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Chapter 291: 291 Anves's Invitation

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291 Anves’s Invitation
Anves was one of the best Alchemists in the Dwarf Kingdom.

Seeing Su Bai’s modification and restoration was like seeing a confidant, Anves kept telling Su Bai about his alchemy skills and experience. Anves did not hold back at all.

If it was Su Bai, he would never tell a stranger about his skills.

Now, Su Bai was already familiar with making the Beast-core Cannon.

Such an alchemical weapon was comparable to the combat strength of hundreds of Silver-level Beasts in Great Peace City!

As the two of them left the warehouse, Lu Xingping and the others instantly surrounded them. Everyone looked into the warehouse curiously.

“What’s that?”

The minister stared with his eyes wide open. He had never been so focused before, even on a beautiful woman.

Su Bai smiled, “I’ll tell you later. Let’s try it on the city wall first.”

Then, the Little Beast-core Cannon was transported to the city wall under the joint efforts of the soldiers. Next to it was the Beast-core Cannon. The comparison between the two was quite obvious.

Under Su Bai’s control, the first shot was fired!


After loading 100 Bronze-grade Beast-cores, an energy cannonball landed in an uninhabited area 600 meters away and instantly exploded.

With the same level of energy, its power was only slightly inferior to the Beast-core Cannon.

However, the durability of the Little Beast-core Cannon could support at least twenty shots compared to the Beast-core Cannon!

Anves laughed heartily, “Not bad, not bad! Su Bai, your alchemy skills are indeed extraordinary!”

“You flatter me, Mr. Anves!”

“Flatter my ass. If I say you’re a transcendent, then you are! If you don’t mind, you’re welcome to be a guest in our city!” said Anves.

Su Bai decisively refused the sudden invitation, “I’ll pass. I can’t leave for the time being.”

Although the Dwarf Kingdom was not far from Great Peace City, Su Bai did not dare to go there rashly because of the relationship between the two races.


Anves pointed to the southwest and said, “Why can’t you leave? My city isn’t far from here. We’ll be there in a day or two! I don’t have the patience. As long as you say the word, we’ll set off immediately tonight!”
Su Bai could not make up his mind at Anves’s enthusiastic invitation.

Anves laughed loudly, “I know what you’re worried about. Isn’t it just a Beast tide? As long as you say the word, I’ll immediately support you with ten Beast-core Cannons. With those big guys, no Beast tide will be a threat!”

As soon as Anves said that, the surroundings instantly fell silent. Especially Lu Xingping and the minister, their expressions were both surprised and nervous.

Ten Beast-core Cannons! In addition, it was personally provided by the dwarves, which was equivalent to restoring the relationship between the two races!

This was definitely a big deal. Lu Xingping was excited and quickly pulled Su Bai away.

“Captain Su, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

“What good opportunity?”

“Of course it’s a good opportunity to repair our relationship with the dwarves! As long as everything goes smoothly, then our Great Peace border can finally make a name for ourselves!” Lu Xingping said anxiously.”

As Lu Xingping said that, he seemed to have realized something and quickly added, “Captain Su, I’m begging you!”

As long as they restored their friendly relationship with the dwarves, the first to benefit would definitely be Great Peace City.

Lu Xingping was very honest. He was already thinking about how to give Su Bai benefits.

Su Bai asked curiously, “Mr. Lu, are you so sure that the alliance will be restored as long as I go there?”

“I’m not so sure, but…” Lu Xing took a deep breath. He said, “We have to give it a try. I’ve been in power for six years and have been relying on the support of the Great Wilderness City. What’s the end of that?”

Lu Xingping’s words may be rude but the truth was not. From Lu Xingping’s seriousness, this was his one and only chance. As long as he caught it, the Great Peace City’s good days would come in the future.

“The Dwarf Kingdom sounds interesting. But according to the law, you need to report if you want to leave the country,” Bing Qingqing said.

“Don’t worry, I can handle that!” Lu Xingping immediately replied.

Su Bai smiled, “Mr. Lu, we need to think about this.”

Lu Xingping’s expression turned nervous when he heard the answer. He had tasted the feeling of giving his fate to others countless times, and this time was especially crucial!

After returning to the city wall, Su Bai asked directly, “Mr. Anves, may I know why you invited me?”

Anves stroked his white beard and laughed, “Haha. This is neither a big nor a small matter. In two weeks, it will be the dwarves’ triennial Alchemy Festival. With your level, you will definitely stand out!”

“An Alchemy Festival?”

“Haven’t you heard of it? Although the Dwarf Kingdom has already announced that we have severed ties with the humans, in fact, we still allow human Alchemists to participate in every Alchemy Festival!”

Su Bai had never heard of that. After all, he was not in the Alchemist field. He could not help but be curious about the rewards of the Alchemy Festival.

Anves was quite willing to brief Su Bai on that.

The so-called Alchemy Festival was just like the name suggested. It was a competition between Alchemists.

According to grades, they were divided into several rounds. After the preliminary selection, the best ten Alchemists would be selected. The prizes that these ten Alchemists could obtain were something that no Alchemist could refuse!

That was, he could enter the Legendary Alchemist’s Legacy once!

“The Legendary Alchemist!” Su Bai was surprised.

In the entire history of humans, there had never been a Legendary Alchemist!

The reward might seem simple, but it was a wonderful opportunity for Alchemists. It was not uncommon for Alchemists to learn from each other.

If one could come into contact with a Legendary Alchemist and witness the products he refined, one would gain a hint of insight.

The significance was definitely extraordinary!

Therefore, no matter how one looked at it, this was an irresistible temptation.

Although Su Bai was not on the path of Alchemists, he was tempted. He was thinking perhaps she should make a trip this time.

But before that, Su Bai still needed to clean up the mess in Great Peace City. The rebel leader was still wanted, and the culprit of the Beast tide had yet to appear.

The Alchemy Festival would only begin in two weeks. Su Bai could only go there himself after he had solved these two problems.

After Anves learned about it, he said happily, “Not a problem! Su Bai, you just say the word. We, dwarves, can help with the Beast tide!”

Anves’s words showed how much he valued Su Bai.

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