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Chapter 303: 303 The Amazing New Mark-413

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303 The Amazing New Mark-413
The original Mark-413 was only 1.7 meters tall, which was already tall and mighty for the dwarves.

But with Su Bai’s modification, it was three meters closer! In the hall, his Mark-413 was undoubtedly the most dazzling.

Hubala took a deep breath and said to himself disdainfully, “It’s just a fancy-looking thing! He thinks that he could advance by changing the shape? Dream on!”

The surrounding competitors also had the same opinion.

However, Ampoc, who was on the stage, noticed the abnormality and asked coldly, “Anves, where did you find this young man?”

As the governor of Heavencraft City, not only was Ampoc accomplished in the path of Beastmaster, but he was also extraordinary in alchemy.

When Ampoc was young, he and Anves were known as young talented Alchemists!

However, in the years when the dwarves broke off relations with the humans.

Ampoc knew the importance of Beastmasters, so he resolutely changed his path and placed all his focus on the path of Beastmaster.

After decades of cultivation, the results were quite fruitful and Ampoc had advanced to Diamond-level Beastmaster.

The Beast that he had trained was also the powerful Golden-Horned Brute Dragon!

Unfortunately, Ampoc’s actual combat strength was about the same as a normal human Platinum-level Beastmaster due to the dwarves’ low innate energy affinity.

This was also the thing that Ampoc had never been able to talk about in his life.

Now that Ampoc saw a human and felt the Beastmaster energy emitted by Su Bai, he was shocked.

A mere Gold-level Beastmaster’s energy was actually not much different from Ampoc’s! It was a fact that he could not accept.

But now, Ampoc could tell that the Mark-413 that Su Bai had modified was not only bigger, but it had also used a very subtle method.

In Ampoc’s opinion, Su Bai was able to transform an iron lump into a war weapon that could activate energy!

“You’re so rude. Is that how you treat your brother? This kid is more outstanding than you think.” Anves stroked his beard and smiled.

Ampoc narrowed his eyes at Anvers and said, “I don’t want to know how good he is, but he’s dangerous in my territory!”

“Why? Are you going back on your word?” asked Anves.

Anves’s eyes were on Ampoc. After many years of interaction, he could see through his younger brother’s thoughts at a glance.

Su Bai’s performance was too dazzling. However, such a dazzling act could not be tolerated by Ampoc.

Anves would definitely not sit idly by. However, he could not beat them, so he could only find other methods.

With the help of nearly 30 staff members, the three-meter-tall monster was moved to the high platform.

More than ten judges stepped forward and looked at the finished product Su Bai handed over. Their expressions became heavier and heavier.


However, a short while later, a dwarf judge exclaimed on the spot.
“To be able to condense ice elemental energy to this extent, it’s really amazing!”

As the dwarf judge spoke, Su Bai’s Mark-413 fist emitted a trace of coolness under his control. It was the ice elemental energy that had gathered at a point.

There was also a dwarf judge who knocked on the Mark-413’s indicator. The Mark-413 had detected abnormality, so it tried to pick up the dwarf judge immediately.

As expected, the 1.5 meters tall dwarf judge was easily lifted by the three-meter-tall Mark-413.

The other dwarf judges present clapped their hands and exclaimed!

“This isn’t an optimization upgrade. It’s simply a new product after a transformation!”

“Wonderful! It’s wonderful!”

“Su Bai, how did you do it!”

The dwarf judges’ eyes focused on Su Bai and smiled.

It took Su Bai nearly four hours to upgrade the Mark-413, and it also took him a lot of effort.

The only unfortunate thing was the strength that Mark-413 could unleash was at most comparable to a Bronze-level Beast due to the materials used.

The Mark-413 did not have the combat ability that Su Bai had imagined. Even so, a functional robot had been modified to become what it was now.

It was enough to shock everyone!

The contestants below the stage were also attracted by it. They were looking at Su Bai’s Mark-413 and kept exclaiming.

The shock and surprise brought by the brand-new Mark-413 were enough to make them forget that Su Bai was the human they hated.

Su Bai was a bit surprised.

It was no wonder the books said that dwarves were born Alchemists. All of them were so obsessed that it was as if they were possessed. As long as they saw an outstanding alchemical product, they would be so intoxicated.

In the corner, Hubala’s eyes were bloodshot. He did not expect that at all. He was actually left behind by a mere human’s alchemy level. He could not even see the taillights.

Hubala looked at the Mark-413 that he had modified, he recalled his smug mood back then because he could easily win the advancement competition of the Alchemy Festival.

Looking at it now, it was ridiculous, extremely ridiculous!

The ranking competition still had two hours left, and more than half of the participants present had yet to complete the optimization and upgrade.

After all, alchemy was a rigorous profession. Any random change would bring trouble one after another.

There was a famous saying in Heavencraft City.

Creation was easy, but the hardest part was making changes.

As time passed, there were only a hundred participants who had completed the test.

Among them, many participants came up with something at the last minute and casually fooled the dwarf judges.

There were only a few dozen participants who could really do the optimization and upgrade, including Su Bai.

Soon, as the gongs and drums sounded. The ranking competition of the Alchemy Festival had ended, and the rankings would be announced.

Anves was not the judge of this Alchemy Festival, so he went straight to Su Bai and congratulated him in advance, “Su Bai will definitely be this year’s champion of Heavencraft City!”

Su Bai smiled and said, “Mr. Anves, you flatter me. Thanks to the two books you gave me. Otherwise, I would have been in the dark.”

Anves could not help but roll his eyes. He thought, ‘It was not anyone who could spend a few days to fully comprehend the first and second volumes of the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell!’

Among the people who could do it, Anves only knew Su Bai.

Now, Anves had long given up on taking Su Bai as his disciple because he was not worthy of being his master!

As long as Su Bai was given enough time, Anves believed that Su Bai could definitely become a legendary Alchemist!

Su Bai smiled at Anves’s high recognition and waited for the release of the ranking list.

At the same time, Hubala, who was standing beside Ampoc, had an unwilling expression.

“Master, I…”

“There’s no need to say anymore. Be it talent or strength, he’s above you. You don’t have to blame yourself for losing,” said Ampoc coldly.

“But I’m still not willing to accept defeat!”

Hubala gritted his teeth and shouted in a low voice, “But I’m still not willing to accept defeat! As long as Master gives me a chance, I can definitely surpass him!”

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