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Chapter 265: 265 Attack the Enemy and Destroy the Stronghold!

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265 Attack the Enemy and Destroy the Stronghold!

Su Bai saw many new faces when he returned to the governor’s mansion.

Xu Tian had also been waiting for a long time to welcome Su Bai. Xu Tian immediately greeted, “Thank you for your hard work. I’m the deputy executive officer of Great Wilderness City. I’m fully responsible for all trivial matters. If you need anything, you can ask me.”

“What’s the situation of the Black City’s citizens?”

Xu Tian nodded and replied, “They’re still considered safe. Great Wilderness City sent nearly a thousand Beastmasters this time, most of whom are at Silver-level.”

A total of a thousand Silver-level Beastmasters had come as reinforcements.

It seemed that An Qingpu was also busy with this matter, which was why he had gathered so many people in such a short period.

Many Beastmasters were busy and rushing along the corridor of the governor’s mansion.

This situation was much more obvious than when Su Bai was in charge.

“That’s the style of our executive officer.” Xu Tian saw Su Bai’s confusion and smiled. He added, “I’m afraid this is the most torturous position in Great Wilderness City.”

As for Bing Qingqing, she had been busy for a long time and had returned to the governor’s mansion to rest. Su Bai definitely wouldn’t be able to see her anytime soon.

However, Su Bai was still full of energy and didn’t feel tired at all. If he stayed in the governor’s mansion all the time, he would probably be like Bing Qingqing, so tired that his throat would be hoarse.

Soon, they arrived at the meeting room. Zhu Hanshuang was holding two documents in both hands, and she kept talking, one sentence after another.

The few Beastmasters at the side didn’t dare to be careless. They focused their mind and listened before raising their doubts.

It was extremely efficient. In less than half a minute, Li Wan’er came up with three plans, letting the Beastmaster choose the best one to execute.

The whole process enlightened Su Bai. Many things that he found troublesome were actually very simple. It didn’t require much careful consideration.

After all, Su Bai was inexperienced. Compared to Li Wan’er who had been dealing with complicated problems all year round, he was like a newbie.

“Su Bai, your hard work is appreciated.” Li Wan’er smiled when she saw Su Bai.

Li Wan’er looked at Su Bai’s reaction and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to be able to do this when we just met. It’s already considered amazing. Perhaps we can interact more in the future.”

Su Bai dared not flatter himself. He said, “I’m far inferior to the executive officer in terms of strategy. Forget it.”

Compared to staying in the meeting room and being so busy, Su Bai was more willing to fight on the front line.

Since the Su Bai had no intention, Li Wan’er would not pester him. Then, she began to explain the current situation.

“Black City’s situation is not urgent, the most important thing now is the operation of the Salvation Sect.”

“Yes.” Su Bai nodded. He asked, “I got the information from Hao Wanyang, but we haven’t found anything about the Salvation Sect.”

“It’s normal. These guys like to be sneaky the most. They move in places that they can’t be seen,” Li Wan’er said with a smile.

The Salvation Sect was like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed. After eliminating one group, another group would emerge. When Li Wan’er swore in as the executive officer, she also clashed with the Salvation Sect many times.

“You don’t need to take care of Black City’s matters, just leave it to me,” said Li Wan’er. She took a deep breath and continued, “Right now, our primary target is the stronghold of the Salvation Sect. I’ve received intelligence that we’ve discovered one. ”

“Then my mission is to go straight to the enemy?”

“That’s right, but while you destroy the stronghold, save those imprisoned Beastmasters!”

Li Wan’er spread out the map of the border of the Great Wilderness. Her slender fingertips landed on one spot and said, “The information is not too certain, but at least we can confirm the specific location where Xu Qingshan and the others are imprisoned.”

The three places Li Wan’er pointed at were the strongholds of the Salvation Sect.

According to Li Wan’er’s powerful intelligence network, she found that the location where they suddenly lost contact with Xu Qingshan and the others was near these three strongholds.

If Su Bai could save a group of Gold-level Beastmasters, it would be of great help to Black City’s operation at that time. Therefore, it was the most important mission.

“Su Bai, I’ll leave this task to you and I’ll assign you a team of Gold-level Beastmasters!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Su Bai nodded.

It was basically clear that Li Wan’er’s operation this time was killing two birds with one stone.

While destroying the three strongholds of the Salvation Sect, Su Bai could also search for the missing teams.

Even if Xu Qingshan and the others were not in the three strongholds, it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

Li Wan’er’s plan was brilliant. With the least manpower, it could play the greatest role.

Su Bai immediately went out and found the team that Li Wan’er had assigned to him. It was a team led by Xu Tian and they arrived at the governor’s mansion’s lounge. There were seven Gold-level Beastmasters including Xu Tian!

“Xu Tian, are you coming too?” Su Bai was surprised.

“Not only I’m a deputy executive officer. I’m also a Beastmaster who specializes in combat. We executive officers are not as busy as we are in the Great Wilderness City,” said Xu Tian with a smile.

As expected of the executive officer of the Great Wilderness City.

Su Bai sighed. Li Wan’er’s strength even though she was only a Silver-level Beastmaster. She wasn’t very strong. However, in front of all kinds of governance plans, it made him feel inferior.

“Let’s go!” Xu Tian shouted. The other Beastmasters hurriedly stood up and followed him out of Black City.

When Su Bai and the team were far away from the Beast tide, the surrounding Beasts gradually became lesser.

Everyone quickened their pace.

They headed to the first Salvation Sect stronghold. After waiting for more than half an hour, Xu Tian and the others arrived outside the canyon. He turned around and instructed, “For the next operation, you must remember not to get separated from the team!”

The terrain in the canyon was dangerous because there was a bottomless abyss beside the canyon. The Beasts here were relatively strong.

Occasionally, some Platinum-level Beasts would often appear in the canyon.

The biggest reason why the Salvation Sect’s stronghold was settled here was precisely because the Beastmasters in the surroundings rarely entered the canyon.

There weren’t many Beasts here, and the distance from the city was also quite far.

“Su Bai, you have a spiritual-type Beast, right?”


“Then you will be the vanguard. Pay attention to traps along the way. Don’t let your guard down at every step,” Xu Tian said.



Su Bai walked to the front of the team and started to walk into the canyon. He released his spiritual energy.

Su Bai could clearly sense there were many Beasts around them and they had already sensed their arrival.

However, the Beasts did not rashly attack. They seemed strange, but Su Bai soon found something.

It was not that the Beasts here did not want to attack them, but that they had no way to attack.

The team’s location was surrounded by some plants that the Beasts around feared.

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