably not much weaker than Bearen.

‘This little guy seemed to be showing off its transformation.’ Su Bai thought.

“Not bad, but you still have to work hard.” Su Bai smiled.

The Golden Dragon’s potential was far from that. As long as it continued to train, it would definitely be able to improve.

The Golden Dragon nodded and continued to perform breaststroke on dry land without saying anything.

As for other places, Su Bai found Bearen, and it was lying in the corner of the forest with a Thunderstone in its arms. It was living a comfortable life.

During this period, the amount of experience points gained from absorbing the electricity was also considerable. It faintly showed signs of Bearen advancing to the Lower-2 Gold level.

Su Bai recovered consciousness, took a shower, and started to make plans for tomorrow’s mission.

An Mengyun could forget about joining the team in the short term. After all, she had just obtained her first Beast. She could just stay in the villa and slowly nurture the Blue Phoenix.

Su Bai went to the living room to drink water and heard sounds coming from the other rooms.

Obviously, the two girls were still excited about the new Beast they had obtained. After all, no Beastmaster could resist the temptation of a Diamond-level Beast.

Once the Diamond-level Beasts grew up, they would all become the overlords of a region.

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