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Chapter 307: 307 The Hero of Heavencraft City!

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307 The Hero of Heavencraft City!
Because of Bearen’s tremendous lightning elemental energy, almost half of the city was spared from the attack of the Winglies.

Bing Qingqing and Lu Le could handle the remaining amount of Winglies.

After losing their leader, the rest of the Winglies were like headless chickens.

Some fled in groups, while others were still drooling over the energy on Bearen.

At that moment, Ampoc was hunting the remaining Winglies.

He walked on the street with a complicated expression. Because he knew that the loss of the city was almost negligible.

Ampoc could guess the reason for all of that a little.

As the governor of Heavencraft City, he knew that it was not his clansmen who could exert such terrifying energy.

Then, only Su Bai and the others were left.

Twenty minutes passed, and the streets of Heavencraft City returned to their usual tranquility. When Ampoc rushed back to the park, he found nothing but a pile of Winglies’ corpses.

There were only the dwarves who came over curiously like Ampoc.

Tens of thousands of Winglies of all sizes were turned into flesh and blood that piled up on the ground.


One of the Dwarves saw Ampoc and immediately rushed up to him excitedly, “It’s all thanks to you, Mr. Governor. Otherwise, our family would have suffered a huge loss this time!”

“That’s right. I just bought three boxes of Iron-grade Beast-cores yesterday. Fortunately, you are here, and not a single one was ruined by those monsters, sir!”

As everyone talked, Ampoc forced a smile. He was not the one who dealt with these tens of thousands of Winglies.

However, as all the residents of Heavencraft City were in high spirits, he could not explain it to them. He was even more ashamed to speak.

The ones who resolved this crisis were actually foreign humans.

Then, Ampoc hurriedly left and rushed back to the venue of the ranking competition.

The crisis of Heavencraft City was resolved.

Most of the participants had not left yet, and the reason was naturally to wait for the return of the governor, Ampoc.

Every time the Winglies attacked. Ampoc would lead his clansmen to fight against them.

The prescient Ampoc went through the back door and immediately sent someone to call Su Bai.

A moment later, Su Bai came to the backstage lounge. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Ampoc’s tense face.

At the same time, Anves and Hubala were also there. Hubala’s expression was even stiffer than that of Ampoc’s.

Hubala heard from Ampoc that Su Bai was the one who solved the crisis of Heavencraft City and he thought it was a joke at first.

But the truth was the truth. Ampoc would not take advantage of others and take away Su Bai’s credit.

Therefore, when Hubala saw Su Bai again, he had mixed feelings.

Su Bai’s alchemy skills far surpassed Hubala’s, and even Su Bai’s Beasts were better than Hubala’s.

‘What kind of monster was that?’ Hubala thought.

Because Anves had stayed in Great Peace City before, he was rather calm about that.

Su Bai came to the three of them and faced Ampoc. He asked, “Mr. Governor, is there something you want to see me about?”

Ampoc nodded and made an inviting gesture.”Yes. Have a seat and we’ll talk about it.”

Su Bai did not act pretentious; he just sat on the sofa.

“Su Bai, you guys took care of those Winglies in the park, right?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Hehe, you’ve really broadened my horizons. Back when I was in Great Peace City, I didn’t even meet a strange human like you,” said Ampoc.

Every Beastmaster’s energy was limited because to train their Beasts or on alchemy. There had never been anyone who would take care of these two things at the same time and show extraordinary results.

But now, Ampoc has witnessed it. It was Su Bai!

“As a hero, just tell me what you want. You don’t need to be shy about it.”

“Uh …”

The sudden reward surprised Su Bai.

After all, Ampoc did not like Su Bai at first. Even if the crisis in Heavencraft City was solved, the dwarves could not resolve the hatred between humans and dwarves.

It was the same for Anves as he stared at Ampoc.

One had to know that not long ago, Ampoc still had some evil thoughts as the two of them talked in detail.

Now, no one knew what Ampoc was up to.

“Mr. Governor, the reward is… I just need you to prove that I didn’t cheat.”


“Is it that simple? Such a reward won’t benefit you at all.” Ampoc raised his eyebrows and asked.
Su Bai said with a smile, “This is enough. I’m very satisfied to attend the Alchemy Festival in Heavencraft City.”

Facing an old monster who had lived for more than a hundred years, Su Bai could not take any chances.

Therefore, Su Bai chose the most conservative way to deal with Ampoc.

Ampoc laughed heartily. He immediately gave the order to clear Su Bai’s name in the name of the governor.

Not long after, the entire venue was in an uproar.

“What’s going on? That human kid didn’t cheat?”

“I heard that the governor personally guaranteed it!”

“Although I don’t want to believe it, our governor hates the human race the most.”

“That’s right. If that’s the case, there’s really no problem with the young human.”

“I’m so f*cking pissed. The first place of our Heavencraft City was stolen by a human!”

“What can we do if we’re unhappy? We’ll work harder next time!”

The first place was confirmed to be valid, but Ampoc’s actions were far more than that.

The next morning, Su Bai just got up and did not have time to eat breakfast.

Lu Le rushed into the room with a newspaper.

“Captain! Captain!”

“What’s the matter? Why are you so flustered?” Su Bai frowned.

Just as Su Bai thought that something big had happened, he looked at the headline in the newspaper and his expression instantly froze.

“Hero of Heavencraft City: Su Bai!”

The few large words were quite eye-catching.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know.”

Lu Le and Su Bai stared at each other.

In the current situation, as a human, he had become the hero of the dwarves. This was simply an unprecedented strange thing!

The only person who could do this was definitely Ampoc!

After leaving the room, Su Bai immediately went to Anves to ask for some information.

But Anves shrugged. He was even more shocked than Su Bai. His old-fashioned and serious brother would make concessions for a human.

“Could he be plotting something?” Anves frowned.

Su Bai could not help but complain in his heart, ‘That is your younger brother! Why did he look like he was scheming against an outsider?’

Anves put on his coat and laughed, “Who cares what conspiracy he has, let’s go! Let this old man go and see what that kid is up to!”

Then, Anves left the Heavencraft Pavilion with Su Bai.

But as soon as they walked out of the door, Su Bai felt no less than 20 pairs of eyes on him.

Apparently, today’s news headlines made Su Bai a celebrity in Heavencraft City.

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