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Chapter 253: 253 The Salvation Sect's Mole

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253 The Salvation Sect’s Mole

“Elder, that person suddenly disappeared. Even the scout Beasts couldn’t find him, so we only captured his companions!”

“Fools! How could you lose a person?!” the black-robed man shouted angrily.

“Please punish us!”

“Please punish us!”

The seven Beastmasters knelt down and kowtowed collectively, trembling in fear in the face of the black-robed man’s anger.

The whole process shocked even Su Bai. He didn’t expect it to be another elder of the Salvation Sect.

Back when Su Bai was supporting Howl City, he had met their elder before, and that elder was killed by an expert in the military.

However, things were different now. Su Bai was no longer that small fry.

After stepping into the Gold-level, Su Bai still had the strength to resist a Diamond-level Beastmaster in front of him.

The black-robed elder’s level was at Platinum and his perception was not strong. That was why he did not notice Su Bai in his invisible state.

However, one must not take too much risk. If he was discovered in the enemy’s base, he would have to face hundreds of Beastmasters surrounding him.

Even Su Bai didn’t dare to be so careless. Therefore, he chose to maintain a certain distance from the black-robed elder.

It seemed like the ambush earlier was not a bad thing at all. At least Su Bai had successfully found the Salvation Sect’s stronghold.

Under the order of the black-robed elder, Bing Qingqing was locked up in a prison in the stronghold. Su Bai wanted to find out the exact location of the stronghold during this period.

Once Su Bai couldn’t save Bing Qingqing, he would immediately leave to find reinforcements.

Perhaps Su Bai could even find Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and the others that were missing here.

However, Su Bai soon dismissed the idea. He was hiding in a resting room in the stronghold. Three Beastmasters were complaining inside.

“F*ck, this damn place is really not for humans.”

“That’s right. There are so many good places to go, but they insist on building a stronghold in such a lousy place. What do you think the higher-ups are thinking?”

“Shh! Do you want to die?!”

“What are you afraid of? The elders won’t come back to such a place.”

“If you asked me, the stronghold in Black City is more comfortable. It’s convenient and fun.”

The three of them had obviously just rushed back from outside. Their clothes were still covered in snow and ice.

Su Bai could tell from those three’s conversation that the Salvation Sect had more than one stronghold.

And the location of this stronghold was on a remote, snowy mountain.

There weren’t many places with snowy mountains in the Great Wilderness border. Su Bai soon got the idea. Then, he continued to search around.

It was as if he was exploring a maze, wandering around in various places.

There was a hall dedicated to prayer, and there was also an execution room that was stained with the stench of blood.

Soon, Su Bai came to a hidden door. Before he could get close, he could smell the strong stench of corpses.

Su Bai endured the discomfort and entered the room. He saw a huge pit filled with corpses. There were Beastmasters, civilians, and Beasts inside.

The rotten smell entered his nostrils, making Su Bai nausea and leave in a hurry.

Every year, tens of thousands of people went missing around the border of the Great Wilderness.

Some of them were attacked by Beasts or encountered mercenaries. Some of them were obviously related to the Salvation Sect.

The Salvation Sect’s motive for abducting so many Beastmasters and civilians was very clear. They wanted to carry out all kinds of inhumane and terrifying experiments.

Just like the Salvation Sect’s young master Su Bai had met in Howl City.

It was the existence of the unique talent that they had selected from the countless children they had snatched.

Su Bai continued to run around the stronghold. He could do whatever he wanted with Dream Wing’s S-level skill, Invisibility.

Soon, Su Bai followed a Beastmaster who was pushing a dining cart into a quiet room. The decorations here were obviously much more luxurious.

A muscular man walked over very quickly. The Beastmaster didn’t dare to be negligent, immediately placing exquisite dishes on the table.

“Elder, please enjoy!”

Then, he immediately retreated.

The man was expressionless as he held the spoon and began to eat heartily.

No one could have imagined that such an ordinary-looking person was actually an elder of the Salvation Sect!

However, what surprised Su Bai, even more, was that the elder’s muscular body was extremely deformed.

The veins on the elder’s arms were bulging, but in fact, his arms were not even as thick as a normal person’s.

More importantly, the elder’s right hand was stiff, and he could no longer use the chopsticks flexibly. Therefore, he held the spoon with his backhand like a three-year-old.

Su Bai narrowed his eyes and brainstormed in his mind.

Based on his current situation, if he suddenly attacked, he had a high chance of success. However, the situation was still unclear.

The Salvation Sect’s foundation would not be shaken even if an elder died. Instead, it would alert the enemy, so Su Bai gave up on this idea.

Just when Su Bai was about to leave, a familiar face appeared.

“Hao Wanyang?!” Su Bai was surprised.

“Bo Yang, I heard that we caught one less person. What’s going on?” Hao Wanyang’s face darkened. He asked, “Do you know that once the Great Wilderness City is alarmed, all the efforts of the Salvation Sect over the past ten years will be wasted?”

The man continued to eat his food calmly. After patiently swallowing it, he turned his gaze over.

“I know, but what’s the point?”

“Now, immediately bring some people to kill that scourge, in case anything happens!”

Hao Wanyang’s ferocious face was like a different person from before.

“No need.”

“Are you disobeying orders?!”

“We are both elders. How can I disobey orders?”

Bo Yang’s expression remained calm. He stood up and said, “According to that person’s speed, I’m afraid he has already arrived at Great Wilderness City. It’s useless for you to be anxious.”

“Then tell me, what should we do!”

“We’ll wait for the Master to show mercy.”

As soon as the sect master’s name was mentioned, even the furious Hao Wanyang could only give up and slam the door.

Su Bai, who was watching the show, frowned. As he suspected, the Black City’s involvement was too deep in this mess. No wonder even Xu Qingshan could not grasp it.

Not only were there two elder-level Beastmasters guarding the place but there was even the shadow of the Salvation Sect’s leader.

More importantly, the Black City’s governor was actually an elder of the Salvation Sect. Since a traitor had become the governor, it was no wonder Black City had been suffering all these years.

Su Bai couldn’t find any other clues, so he had no reason to stay.

However, from the corner of his eyes, before he left, he saw Bo Yang taking out a metal finger grip from the drawer after he had finished eating. He was doing strength training.

Su Bai returned to the corridor and looked for the exit.

Suddenly, half a head popped out from a corner. Seeing that no one else was around, it immediately appeared.

That person was Bing Qingqing, who had escaped from prison. She was looking for a way out carefully.

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