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Chapter 262: 262 The Beast Tide Strikes Again

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262 The Beast Tide Strikes Again

“An SS-level skill?”

Su Bai didn’t expect Hao Wanyang to have such a treasure! Probably even Hao Wanyang didn’t expect that.

The white bone that made people confused was actually a treasure of the dragons. It was engraved with the SS-level skill, Hellfire Calamity.

For dragons, it was not strange for them to control the SS-level skills.

In some historical records, the dragons had used powerful skills several times before, and they could easily destroy a human city in an instant.

Su Bai checked the details of the skill.

Hellfire Calamity (SS-level): Endless flames that can destroy everything in the world. Water cannot extinguish the Hellfire Calamity. The victims suffer in pain and their souls are burned to ashes!

As expected of an SS-level skill, it could even burn one’s soul!

After reading the skill introduction, Su Bai took a deep breath. The skill was ridiculously domineering!

A flame that couldn’t be extinguished by water could burn the soul.

With Su Bai’s current knowledge, it was an unknown skill!

However, it was also a little inappropriate to let a dignified dragon-like Golden Dragon spit.


Su Bai didn’t know how to tell Golden Dragon about this.

Golden Dragon raised its head and revealed a puzzled gaze.

Su Bai thought Golden Dragon would be repelled after he explained the situation to it. After all, it was a top-tier Beast.

Unexpectedly, the dragon started to spit without a word. Su Bai quickly sent it into the Second Heaven.



“What is it doing?” Chun narrowed her eyes, her facial features squeezed together. She was extremely confused.

The scene attracted the attention of the surrounding Beasts. After all, the existence of Golden Dragon was an inviolable sacred existence to them.

Golden Dragon did not care about the gazes from all around because it wanted to become stronger!

Under Su Bai’s order, Golden Dragon had already understood its Beastmaster’s ability. That was why it did not hesitate to do it.

Su Bai was gratified to see Golden Dragon working so hard.

After leaving the Second Heaven, Su Bai looked at the time and immediately went to the Black City’s assembly point to patrol.

Along the way, many commoners carried bags of various sizes.

They knew nothing. It was only because of Xu Sanshu and the others that the commoners had followed the Beastmasters to the assembly point.

Therefore, the commoners appeared to be flustered and at a loss.

“Everyone, be careful of your steps. Please enter in an orderly manner!”

A Beastmaster waved the fluorescent lamp in his hand as he led everyone to the assembly point.

The assembly point was a huge bomb shelter.

While Su Bai was patrolling, he happened to meet Xu Sanshu who was busy.

“Captain Su, I won’t ask much. Please accept my bow!”

With a thud, Xu Sanshu knelt on the ground. His action attracted the attention of the people around him.

Su Bai didn’t expect Xu Sanshu to do that. He quickly helped him up.

However, Su Bai did not expect Xu Sanshu to be so stubborn and refused to stand up no matter what.

“If it weren’t for Captain Su, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have realized that I was actually serving a… trash!”

There were too many people here, so Xu Sanshu didn’t mention Hao Wanyang or the Salvation Sect.

Su Bai smiled bitterly and said, “Get up. It’s not good to be seen by so many people.”

However, many civilians around Su Bai knelt down with Xu Sanshu at that moment.

The commoners didn’t understand why Xu Sanshu was kneeling. However, they knew that Xu Sanshu was the captain of the guards who could truly do things himself, protecting the civilians as a Beastmaster!

Su Bai felt helpless when he saw the commotion getting bigger. He lifted Xu Sanshu up like an eagle picking up a chick and said, “Walk with me for a while. I could use a chat.”


Xu Sanshu had no reason to refuse.

Su Bai and Xu Sanshu then arrived at the bomb shelter, which was extremely spacious. Apart from that, five other bomb shelters could accommodate a total of 150,000 people.

Of course, once it was filled with people. Everyone didn’t even have enough space to stretch out their arms.

“We still have to end this quickly.” Su Bai said with a frown.

“That’s right!” Xu Sanshu agreed. “Let the people hide in the bomb shelter. They can only hold on for a while. Once they cause panic, I’m afraid they will lose control.”

With such a large number, the panic of a hundred civilians would spread like a plague, just as Xu Sanshu had predicted.

It would cause thousands of people to be trampled.

“I’ll leave this matter to you for the time being. You have the highest reputation in Black City and are more suitable than anyone else,” Su Bai said.


Xu Sanshu had already regarded Su Bai as his superior.

Su Bai was not used to it, but he didn’t say anything. Just as he was about to leave, two small figures suddenly rushed over.

Xu Sanshu was quick enough to step forward and was about to stop them, but Su Bai went up to them instead.

“Su Bai!”

“Su Bai!”

A pleasant voice rang out. It was the pair of sisters that Su Bai had rescued when he first arrived at the Black City.

Now, the sisters were under the Black City’s care. They seemed to be in a good state of mind. Clearly, Xu Sanshu contributed a lot to that.

“What have you been doing recently?” Su Bai asked with a smile.

Then, Su Bai listened to the sisters telling him about what happened in class in a childish voice. At the same time, she was acting like a spoiled child in Su Bai’s arms.

This made the elder sister at a side feel quite jealous. Amidst the laughter, a woman in a nun uniform appeared.

“This is the teacher of these sisters.”


Su Bai glanced at the nun and suddenly felt homesick.

It had already been half a year since Su Bai arrived at the border of the Great Wilderness.

During this period, Los Monstaria was relatively peaceful. Even if there was a Beast tide, it was quickly resolved by the military.

After a short time together, the two sisters reluctantly said goodbye to Su Bai.

Su Bai had just left the bomb shelter, a Beastmaster immediately rushed over and reported, “Captain, something’s not right. There is already a large group of Beasts approaching outside the city. There are at least… 100,000 of them!”

The number was about the same as the previous Beast tide.

“How is the front line?”

“Vice-captain Bing is already organizing the manpower to prepare to resist the enemy!

“Okay.” Su Bai nodded.

After all, Bing Qingqing had been in the military before, so she had some experience dealing with Beast tides. So Su Bai could worry less and leave it to her.

Most importantly, the question now was when would the Salvation Sect make its move.

The Beast tide wouldn’t choose to ignore the Beastmasters even if they were from the Salvation Sect.

When Black City was surrounded by the Beast tide, the Salvation Sect would definitely attack before or after the Beast tide arrived.

Su Bai immediately rushed back to the governor’s mansion and stayed behind.

While most of the Beastmasters were rushing to the front line, Su Bai called over the daughter of the Prestige Merchants Association, Zhu Hanshuang.

It was going to be a long battle, and logistics would be the most important.

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