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Chapter 267: 267 Dreaming Tapir

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267 Dreaming Tapir

“Feng Jiang, can’t this thing be removed by itself?!” Ma Tianlun asked with a dark face.

“I really can’t.” Feng Jiang laughed bitterly. “I’m not lying to you, Tianlun. This is a life-saving skill. It can’t be opened from the outside or from the inside. It’s a restriction-type skill.”

The energy ball’s defense was shockingly strong. It could even withstand a Platinum-level Beast for a period of time.

The restrictions were also very strange. The user was unable to take the initiative to undo the energy ball. He could only stare at the people outside from inside.

“Forget it. Stop making things difficult for our team,” said Xu Qingshan as he smiled bitterly at the side.

Ma Tianlun also let out a long sigh. They hadn’t eaten or drunk for three days and three nights, although it wasn’t life-threatening for Beastmasters. But they could not exert any strength in their body.

Now, they could only pray that reinforcements would arrive and be able to deal with the Beastmasters from the Salvation Sect.


Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

Outside the arena, Xu Tian was commanding his Beast to attack the Beastmasters from the Salvation Sect.

Since the terrain was wide and there were more enemies, the other team members did not dare to be too bold. They carefully cooperated with each other to deal with the enemies.

As for the Salvation Sect’s envoy, his eyes never left Su Bai.

Since the two were Spiritualist Beastmasters, it was only natural that it would be a fight with spiritual attacks!

However, Su Bai didn’t rely on his spiritual-type Beast to fight all the time. He directly summoned the huge Bearen.


Bearen stared at the Salvation Sect’s envoy as if it was ready to fight.


The Salvation Sect’s envoy snorted coldly and waved his hand to summon five Beasts!

As a Platinum-level Beastmaster, he could not be possibly owned lesser Beasts than others.

Out of the five Beasts, four were at the Gold-level and one was at the Silver-level.

As an envoy, he did not enjoy the same treatment as an elder, so he did not receive as many resources.

The only Platinum-level Beast was the Dreaming Tapir.

But the envoy had already seen through Su Bai’s abilities and knew that Su Bai was only a Gold-level Beastmaster, so he didn’t have to worry anymore.

“Kill him!” the envoy commanded. The five Beasts immediately moved out.

Three of the four Gold-level Beasts went to tangle with Bearen, and two of them went around and pointed their sharp claws at Su Bai!

Su Bai summoned Golden Dragon. However, in the eyes of the Salvation Sect’s envoy, it was just a small Bearen.

Although the envoy was a Platinum-level Spiritualist Beastmaster, he didn’t have the strength to break through Dream Wing’s illusion. He was just curious why Su Bai summoned the baby Bearen.

However, the Salvation Sect’s envoy would not show mercy. A Gold-level Beast and a Silver-level Beast approached Su Bai and Golden Dragon in an instant.

However, what the Salvation Sect’s envoy did not expect was that the three Gold-level Beasts could not even last a moment in front of Bearen before they were all killed! That was just the beginning.

With a roar, Golden Dragon did not hesitate to pierce through the chest of the Gold-level Beast with its claw. At the same time, a strange black flame instantly spat out from its mouth.

The flames engulfed the Gold-level Beast, causing it to struggle in pain.

“It’s Hellfire Calamity!”

The power of the dragons’ top SS-level skill was indeed extraordinary.

The Gold-level Beast only struggled for less than five seconds before it stopped moving and was burned to ashes.

At the same time, Su Bai was too lazy to fight against the Silver-level Beast and let Whitey took care of it in one round!

The first reaction of the Salvation Sect’s envoy was not that he had lost, but that he had been hit by an illusion!

The envoy found it strange that a mere Bearen cub could actually release a strange flame. His three Gold-level Beasts were mercilessly crushed by Bearen in one move. It was as if he had seen a ghost!

“Dreaming Tapir, Break Illusion!”

That was the Dreaming Tapir’s ability to break the illusion.

The Dreaming Tapir shook its head and informed the envoy through its consciousness that he wasn’t under the illusion.

“So it’s real?!”

The Salvation Sect envoy couldn’t believe it, but Su Bai was already approaching. The envoy felt that this was a nightmare. The five Beasts that he had nurtured were all dead, leaving only a Platinum-level Dreaming Tapir.

The Dreaming Tapir did not have direct combat power. It could only rely on the illusions it created to control its opponent’s mind.

From the looks of it, the envoy had no means to kill Su Bai!

However, if the envoy did not resist, he would die! He was aware of that from the first day he joined the Salvation Sect.

“Stop right there! If you dare to take another step closer, I’ll kill your companions!” the Salvation Sect’s envoy shouted and threatened coldly.

It was caused by Xu Qingshan and the others. Therefore, Su Bai did not dare to gamble, or rather he did not dare to gamble now.

Before the envoy got close, Su Bai had already let Whitey sneak into the room behind the envoy.

“Found it! They were trapped in a round ball.” Whitey’s voice sounded in Su Bai’s mind.

“What did they say?”

“Save me!”

“Whitey, attack the energy ball!”

Su Bai had already made the right decision in the short exchange.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Sect’s envoy was already secretly thinking about how to escape.

In the arena, the sounds of battle rang out one after another. The Beastmasters from the Great Wilderness City were not bad, and their foundations were very stable.

This group of Silver-level and Bronze-level Beastmasters was not just a decoration at all!

However, a crisp cracking sound came from behind the Salvation Sect’s envoy at this moment. His face became solemn.

The envoy realized that his only trump card was gone. He could only retreat immediately at this point.

The envoy immediately asked the Dreaming Tapir to release its spiritual attack skill again.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, just as the envoy was about to escape, he and his Beasts were crushed to death by Bearen’s slap.


Su Bai’s face was cold. He didn’t care about the envoy’s death.


Spiritualist Beastmasters like the envoy usually had very weak combat strength. It was just that their spiritual attacks were hard to guard against.

When the envoy encountered Beastmasters of the same type, the advantage of spiritual attacks would disappear.

Therefore, Su Bai did not find it strange.

But in reality, the Salvation Sect’s envoy was filled with grievances! His Dreaming Tapir could devour spiritual energy, but it had no effect on Su Bai!

At that moment, Xu Qingshan and the others who had escaped pushed open the door. They noticed the battle was still going on and immediately went forward to help and summoned their Beast to clear up the remnants of the stronghold.

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