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Chapter 282: 282 The Wasted Beast-core Cannon

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282 The Wasted Beast-core Cannon

Ever since Lu Xingping became the governor of Great Peace City, the people had tolerated his weak personality.

What Su Bai needed to do was to tear this weakness apart.

Not long after, a series of terrified cries came from outside the window.

The Beasts exuded a sense of oppression at close range, which was absolutely unacceptable to civilians.

Soon, the crowd dispersed.

Su Bai could not wait any longer. The matter of the Beast tide was equally important, so he had to take care of both.

Then, Su Bai gave most of the tasks to Bing Qingqing and left Great Peace City alone, heading to a remote place at the border.

There was no trace of any Beasts as far as his eyes could see.

However, when he released his spiritual power, he could sense that the ground was already riddled with holes and densely packed spider-type Beasts were running amok.

If Bearen and Golden Dragon wanted to kill this group of spiders, they would probably have to dig three feet into the ground.

Naturally, Su Bai gave the task to Whitey, “Go as deep as you can. Report immediately if there’s anything.”

“Yes, Master!”

After responding, Whitey immediately dug a hole and instantly killed a spider-type Beast.


Crackantula has killed a Lower-Bronze level Red-bladed Spider and gained 50 experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Lower-Bronze level Red-bladed Spider and gained 50 experience points!

A series of notifications sounded.

Moreover, as Whitey went deeper, the level of the spider-type Beasts gradually increased, jumping from Bronze-level to Silver-level.

In the face of Whitey’s invasion, the Red-bladed Spiders did not pay too much attention to it.

As a large number of casualties occurred, a certain intelligent Red-bladed Spider had begun to counterattack.

Underground, thousands of Red-bladed Spiders surrounded Whitey.

Whitey used its nimble speed to kill a group of Red-bladed Spiders and immediately changed its position. It repeated this process and killed at least 3,000 Red-bladed Spiders in 10 minutes.

Su Bai released his spiritual energy to feel everything. He muttered, “That many?”

This was only a corner of Great Peace’s border, but it already contained more than 100,000 Red-bladed Spiders.

If the Great Peace’s border was completely occupied by the spiders, their numbers could reach more than ten million!

It was no wonder that the Beastmasters of Great Peace City were heavily injured.

Although these Red-bladed Spiders were of low levels, as long as there were enough of them, they could kill an elephant.

Whitey’s appearance had completely angered the Red-bladed Spiders, and they began to send out those at the Gold-level. There were more than 900 of them.

“Whitey, lure them over.”

It just so happened that Su Bai also disliked the slow efficiency. He let Golden Dragon and the Bearen wait at the side.

The moment the white figure suddenly jumped out of the cave, a dense group of Red-bladed Spiders appeared.

It was also at this moment that the Bearen and Golden Dragon could not wait any longer. They started to bombard the ground fiercely.



The noise was so loud that Su Bai had to cover his ears from a hundred meters away.

A moment later, more than half of this group of Gold-level Red-bladed Spiders had already been killed or injured. The rest realized that something was wrong and went back into the ground.

However, Su Bai would not let them go so easily. He asked Whitey to make a move again.

Advance when the enemy retreated. Retreat when the enemy advanced. Such a simple tactic was enough to fool the Red-bladed Spiders. Su Bai did not need to lose his temper at all.

When the sky gradually brightened, the underground nest had already begun to become deserted. There were less than a hundred Red-bladed Spiders active in the shallow layer.

Half an hour later, Whitey had already finished eating and was very satisfied as it came out of the cave.

Although the Red-bladed Spiders’ level was low, there were many of them. Killing all of them allowed Whitey to break through to the Mid-4 Gold level instantly!

However, there was still a gap between Whitey and Bearen. After all, the Thunderstone’s bonus was not low. These days, the Bearen had been holding on to it and had already raised its level to Upper-7 Gold.

Even Su Bai thought that such speed was insane. However, the Thunderstone’s effects decreased as Bearen leveled up.

Just like now, the experience points that Bearen could obtain at one time would take a month to increase its level by one.

“It’s almost done.”

Su Bai stuffed Whitey back into his pocket and prepared to go back.

But suddenly, a chilling gaze flashed. Su Bai turned around and Whitey jumped out in a hurry, ready for battle.

“It got away?”

Looking around at the empty space, Su Bai frowned.

His spiritual power did not capture any existence, but that moment just now was definitely not an illusion!

Su Bai immediately looked around and returned to Great Peace City after finding no useful information.

As soon as he returned, he received a piece of bad news.

After searching the entire city, Su Bai’s team members could not find the rebel leader.

The rebel leader had probably already left the city. This was undoubtedly the worst-case scenario.

“Captain, what should we do next?”

Lu Le felt that the situation was not optimistic.

Their teams could not keep focusing on the rebels, or they would lose a lot for a small gain.

“I’ll think of something. Let the others get some rest,” Su Bai said.

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Le strode out of the meeting room.

Soon, Lu Xingping arrived at the meeting room.

“Captain Su, what’s the matter?”

“Look at this.”

“This is a Beast-core Cannon. If you want to use this thing, I’m afraid you will be disappointed, Captain Su.” Lu Xingping immediately smiled bitterly.

“There’s not enough Beast-cores?”

“No, it’s been out of repair for a long time and completely broken.”

Lu Xingping looked at the blueprint and said, “This design is very exquisite. Almost no one in the entire Great Peace City can understand it. I’ve tried to replicate it, but we can’t replicate certain techniques of the dwarves.”

“So it’s a product of the dwarves.”

Su Bai rubbed his temples. After a long time, what he got was actually a piece of waste paper.

The dwarves were different from humans. Their potential determined that they could not rely on powerful Beasts, so they began to focus their research on machinery.

After a hundred years, a flourishing technology tree had been born.

In the early stages, the dwarves and humans worked closely together, far surpassing the elves of the same period.

However, a huge misunderstanding caused the dwarves to suffer heavy losses in a certain battle. Since then, they began to hate humans.

From then on, there would be no more cooperation and the dwarves would completely cut off their relationship with the humans.

Even though humans could also create precise mechanical creations, they could not replicate them as closely as the dwarves.

The situation in Great Peace City was a little special.

It was the border city that broke off relations with the dwarves at the latest, so it received the most advanced weapons of the dwarves. One of them was the wasted Beast-core Cannon!

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