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Chapter 305: 305 The Dwarves' Nemesis

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305 The Dwarves’ Nemesis
The dwarves were stunned when they heard Wingly’s name.

Ampoc stood up anxiously and left with everyone.

“What is a Wingly?” Su Bai asked as he looked at Hubala.

Hubala’s face was ashen, and his legs could not help but tremble.
It looked like the Winglies were quite frightening.

Not long after, the doors of the venue were tightly shut.

At the same time, all the doors and windows of the Heavencraft City had been closed shut. The dwarves were very afraid of the approaching Winglies.

Hubala was like a frightened rabbit. Su Bai did not expect to get any information from him. So, Su Bai went to Anves.

Anves said with a bitter smile, “The Winglies are the natural enemies of dwarves. They’re small and extremely agile. Most importantly, they fed on energy and could easily destroy an alchemical product.”

“Even the Beast-core Cannons can’t be used against them?” Su Bai asked.

In the face of the cannon of justice, as long as there were enough of them, small Beasts would not pose a threat.

Su Bai’s question made Anves’ expression even more bitter.

“Have you ever seen an energy cannonball in the air disintegrate in an instant after it leaves the cannon?” Anves asked.

The reason why Winglies were so terrifying was because of the speed at which they absorbed energy.

As long as the Wingly was close enough, it could absorb the energy of a Silver-level Beast in just two seconds!

To the dwarves, this was an existence that could be called a natural enemy. Because the weapons used by the dwarves to protect themselves were various alchemical products And the Wingly was a perfect counter to alchemy.

Therefore, when the dwarves present learned of the Winglies’ invasion, they were so frightened that their legs trembled.

It was not because the dwarves were timid. The terrifying thing about the Winglies was that they could bring endless losses to the dwarves, and at the same time, they could cause more than 10,000 dwarves to die.

Fortunately, the time that Winglies would appear was usually years apart. The last time Winglies appeared was seven years ago.

Hubala was also traumatized that year and his family were also killed in that Wingly attack.

To put it simply, the Winglies would not cause large-scale destruction of buildings like the Beast tide, but the blow to the dwarves could be said to be devastating!

Now that he understood everything, Su Bai was aware of the danger that the Winglies brought to the dwarves.

Since that was the case, Su Bai could not stay idle.

Heavencraft City would stagnate for a year and a half after being attacked by Winglies, according to Anves. There were no alchemical products available at the time. Such as the Slime Train and so on.

Then, with Anves’ help, Su Bai found Lu Le and the others at the Heavencraft Pavilion.

After telling the truth, Lu Le immediately slapped his thigh and shouted, “I’ve been idle for a long time. It’s just nice to do something big this time!”

“That’s right, Captain. Let’s hurry up and move out!”

“Let’s get those Beasts!”

Since they came to Heavencraft City, they had not fought for a long time. Therefore, they were eager for this opportunity.

Under Anves’s lead, they arrived at the north gate of Heavencraft City.

There were less than a thousand dwarven Beastmasters in the square. They were one of the few existences in Heavencraft City with combat strength.

However, most of them were at Bronze-level. There were less than a hundred dwarves above Silver-level.

This phenomenon made Su Bai a little confused, ‘Since the Winglies were such a big problem for the dwarves, why didn’t they ask for the Great Peace City back then?’

The Winglies’ special ability was useful against alchemical products that could not resist on their own at best. However, the threat a Beastmaster or Beast posed was completely different.

After all, Beastmasters and Beasts would not just stand there and allow the Winglies to absorb energy from them.

Anves also gave the answer to Su Bai’s question.

The Winglies appeared 10 years after the dwarves broke off diplomatic relations with humans. Therefore, there was no human reinforcement to help Heavencraft City resist the enemy.

At the north gate square, Ampoc had already put on his armor and summoned his five-meter-long Beast, the Golden-Horned Brute Dragon.

The Golden-Horned Brute Dragon was covered in a thin layer of iron. It was its Beast equipment, Sight Shield, which could reduce its presence to the greatest extent and was very useful in this battle.

However, Ampoc’s expression was still not good. Of course, he was not afraid of a mere group of Winglies. Still, the problem was the remaining dwarven Beastmasters were not as powerful as him.

If Ampoc was careless and his energy was absorbed by the Wingly, he would die.

At that moment, Su Bai, Bing Qingqing, and the others arrived.

“Mr. Governor, if you don’t mind, we’ll help defend Heavencraft City.”

“Is this considered compensation?”

Su Bai chuckled. “If you think it counts, then so be it. But we didn’t do it for nothing. We can discuss the price later.”

“Then stop talking nonsense. The Winglies are three hundred meters away and will reach the city soon!”

Ampoc smiled.

Immediately after, hundreds of dwarven Beastmasters summoned their Beasts and began to fend off the enemy.

Two minutes later, Beasts the size of a bat appeared in the sky.

Su Bai checked the information of the Winglies at once.

Name: Wingly

Level: Mid-6 Silver

Potential: Upper-Silver

Talent: Energy Extraction (Outstanding)

Element: None

Nature: Greedy

Skills: Swift Attack (B-Level), Claw Attack (C-Level), Energy Absorb (A-Level)

The level of the Winglies was generally between Lower-Silver to Upper-Silver levels, and they were not very high.

Their innate talents and skills were outstanding.

The B-Level Swift Attack could make a Wingly with the ability to fly swiftly. Coupled with the Energy Absorb, it could maintain an extremely long endurance.

However, the Winglies could not fight head-on. It relied solely on a C-Level Claw Attack.

The Winglies in the sky were like a fishing net, descending on Heavencraft City.

Sensing the abundant energy in the surroundings, the Winglies pounced over greedily.

At that moment, Ampoc led his Beasts and began to attack.

It was so simple, unadorned, and quite effective. In just one round, Ampoc killed nearly 20 Winglies.

After all, Ampoc was the top Beastmaster in Heavencraft City. Without some skill, it was impossible to sit firmly in the position of the governor.

As for the other dwarf Beastmasters, they were not so relaxed.

Their levels were relatively low, so it was a little difficult for them to face the Silver-level Winglies. Most of the time, they could only be forced to defend and counterattack.

As time passed, both the dwarven Beastmasters and their Beast suffered injuries.

Lu Le clenched his fists and shouted, “Captain, quickly give the order! It looks like the main force of Heavencraft City can’t stop the Winglies from rushing into the city.”

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