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Chapter 26

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The Scarlet Mist’s Attack

The Wilderness was less peaceful than the city at night.

In the pitch-black surroundings of the temporary campsite, there would occasionally be some sparse sounds.

It could be a Beast, or it could be a coincidence.

The students in charge of keeping an eye on their surroundings were often so frightened that they made a fuss.

“F*ck, it’s another Fine-tailed Rat.” The student who had just returned from his scouting grumbled, “Sooner or later, I’m going to destroy their nest!”

The other students could only smile bitterly.

The scout thought that if he persisted for longer, it would be time for the shift change.

Su Bai was sitting in front of the bonfire, but he was not deeply asleep. He was resting with his eyes closed.

One of the rules of being in the Wilderness was to be on guard for any exempted situations.

This team was not considered new to the Wilderness, so they all knew better.

The night was quiet.

From time to time, the howls of the Wilderfangs could be heard in the distance.

Suddenly, Su Bai opened his eyes and noticed something unusual not far away.

The students on guard duty were still drowsy and didn’t notice it.

Su Bai stood up and looked into the darkness.

Not long after.

There was a faint smell of blood.

Su Bai immediately shouted, “Enemy’s attack!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire team was dragged out of a moment of silence. They summoned their Beasts and got ready for battle.

However, when they woke up and looked around, they saw no enemies.

“Where are the enemies?!”

“I didn’t see them, Su Bai.”

“Aerohawk, go scout the path!”

They didn’t notice anything unusual initially, but they didn’t think Su Bai would be bored enough to play a prank.

As such, some students released their Beasts to check on the situation.

The student who released the Aerohawk suddenly turned pale and said to the crowd, “Oh no! We’ve been surrounded by a group of Beasts!


Hearing that, everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

“Keep looking.” Liu Yiyi frowned.

“It’s a Scarlet Mist and probably at Level 1.” the scout reported.

“No wonder…”

The Scarlet Mist was a special phenomenon in the Wilderness.

No one knew how it had appeared.

As long as it appeared, it would infect the Beasts within it, causing their minds to be in chaos and become extremely violent.

The Scarlet Mist was divided into five levels, with Level 1 being the lowest and Level 5 being the highest.

The higher the level, the more extensive the range of the Scarlet Mist.

It was recorded that a Level 5 Scarlet Mist had appeared in the Wilderness once, and countless Beasts had run amuck in the land.

Every academy was so frightened that they immediately withdrew their Beastmasters and students.

It lasted for more than 20 days. In the end, the entire Wilderness was full of death, and the corpses of Beasts were everywhere.

It took ten years for the Wilderness to recover its original vitality.

The Level 1 Scarlet Mist wasn’t that exaggerated. The Scarlet Mist only covered the size of a basketball court.

“Prepare for battle!” Liu Yiyi began to command the team.

They were at the edge of a cliff, and there was a cliff behind them for protection, so they only needed to be wary of the threat ahead.

The Level 1 Scarlet Mist lasted for a very short time.

They didn’t need to break out of the encirclement. They just needed to survive this period.

“Yiyi, here they come!”

The Scarlet Mist gradually spread into the bonfire’s light, and everyone was alerted.

Different from the Wilderfangs they encountered during the day, there were all kinds of Beasts in the Scarlet Mist, and their eyes flashed with a faint red light.

A stiff and dazed expression meant those Beasts had already lost their mind.

“They’re here!”

Su Bai, who was at the front, summoned Bearen and slapped away the Wilderfangs charging at him.

At the same time, a huge Enchantwasp came from the sky.


Liu Yiyi immediately covered for Su Bai without any hesitation.

With Illucub’s hallucinating effect, the Enchantwasps immediately stopped their charge and attacked the air.





In an instant, all kinds of noisy Beasts’ cries sounded in the surroundings.

The entire team began to fight the Beasts in the Scarlet Mist with all their might.

Su Bai was still the vanguard, blocking the team and sharing the tremendous pressure.


Bearen roared in rage, and its Lightning Strike split a Demonape into pieces.

However, there were simply too many Beasts at present.

All of the Beasts had lost their minds and were charging toward Liu Yiyi’s team.

It didn’t take long for the students who were initially cooperating with each other to be too busy with their affairs.

“Hurry up and gather here!” Liu Yiyi was very anxious.

Under such circumstances, if a student were separated by the Beasts, it would be difficult to tell whether they would live or die.

“Yiyi, I’ve arrived!”

“Damn, he finally ran over. I thought he was going to die.”

“How many people haven’t gathered yet?”

“Let me do a headcount … There are two more.”

“Who is it?”

“Su Bai and Lu Chen.”

Liu Yiyi’s face darkened as she saw the situation becoming increasingly chaotic, and she had an uneasy feeling in her heart as she realized two people had yet to return.

Su Bai was fine. Thanks to his strong Beast.

It was not difficult to survive in this group of Beasts.

However, Lu Chen’s Beast was a support type, and its combat power was limited.

Even if the other had the intention to save him, the team was already unable to split themselves up to deal with the surrounding Beasts.

Liu Yiyi could only pray that the two of them were safe.

On the other hand, Su Bai was alone in the tide of Beasts, relying on Bearen’s overbearing electrical power, and was quite relaxed. There was no danger to his life.

“Su Bai!”

Suddenly, Lu Chen came running out of nowhere and panted heavily. “The captain asked me to call you over to gather. Don’t be alone.”

“Quick, go that way, you lead the way!”

Lu Chen pointed to the North, his face full of anxiety.

Su Bai looked in the direction Lu Chen was pointing and frowned. Su Bai said, “I remember that when we were separated, the others were all in the West, right?”

Lu Chen’s face turned ashen when he heard Su Bai said that.

Su Bai was right.

The team led by Liu Yiyi was indeed by the cliff in the West.

The information Lu Chen gave Su Bai was also fake.

After a whole day of interaction with Su Bai, Lu Chen had thought it through. He could not let Su Bai take away his position in the team.

It just so happened that they encountered the Scarlet Mist tonight.

The opportunity to kill someone using the moment was right in front of him. Lu Chen couldn’t bear to miss it.

That was why Lu Chen risked his life and didn’t go to the gathering. Instead, Lu Chen went to Su Bai and pointed him in the wrong direction.

“They changed positions a long time ago. It was the captain’s decision.” Lu Chen pretended to be anxious and urged, “Hurry up, I can’t hold on any longer!”

Su Bai was silent for a moment and then nodded.

As Lu Chen watched Su Bai’s back fade away, Lu Chen had an evil smirk on his face.

“Don’t hate me for this. If you want to blame someone, blame your bad luck!” said Lu Chen.

Lu Chen immediately turned around and ran towards the west side of the cliff with his Beast by his side, protecting him.

However, Lu Chen’s Beast’s combat power was limited, and they could not resist so many Beasts.

He risked his life to return to the team, and blood gushed out from the numerous wounds on his body.

With a sorrowful cry, Lu Chen shouted to the crowd, “Su Bai is dead!”

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