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Chapter 261: 261 Hellfire Calamity

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261 Hellfire Calamity

Hao Wanyang wasn’t stupid. He had made a lot of preparations. Especially when Su Bai went to the Prestige Merchants Association to get some information.

Hao Wanyang had already noticed it and sent people to follow Su Bai. The only fortunate thing was that Hao Wanyang did not have too many spies in Black City.

A guard captain like Xu Sanshu had nothing to do with the Salvation Sect.

Soon, as Su Bai’s spiritual energy continued to seep in, he seemed to be trying to find the truth behind Hao Wanyang’s actions.

“What’s going on?! ”

All of a sudden, Su Bai felt his spiritual energy was pushed away and was ejected out of Hao Wanyang’s consciousness.

When Su Bai opened his eyes, he found that Hao Wanyang had fainted. Hao Wanyang couldn’t possibly resist.

Su Bai frowned. He realized that a Spiritualist Beastmaster might have set up a spiritual shield in Hao Wanyang’s mind. The opponent was much more powerful than Su Bai.

Even Dream Wing could not penetrate such a spiritual shield. The other party must be a Diamond-level powerhouse!

Breaking the shield by force would only kill Hao Wanyang on the spot.

Su Bai continued to search with his spiritual energy on the shallow surface of Hao Wanyang’s mind. Through all the trivial matters, he found out that Hao Wanyang was indeed working hard on the surface.

Hao Wanyang was simply a natural traitor. He was doing his best for the Black City. When there was no mission from the Salvation Sect, he would continue working for Black City.

Su Bai couldn’t help but feel helpless. He thought if only Hao Wanyang was not an elder of the Salvation Sect, Black City’s situation would be much better.

Just then, when Su Bai was about to stop, he suddenly saw an incredible memory.

In a dark room, a messenger from the Salvation Sect rushed over and reported the recent situation to Hao Wanyang.

Amidst the subtle exchange, the two of them set a date.

Su Bai heard all the conversation and was surprised. It was actually the conversation from the morning!

Since Bing Qingqing had escaped from the stronghold, the Salvation Sect couldn’t find her, so they immediately took measures to carry out their plan.

The target of this plan was not Black City, but Black City was the starting point.

Therefore, the Salvation Sectists planned to invade in the second half of the night and completely control Black City.

Su Bai left the prison in a hurry and went back to the governor’s mansion to send someone to keep an eye on the surroundings of the Black City.

At the same time, Su Bai had to pay attention to the situation in the Black City.

With Hao Wanyang as the mole, perhaps the Salvation Sect’s minions had already infiltrated the base.

It was a night destined to be sleepless. Su Bai was lying on the sofa. The Beastmasters came to report their current situation.

Most of the Beastmasters had already put down their work and joined the battle preparation stage.

Based on the information Su Bai obtained from Hao Wanyang’s consciousness, the Salvation Sect placed great importance on attacking Black City.

The crazy purge of the Salvation Sect’s spies that were still lurking in Black City had temporarily come to an end.

No one was not arrested. They were all small fries and could not cause any waves.

At 11 a.m., almost everything was in order. Su Bai closed his eyes and lay on the sofa. His consciousness went to the Second Heaven and felt the long-lost sunlight.

Bearen and its good buddy, the Black Ursus, were still swaggering around, looking relaxed.

Golden Dragon continued to work hard, trying to upgrade its skill to SS-level. This process was destined to be slow.

Dream Wing was the freest existence among them. It could freely travel through any of the heavens of the Spiral Realms without encountering any obstruction.

“You do know to come back.”

A crisp sound like the sound of a bell rang out. Chun placed her hands on her hips and said angrily, “I’ve been bored to death recently. Being a keeper is too boring.”

“I think you’re doing quite well.” Su Bai shrugged and chuckled.

The Heroic Incense in the First Heaven and the Cloudflies in the Second Heaven did not have any abnormalities.

However, Su Bai suddenly realized that the so-called keeper was actually more like a security guard.

“I’m so bored!” Chun flapped her wings in front of Su Bai’s chest and complained. “Sigh, I didn’t like to cultivate at first, but I was so bored that I started to revise.”

“Isn’t that just nice?” Su Bai dragged Chun with his hand and came to the Heroic Incense.

Su Bai could feel the enchanting fragrance. It made him feel extremely comfortable at this moment.

The fragrance emitted by the Heroic Incense was not only effective on Beasts but also on humans.

Su Bai was exhausted because he had expended too much spiritual energy on Hao Wanyang. It took him some time to regain his energy.

After chatting with Chun, Su Bai returned to reality. There was already a Beastmaster waiting quietly not far away.

“Captain, all the civilians in the Black City have been taken care of. This is the detailed information.”


Su Bai took the paperwork and checked that Black City had 110,000 civilians, and the rest were mercenaries or adventurers.

As time passed, a great battle was about to begin. No one had any idea what scale of invasion the Salvation Sect would send.

This invasion was personally led by the Salvation Sect’s elder, Bo Yang. Hao Wanyang had only received the news.

So not only Su Bai, but all the Beastmasters were under great pressure. Since there was still some time left, Su Bai went to the Black City governor’s storeroom.

Although there was no dazzling gold, silver, or jewelry here. However, many things made Beastmasters go crazy.

Among them, there were more than 10 A-level skill books, more than 100 B-level skill books, and the remaining 700 skill books!

What really surprised Su Bai was that these skill books involved various fields. It could be said to be quite outstanding.

At that moment, Su Bai saw a piece of silver white bone on the table, carved with unreadable words.

“What is this?”

The Beastmaster at the side immediately replied, “Captain, this seems to be the language of another race, so we don’t know what it is, but it should be related to skills.”


Su Bai looked at the white bones. He couldn’t see anything from the stripes on them.

Perhaps it was because the item was too old and damaged, so there was no way to investigate.

Just when Su Bai was about to put it down, the Golden Dragon in the Second Heaven made a noise. It raised its head and roared.

Chun was at a loss and called for Su Bai.

“Is it because of this thing?”

Su Bai looked at the white bone and found an excuse to send the Beastmaster away. Then, he summoned Golden Dragon.


Golden Dragon stared at the white bones with a sorrowful expression. It was actually the skeleton of a dragon!

While Su Bai was surprised, a notification sounded.


Golden Dragon is currently learning the SS-rank skill Hellfire Calamity. Cultivating the skill can be simplified to spitting saliva!

Would you like to simplify it immediately?

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