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Chapter 286: 286 The Entire Department of Military Industry Was Shocked

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286 The Entire Department of Military Industry Was Shocked

“Why isn’t he out yet?”

After almost half an hour, the minister paced back and forth outside the door.

During this period, there would occasionally be a sound coming from inside, but it was not loud.

Although he already understood the deal between Lu Xingping and Su Bai, the minister was still worried.

However, Whitey, who was holding the door handle, abruptly slipped into the gap under the door and left. The minister did not hesitate and immediately came to a halt in his hasty steps.

As the door opened, the minister immediately rushed forward.

“How’s the Beast-core Cannon?”

The minister took a deep breath, his face filled with anxiety.

“It can be considered usable.”

“Can it be used?”

Su Bai’s plain words made the minister’s eyes widen. He opened his mouth for a long time but couldn’t say anything.

‘This was a Beast-core Cannon, and there was no way it could be used in such a way. If it can be fired, we’ll have the advantage on our side!’ the minister thought.

“I’m not in the mood to joke with you,” said the minister coldly.

“You’ll know when you go in and take a look.”

Su Bai shrugged and stepped aside.

The minister immediately rushed into the warehouse, followed by a few Alchemists. They wanted to see what was going on with the Beast-core Cannon.

In the warehouse, the Beast-core Cannon was still intact. Other than the obvious replacement of some external parts, they could not see anything wrong with it.

“This kid really put it back?”

Some Alchemists looked as if they had seen a ghost.

“It’s hard to say. At that time, we only heard the sound. Perhaps he was putting on an act.”

“Indeed, but how did the parts that were replaced be installed?”

“If this architecture is installed, I’m afraid it will have to be reorganized!”

Everyone looked at the Beast-core Cannon up close, especially the minister. He looked up and down. It was like a monkey on a tree looking for lice, just short of a magnifying glass.

After looking for a long time, he did not find anything.

Suddenly, an Alchemist’s excited voice came from the control panel.

“Sir, the Beast-core Cannon can actually be activated!!!”

“What?! ”

As soon as he said this, everyone present instantly exploded and rushed to the control panel.

The control panel of the Beast-core Cannon was very precise. All kinds of settings could be used to control the power.

The Alchemist didn’t know how to use this big thing, but he could still activate it, so he wanted to see if Su Bai was talking nonsense.

Unexpectedly, the Beast-core Cannon was actually activated.

“Sir, Captain Su really fixed the Beast-core Cannon.”

“I’m not blind.”

The minister’s expression was complicated, and the shock in his heart could no longer be described with words.

This was the masterpiece of the dwarves in the war. Even a human Grandmaster Alchemist could not repair the Beast-core Cannon! He had no idea, nor did he understand how Su Bai did it.

Just as the minister was about to ask Su Bai about it, Lu Xingping got the news and rushed to the warehouse.

“It’s really repaired!”

Lu Xingping looked at the Beast-core Cannon that could already be adjusted, and the shock on his face was not hidden at all.

Even if he was not an Alchemist, He also knew that the Beast-core Cannon couldn’t even be activated, let alone used.

Now, not only could it be activated, but it could also adjust the height and distance of the cannon.

Coincidentally, everyone surrounded Su Bai as if they had seen a ghost as soon as Su Bai came back.

“Captain Su, how did you repair the Beast-core Cannon?”

The minister had just said that and he realized that he had said something wrong.

As an Alchemist and a Beastmaster, he should understand not to casually inquire about other people’s secrets. Otherwise, it was very likely that he would anger the other party.

Unless Su Bai was willing to tell him, it would be a huge offense.

Therefore, when the minister reacted, he immediately apologized, “Forgive me for offending you, Captain Su! I’m sorry!”

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the minister took a step back and bowed solemnly.

A Gold-level Alchemist was considered an existence with authority in Great Peace City, yet he was actually bowing to a young Beastmaster who wasn’t even twenty years old.

If word got out, he would probably become a laughing stock.

However, the people present did not relax in the slightest because they knew Su Bai was no ordinary Beastmaster!

To be able to repair a Beast-core Cannon, just this ability alone was enough to make Su Bai a distinguished guest in the Royal City.

Not to mention Gold-level Alchemists, even Grandmaster Alchemists had to smile apologetically.

Su Bai chuckled, “Don’t get your hopes up. I just repaired it briefly. As for how powerful it can be, we’ll see in real combat.”

Most of the materials used for restoration were diamonds. It was much weaker than the hardness of the raw materials, so he could not say how many times the Beast-core Cannon could be used.

It should be able to handle usage once and twice. For the current Great Peace City, using 1,000 Gold grade Beast-cores to activate the Beast-core Cannon once was indeed a little extravagant. But they had no choice.

To Lu Xingping, this was indeed the case.

“Captain Su, I’m no longer able to keep up with your pace.” Lu Xingping’s face lit up with an excited smile as he said, “With this Beast-core Cannon, the next Beast tide won’t be a problem.”


Su Bai nodded with a smile.

Then, Lu Xingping had the Beast-core Cannon installed on the city wall after decades.

Many Beastmasters and soldiers were so curious that they couldn’t figure it out.

Some of the older ones could tell at a glance that this was the work of the dwarves.

The veteran, who was more than fifty years older, rubbed his eyes and said excitedly, “The Beast-core Cannon? Why is it here?!”

“Brat, if you don’t know, then don’t talk nonsense!”

The soldier called Mr. Zhou said excitedly, “Back then, I was lucky enough to witness the power of the Beast-core Cannon. That shot directly killed a Platinum-level Beast!”

“A Platinum-level Beast?!”

The surrounding soldiers looked at each other, unable to imagine what was going on.

Such a metal lump could actually kill a Platinum-level Beast.

In the face of their doubts, Mr. Zhou did not care at all. He was filled with joy and full of confidence in the next wave of Beast tides.

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed. It was already time for the estimated Beast tide.

Lu Xingping, Su Bai, and the others climbed up the city wall facing the border.

Looking into the distance, they did not discover anything.

It was cloudy today and it seemed that it would rain soon. The Beast-core used to power the cannon had already been transported to the city walls in crates.

“Could it be that the information was wrong?”

After waiting for nearly an hour, Lu Xingping frowned.

Su Bai was lying in a small room nearby, waiting for news leisurely.

At that moment, a flying-type Beast descended from the sky.

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