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Chapter 256: 256 Simple and Brutal Management

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256 Simple and Brutal Management

Su Bai maintained his smile and provoked Lu Le.

‘I should have been the one apologizing.’ Su Bai thought.

After all, Su Bai had hidden his Gold-level strength. It was somewhat unkind to let the other party lose one information point.

But the situation was critical now, and he didn’t have the time. There was no need to notify the other party.

Bearen’s body was huge, to begin with, but compared to the Demon Black Serpent, it did not seem so outstanding.


However, this only aroused Bearen’s fighting spirit even more.

Soon, the assistant stood in the middle of the referee and announced, “This is just a spar. Both parties should hold back. Begin!”

Just as the assistant announced, Lu Le was already prepared. He had the Demon Black Serpent approach Bearen immediately and use its thick body to tie it down.

“Kid, I’ll have to apologize to you again.” Lu Le smiled proudly. It was extremely mocking.

Thunderous cheers had already sounded outside the arena.

However, Su Bai was still smiling.

On the scene, Bearen was already tightly bound by the Demon Black Serpent and was still shrinking further. If Bearen could not free itself in time, it would definitely be crushed into many pieces!

But soon, Lu Le noticed something strange.

“Strange, how can Bearen’s physique be so strong? Could it be hiding its strength?!”

Lu Le’s eyes flickered. To confirm his guess, he let the Demon Black Serpent fight with Bearen.

Bearen was still waiting patiently for Su Bai’s order.

This process lasted for more than ten seconds, so much so that the cheers outside the arena had already stopped.

They were all Beastmasters. It was clear that the Demon Black Serpent kept shrinking. It clearly wanted to use its strength to end the battle, but it did not seem to have much effect.

Because Bearen was supporting itself with both its palms, it did not seem to be struggling in pain at all.

“Are you provoking me? You haven’t made a move yet. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill your Beast?” Lu Le said coldly. He could not hold it any longer.

However, Su Bai didn’t bother with Lu Le. Instead, he was still observing Bearen.

Although Su Bai didn’t have much experience in commanding a troop, he had seen all kinds of troops.

The most effective method was undoubted to show off. Su Bai wanted to show his power, not just to scare them! He also wanted them to give in!

Lu Le was already a Gold-level Beastmaster at such a young age. Of course, he was most dissatisfied with Su Bai, who was younger and weaker than him.

If Su Bai could make such an unruly Beastmaster yield, then the others wouldn’t have any objections. Of course, as long as Su Bai was willing.

Su Bai could totally use the name of the governor to make these unruly Beastmasters listen obediently. But he didn’t want such a team.

Lu Le’s expression became more and more solemn as time passed. Su Bai felt that it was about time.

“Bearen, don’t show mercy.” Su Bai commanded.


After enduring for a long time, Bearen instantly erupted with powerful energy. Its claws fiercely struck the Demon Black Serpent’s body, almost exhausting it.

But this was just the beginning.

“Demon Black Serpent, use Devour!”

Lu Le did not dare to be careless at this moment. He hurriedly commanded his Beast to use Devour.


The Demon Black Serpent opened its bloody mouth and prepared to swallow Bearen into its stomach.

“Bearen, use Gigamax.”

As Su Bai gave the order, Bearen’s body expanded by five times!

Bearen directly escaped the Demon Black Serpent’s entanglement. At the same time, even that terrifying bloody mouth seemed a little cute in front of Bearen.

One was high up and the other was at the bottom.

Bearen lowered its head and looked at the Demon Black Serpent. Its eyes were filled with disdain and excitement.

As for the Demon Black Serpent, it was filled with fear.

Lu Le’s expression instantly turned ashen when he saw the Beastmaster’s emotions. At that moment, he realized that Su Bai really hid his strength!

With Bearen’s strength, it had already far surpassed ordinary Silver-level Beasts and beyond Lu Le’s understanding.

If this continued, the losing party would undoubtedly be Lu Le.

A young Beastmaster like this appeared.

Lu Le finally understood why Su Bai, a young Beastmaster like that, appeared and was the leader of this operation.

“I surrender!” Lu Le smiled bitterly and said, “I was the one who offended you previously. I hope you can forgive me, Captain!”

“He lost?”

The people outside the arena did not react at all.

They were still immersed in the Gigamaxed Bearen and felt that Su Bai was indeed powerful.

There were only two possibilities for such an outcome, as a Gold-level Beastmaster chose to surrender when facing a Silver-level Beastmaster.

The first was that Lu Le had no intention of fighting, so he wanted to take advantage of the situation to cover up for the other party. However, it contradicted his previous performance.

The second possibility was that Lu Le knew that he would lose, so he left some face for himself.

While everyone was shocked, Lu Le had already walked up to Su Bai.

“Captain, you’ve embarrassed me,” said Lu Le. He did not come here to demand an explanation but to take the lead in making a statement.

Su Bai smiled and said, “Your Beast is not bad.”.

If it was anyone else, Su Bai would have apologized.

But now, Lu Le was Su Bai’s own team member. Naturally, he would leave some face for Lu Le and not kill his Beast.

After dealing with Lu Le, Su Bai glanced at the remaining ten Gold-level Beastmasters.

As Su Bai expected, their view of Su Bai had changed, and they were shocked by Lu Le’s surrender.

To be able to convince the unruly Lu Le to surrender in a head-on battle. Everything was said without words.

The assistant stood at the side and looked at the quiet crowd in surprise. She didn’t expect that Su Bai could really subdue those Beastmasters.

They soon began to make simple arrangements for the team, led by Su Bai.

Eleven Gold-level Beastmasters were the team leaders and those remaining Silver-level Beastmasters were assigned to their teams.

Thus, a powerful legion was officially born.


“Captain Su, what is the mission this time?” Lu Le asked.

They were all summoned in an emergency, so they didn’t have time to know the details. The other team leaders also looked at Su Bai in confusion.

Su Bai nodded. “I’ll explain the details on the way. Let’s go now!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The eleven team leaders did not hesitate and immediately began to move.

At the same time, Bing Qingqing had just rested for a while. When she arrived, she saw the legion of over a hundred people and was dumbfounded.

It was not easy to manage such a scale, and Su Bai’s method was simple and crude.

If managing the legion was difficult, then Su Bai might as well not manage it.

Su Bai handed over a hundred Silver-level Beastmasters to the eleven Gold-level Beastmasters.

After the battle with Lu Le, the eleven Gold-level Beastmasters changed their views on Su Bai and were convinced.

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