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Chapter 289: 289 You’re a Genius!

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289 You’re a Genius!

“What happened?”

Seeing the respectful attitude of those two dwarves, the minister of the military industry began to doubt his life.

Before Su Bai arrived, the minister had received the dwarf envoys and the others. Each of them had a long face as if they were here to collect a debt.

The minister did not think too much about it and brought Su Bai into the meeting room.

At this moment, a white-bearded dwarf with a big nose was drinking tea in the meeting room.

“Captain Su!”

Lu Xingping immediately stood up. He said softly after Su Bai walked over, “If you don’t mind, let me negotiate with the envoy later.”

“What’s the purpose of the dwarf envoys’ visit?” Su Bai asked.

Lu Xingping let out a long sigh and smiled bitterly, “I had no idea. We haven’t contacted each other for so many years.”

Su Bai frowned and sized up the white-bearded dwarf. Using his spiritual force to probe, he discovered that this envoy was a Platinum-level Beastmaster, and his strength was extraordinary.

But the strange thing was, The white-bearded dwarf had very little energy in his body, nearly half as much as an ordinary Platinum-level Beastmaster!

Just like the records in history, the dwarves were not born to be Beastmasters.

“Hello, my name is Anves.” the white-bearded dwarf said. He spoke fluently in human language and continued, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The lifespan of the dwarves was much longer than that of the humans. Their average lifespan was 200 years.

The white-bearded dwarf in front of Su Bai looked at least a hundred years old. He was so old that even Lu Xingping could call him great-grandfather.

A few decades ago, it was an existence that was especially responsible for communicating with humans.

Su Bai immediately responded, “I’m Su Bai. Nice to meet you, Mr. Anves.”

Then, when they sat down, Lu Xingping took the initiative to speak, “Mr. Anves, this is the Beastmaster Su Bai who repaired the Beast-core Cannon. So can you tell me why you came to Great Peace City?”


Anves coughed dryly and said seriously, “Don’t worry. Although we’ve broken off relations with the humans for more than sixty years, we won’t interfere with the Beast-core Cannon that we’ve given you.”

“So, you’re saying…?”

“Mr. Su Bai, may I ask where you got the materials to repair the Beast-core Cannon?”

Anves’s expression was very serious, and he no longer had the calmness from before.

Su Bai used his spiritual power to investigate. He understood Anves’s feelings and said, “The materials to repair the Beast-core Cannon are not raw materials.”

Then, Su Bai took out a small diamond from the Fourth Heaven and placed it on the table.

Looking at the pebble-sized diamond, Anves frowned and revealed a puzzled expression. He picked up the diamond and crushed it into pieces.

This scene made the minister’s heart skip a beat. As an Alchemist, he knew the hardness of diamonds.

In the end, in front of this dwarf envoy, it was actually easily crushed. Even Lu Xingping, who was also a Platinum-level Beastmaster, could not do such a thing!

‘What kind of abnormal physique was that?!’ Lu Xingping thought.

“I don’t believe you. To be honest, I’m here to investigate a group of human criminals who are smuggling ores,” Anves said coldly.

“So you think I stole your ores and repaired the cannon?” Su Bai said in a low voice.

Hearing that, Anves fell silent. His eyes wandered around Su Bai, constantly scrutinizing the young man in front of him.

Lu Xingping and the minister also felt the heavy atmosphere.

“Things were going nowhere. But just yesterday, we discovered the disturbance caused by the Beast-core Cannon. That’s why we had no choice but to come here personally,” Anves said.

Su Bai chuckled, “I understand. But the material I used to repair it was indeed diamond.”

Lu Xingping immediately stood up and said, “Mr. Anves, if you don’t believe me, you can check it yourself.”

What Lu Xingping said had finally made Anves smile. Anves said, “Then lead the way.”

It was as if Anves had been waiting for a long time.

Then, everyone came to the top of the city wall, and Anves immediately went forward to check the Beast-core Cannon skillfully. After all, it was a creation of his own kind.

Anves was very familiar with the cannon. He easily dismantled the outer casing, revealing the precise equipment parts inside.


This was the first time the minister had seen the internal structure of the Beast-core Cannon, and he could not help but gasp.

The minister, as an Alchemist, was emphatic that the sophisticated structure of an alchemy apparatus that could utilize energy was entirely dictated by the Alchemist and the ingredients.

However, the Beast-core Cannon was completely different. Based on materials, it could separate the energy of various attributes and then condense them into even more violent energy.

It was no wonder that the energy condensed from Beast-cores could create extremely destructive energy cannons.

However, Anves was even more shocked than the minister. He stared at the copper bell and pointed at one of the structures. “What’s this?”

Su Bai took a look and explained, “Because there were no original parts, I used diamonds to modify the structure.”

This simple explanation shocked Anves like he was struck by lightning.

But soon, Anves realized that the Beast-core Cannon was completely different from its original architecture in many places! There were even some areas that had been optimized!

Almost all the dwarves were Alchemists.

Anves was a respected existence among the dwarves and was a Diamond-level Alchemist. Making a Beast-core Cannon was a piece of cake for him.

However, if Anves wanted to modify the original basic architecture, he would need to constantly try and make mistakes before improving it. It would take him a few years or even a decade to do it.

Anves took a deep breath and asked, “May I ask what your alchemy level is?”

“I’m not an Alchemist.”

Anves fell silent again.

Even the minister at the side was stunned. He exclaimed, “Captain Su, you’re not an Alchemist?”

Su Bai smiled and said, “It’s just a hobby of mine.”

Such casual posturing caused the corners of Lu Xingping’s mouth to twitch.

Su Bai was not an Alchemist, but he had done something that even a human Grandmaster Alchemist could not do.

Besides Su Bai, there was probably no one else.

Then, Anves summoned his Beast, Gold-Seeking Lizard. Its small body passed through the interior of the Beast-core Cannon and began to examine the whole thing.

When the Gold-Seeking Lizard climbed out of the Beast-core Cannon, Anves exclaimed, “It’s true that there’s no modification of raw materials. But Su Bai, you’re a f*cking genius!”

Even Lu Xingping and the others were caught off guard by Anves’s sudden swearing, let alone Su Bai. They wondered why such a highly respected dwarf envoy suddenly changed his attitude.

Then, Anves strode forward. Lu Xingping immediately stood in front of Su Bai to protect him.

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