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Chapter 299: 299 The Alchemy Festival Begins!

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299 The Alchemy Festival Begins!
Su Bai withdrew his consciousness. Anves was still so excited that he could not calm down.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to meet someone!”

“Who is it?”

“The governor of Heavencraft City!”

The two of them left the Heavencraft Pavilion and headed straight for a mansion not far away.

Su Bai did not understand why Anves was doing that.

However, as a human, it was reasonable for Su Bai to meet the governor of Heavencraft City.

Soon, a dwarf who was only 1.5 meters tall and looked slightly ordinary welcomed Anves and Su Bai.


The dwarf narrowed his eyes, sized Su Bai up and said coldly, “Who let you in?!”

Su Bai felt the wave of hostility and did not spoke a word.

Seeing that, Anves could not sit still anymore. He said, “I brought him in. What’s wrong?!”

“Uh … Why did you bring a human into the city? Aren’t things chaotic enough?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with me. I’m here to get a spot in the Alchemy Festival.”

“You want to…”


The other party glared at Anves and gritted his teeth. He said, “It is out of the question to let him participate in the Alchemy Festival!”
While they were arguing, Su Bai was watching.

It could be seen that this dwarf must be the governor of Heavencraft City.

At the same time, Su Bai could feel the hostility of the governor. Still, Anves was not someone to be trifled with.

Anves’s status in the Heavencraft Pavilion was extremely high, and he could compete with the governor.

“If you don’t agree to this matter, we’ll cut off all ties!” Anves shouted.

“Anyway, you have to settle this matter, and don’t use emotion against me. I don’t buy it!” Anves glared at the governor.

Hearing that, the governor was anxious and amused. He said, “It’s been so many years. No human has ever attended the Alchemy Festival in Heavencraft City!”

“That’s Heavencraft City. There are human Alchemists in Horizon City.”

“That’s them!”

The quarrel between the two centenarians seemed to have yet to come to an end.

Su Bai looked away awkwardly. He found that this place was completely different from the Heavencraft Pavilion. There were no messy alchemy products and it was very simple and clean.

Most of the portraits hanging on the walls did not have any figures of alchemy creations. It seemed as if the governor did not cultivate alchemy.

After a while, Anves won the argument.

The governor came to Su Bai unwillingly and said coldly, “You must be Su Bai.”

“Yes, sir!”

“My name is Ampoc, the governor of Heavencraft City.”

Ampoc scratched his head impatiently and said, “I can let you participate in the Alchemy Festival, but I have to warn you in advance. It’s best if you don’t play any tricks in the city. If I find out, I won’t let it slip!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Governor. My goal this time is only the Alchemy Festival.”

“Hmph, that’s not up to you.” Ampoc snorted, took out a document, and handed it to Su Bai.

It was the rules of the coming Alchemy Festival.

Heavencraft City was a powerful city in the Dwarf Kingdom. Every year, ten Alchemists would be selected to participate in the finals in the first city of the dwarves.

The rules of the competition were also simple. They were the various assessments for Alchemists.

For example, during the preliminary selection, the participants were asked to refine the required Beast-cores weapons. As long as the quality met the requirements, they would be considered qualified.

The ranking competition was completely different. The participants were required to repair or improve the alchemical products!

This was a test of an Alchemist’s basic skills and creativity.

All in all, Ampoc was not optimistic about Su Bai. After all, this was Heavencraft City, one of the great cities among the dwarves.

Su Bai also realized that Ampoc had strength equal to a Diamond-level Beastmaster.

It seemed that the dwarves weren’t all Alchemists. There were still powerful Beastmasters among them but not many of them.

After that, Ampoc gave Su Bai a recommendation letter, and Anves left the mansion with Su Bai in satisfaction.

In the remaining week or so, Su Bai did not stay idle. He started to study the second volume of Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell.

Su Bai had also successfully forged a Beast-cores weapon for Golden Dragon.

The material used was from Anves, a pair of tail spikes made of very thin material.

Golden Dragon had a powerful physique. An armor would be useless to it and it did not require any external weapons. So Su Bai just gave the tail spike to Golden Dragon as a test.

Golden Dragon, who had obtained the Beast-core weapon, was also very satisfied. It flew in the air and swung its tail for a test. It felt compatible.

The only pity was that this equipment only reached the vessel level and not the spirit level.

The reason was more due to the material, not Su Bai himself.

After all, they were toys. Golden Dragon itself was the most powerful thing to rely on.

Su Bai did not plan to make it too good.

As for Whitey, it was the same. Its original Beast equipment was not as sharp as its own sharp feet.

Only Bearen brandished its Thunder Stick with ease, showing off in the forest of the Second Heaven.

Bearen’s combat ability was improving at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the Alchemy Festival.

In the early morning, Heavencraft City had already started to celebrate. All the TV stations were broadcasting the festival.

Tens of thousands of Alchemists were currently participating in the audition. Su Bai was among them.

In the city of the Dwarf Kingdom, Su Bai’s figure was very eye-catching. Soon, he was the main topic discussed in Heavencraft City.

“Where did this human come from?!”

“Wait, is this young human going to participate in our Alchemy Festival?”

“Damn, I remember that our governor has always disliked humans. Why would he let a young human enter the city and participate in the Alchemy Festival?”

“So what if he’s here? How can a mere human defeat our dwarven Alchemists?”

“That’s right!”

Undoubtedly, Su Bai was ridiculed when he appeared at the venue. He ignored them and just quietly waited for the match to begin.

Bing Qingqing and the others in the audience did not understand the dwarves’ language, so they did not react much.

Soon, tens of thousands of people from different competition locations began to enter the competition venue in batches.

Su Bai was assigned to a competition venue right next to Heavencraft Pavilion.

“This is your qualifier ID.” a dwarf handed over a card. He asked with a frown, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand.”

Su Bai chuckled and took the qualifier ID. He immediately rushed to the competition venue.

During this time, countless dwarves looked at Su Bai with contempt.

There were no less than ten Alchemists in Heavencraft City. Gold-level Alchemists were considered ordinary here. Even Platinum-level Alchemists could be seen everywhere.

A mere young human, the dwarves would not consider him a match at all.

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