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Chapter 284: 284 Humanoid Beast-core Cannon

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284 Humanoid Beast-core Cannon

But even so, Su Bai decided to have a try first. He made an excuse to rest and borrowed a single room from the Department of Military Industry.

Currently, there were thousands of Bronze-grade Beast-cores in the Fourth Heaven, but there were not many Iron-grade Beast-cores.

With Su Bai’s current strength, the Iron-grade Beast-cores were like small stones on the side of the road. It had no value.

After spending some effort, he finally found more than twenty Iron-grade Beast-cores.

Su Bai looked at the pitch-black Iron-grade Beast-cores. He gulped and prepared himself before throwing one into his mouth.


The moment his teeth crushed the Iron-grade Beast-core, the biggest feeling he felt was a strong stench. Su Bai almost could not bear it and threw up.

In the end, he forced himself to swallow it down.

“I don’t feel anything.”

Su Bai sensed carefully. He was not disturbed by the energy of the Iron-grade Beast-core. Instead, it was as if he had eaten a hard steamed bun.

This meant that what the system said was basically true. Under the effect of the Penta-Elements Physique, Su Bai’s body could completely withstand the energy of the Beast-core.

Moreover, not only did Su Bai’s body not reject it, but the compatibility was also quite high.

With a crunching sound rang, Su Bai swallowed one Iron-grade Beast-core after another.

Only then did Su Bai’s body gradually feel a warm current that was constantly circulating in his meridians. It was a wonderful feeling.

It was as if there was an endless stream of energy surging into Su Bai, making him feel refreshed.

Even though he had been running around through the night, he was still full of energy.

It seemed that this was the effect of those Beast-cores processed by the Penta-Elements Physique.

There were not many Iron-grade Beast-core, but there were as many Bronze-grade Beast-core as he wanted.

Su Bai took out a hundred Beast-cores and put them on the table.

He first tasted one and said, “The energy is purer than the Iron-grade, and the taste is not as bad.”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

Then, he began to swallow the Bronze-grade Beast-cores as if he was munching on melon seeds.

Others would be very shocked if they saw what Su Bai did.

A man who consumed so many Beast-cores would definitely be shattered by the violent and disorderly energy!

Su Bai became more energetic after eating more than a hundred Beast-cores. It was as if he had taken stimulants.

Su Bai had nowhere to release his strength, so he went to the Second Heaven and found Bearen.


Su Bai punched Bearen after he said that. Bearen raised its palm while facing its master’s attack.


Su Bai’s punch with almost all his strength didn’t cause much damage to Bearen. However, the impact that Bearen felt actually forced it back half a step!

It was something that even Su Bai did not expect.

Even Bearen revealed a shocked gaze. It did not expect that it, which had already reached the Upper-7 Gold level, could not completely resist the punch.

“Did I just turn into a Beast-core Cannon?”

Su Bai smirked.

It was the same as converting the Beast-cores into energy, storing it in the body, and then releasing it all at once.

Su Bai was like a walking cannon.

“So the Penta-Elements Physique has such an effect. It’s really awesome.”

Su Bai smiled bitterly.

At the same time, Chun rushed over as soon as she heard the commotion.

After figuring out what had happened, Chun lost interest.

“I thought something big happened. The elven skill you’ve learned is basically mastered by high-level elves. It’s not rare at all. Speaking of which, how many Iron-grade Beast-cores can you withstand at most?” Chun said nonchalantly.

“More than thirty.”

Chun looked over in shock and said, “That’s a lot! I didn’t expect your potential to be so good. As far as I know, a Gold-level High Elf can only withstand 50 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 10 Bronze-grade Beast-cores at most. Your performance is already very good!”

Su Bai laughed in a hoarse voice. If he told the truth that he had consumed more than 30 Iron-grade Beast-cores and 100 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, Chun might have gone crazy.

Su Bai had to continue consuming the Beast-core. After all, it was related to repairing the Beast-core Cannon.

Su Bai put his consciousness into the Fourth Heaven and prepared to take away a pile of Bronze-grade Beast-core. At the same time, he couldn’t help but look at the Silver-grade and Gold-grade Beast-cores.

‘The current Bronze-grade Beast-core was still within the acceptable range, but what about the Beast-cores with higher grades?’ Su Bai thought.

With that question in mind, Su Bai took out a Silver-grade Beast-core, threw it into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it.

“So sweet”

Su Bai’s eyes lit up at the first feedback from his sense of taste.

The higher the grade of the Beast-core, the purer the energy, and the more distinct the elements within it.

The Silver-grade Beast-core he had eaten was mainly made of ice elements, so the sweetness he tasted first also carried a chill.

Su Bai had quite a few Silver-grade Beast-cores.

Just as he was worried that he had no place to use it, he took out more than a hundred of the Silver-grade Beast-cores and grabbed one to put into his mouth.

Every time he felt the energy in his body become saturated, Su Bai would enter the Second Heaven and punch Bearen.

And every time the energy increased, Bearen would be more shocked.

After eating nearly 30 Silver-grade Beast-cores and 81 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, Bearen felt a wave of pain from Su Bai’s punch.

Although it didn’t hurt much, Su Bai was satisfied with the effect.

Bearen had not activated its Lightning Armor so its defense had not reached its peak. However, its physique was also extremely outstanding among its peers.

Under such circumstances, Su Bai was able to cause Bearen to feel pain. This showed that the energy contained in his punch was enough to deal with a Gold-level Beast.

As long as he had enough Beast-cores, Su Bai could be considered a humanoid Beast.

After three hours, it was already noon. Su Bai then left the room and found the minister.

“I would like you to prepare some materials for me. It would be best if you could get more diamonds. I’ve already listed the rest. Thanks.”


The minister was holding a meal box and was rushing to meet production capacity. His eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets when he saw the inventory in his hands.

“Captain Su, these materials are worth at least 1000 Gold-grade Beast-core!”

“Yes, I’ve already informed the governor. You can just go straight to the finance department for reimbursement.”

“No, what I meant was you want these materials to fix that big cannon?” the minister asked excitedly. His eyes widened as he quickly put down his lunch box.

He added, “All these years, our department’s annual budget is only 500 Silver-grade Beast-cores. What right do you have to waste so many resources on useless work?”

The last part of his sentence was shouted out uncontrollably.

If an Alchemist who was obsessed with the Beast-core Cannon could repair it, the minister would not complain.

But it was precisely because he was an Alchemist that he knew how whimsical this was.

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