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Chapter 309: 309 The Cave in the Mine

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309 The Cave in the Mine
The area they were currently in belonged to the barren valley of the Dwarf Kingdom.

The mountaintop was bare. There was very little vegetation, so there were not many Beasts living there.

Su Bai observed the geographical environment around him. Based on the knowledge he had learned in Heavencraft City, he could tell that this was a barren land and there was nothing.

However, the strange thing was that the characteristics of the stone that the Beast was holding in its mouth made Su Bai suspect that it was a Crimson Core.

The Crimson Core was a special type of metal. It had extremely strong energy tolerance, as long as there were enough of them.

The Beast-core weapons produced could easily unleash the power of a Diamond-level Beast.

Su Bai had only read about it in books. Therefore, he asked Anves if there were any mineral veins in this area.

Anves shook his head and said, “Impossible. This area is a godforsaken place. If there was a mineral vein, it would have been excavated long ago.”

The dwarves in the big alchemy kingdom were quite persistent about any resources. As long as they found a rich mineral vein, they would immediately use all their national strength to mine it.

During the decades when they were still on friendly terms with the humans, the dwarves had contracted more than half of the mineral vein industries of the humans.

Therefore, Su Bai’s words made Anves snort.

The sky gradually darkened. The bus stopped in an empty space and began to set up camp.

Most of the dwarves were busy preparing for dinner.

Su Bai was alone, standing on a hill and looking around. It was typical basin terrain.

Strangely, the huge lake was like stagnant water, but there were many aquatic and flying Beasts living in it.

Su Bai frowned and looked up at the sky.

A flock of wild geese circled in the sky and then headed west.

It was just an ordinary scene, and no one would take it to heart. But Su Bai was more and more certain that there was a huge underground ecosystem here!

After dinner, Su Bai was ready to go with Lu Le, Bing Qingqing, and the others to explore the nearby area.

Anves did not have any objections when he learned of that. After all, young people liked to mess around.

In any case, Anves’s old bones could not be moved anymore. He had already crawled into the tent and started to rest.

As for the other dwarves, they were not interested in joining Su Bai either.

There was only one exception.

Paris was one of the ten participants, ranked ninth place. He was already in his sixties, in the prime of his life. With his thick limbs and hearty face, he looked like a man of great strength.


Su Bai nodded. Then, he brought everyone to the lake and began a carpet search.

Then, he brought everyone to the lake and began a thorough search.

The lake was huge. It would take Su Bai at least an hour to circle around it with his pace.

Not long after, Lu Le, who was riding a flying-type Beast, landed.

“Captain, it’s cloudy today. We can’t see anything from above.”


Su Bai stared at the water level of the lake and asked, “Have you investigated the distribution and number of Beasts?”

“I’ve done a rough calculation of the Beasts around the lake. There are about 2,000 of them. They are scattered, but almost all of them surround the lake.”

Su Bai was not satisfied with that answer. Then, he personally led the team to explore the north of the lake.

Along the way, the Beasts around them were not a threat. Plus, the Beasts that Su Bai and the others summoned were very powerful, so very few blind Beasts came to find trouble.

But trouble came without warning. Paris sat on the ground and shouted, “Stop, I can’t go much longer. If I continue walking, I’m gonna lose my legs!”

No one expected that a strong-looking dwarf would be so weak.


“Captain, what should we do?”
Lu Le shrugged and smiled bitterly. “Captain, what should we do? We can’t leave him behind. We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“Then you guys rest for a while. I’ll go and take a look at the situation first.”

Then, Su Bai disappeared into the night.

Seeing that, the others began to rest on the spot.

Five minutes later, Su Bai headed north and came to a valley.

At night, the small Beasts here had already begun to become active. Predators such as scorpions and snakes had already quietly hidden behind rocks, ready to attack.

But in Su Bai’s eyes, they were all exposed to his spiritual energy. The purpose of this trip was not them, so he ignored them all.

As he went deeper, the surrounding temperature rose instead of dropping, which made Su Bai more and more confused.

Suddenly, a Silver Snake spread its thin body and charged over.


As the snake was attacking, Whitey instantly attacked it and defeated it without breaking a sweat. Whitey cut the Silver Snake into two.

It was nothing special at first, but Su Bai found something interesting inside the Silver Snake.

“Scorching Stone, no wonder the temperature here is out of the ordinary.”

Su Bai found a kind of ore in the Silver Snake.

Then, he began to search around. Sure enough, he found a Scorching Stone vein on a rock wall.

Using his spiritual power, he found the scale of the mineral vein was not large. At most, it was the size of a basketball court.

There was no value in digging and using it.

But what made Su Bai excited was that there were several other common mineral veins behind the Scorching Stone Vein.

Su Bai was unwilling to go back without finding what he was looking for. He directly summoned Bearen and let it open a path with its strength.

Bearen’s palm landed, directly blasting apart the rock wall.


Under Bearen’s continuous attacks, several types of mineral veins appeared.

The most exciting thing was that there was a cave hidden inside!

More importantly, Su Bai could feel the breeze blowing from the inside when he stood at the entrance of the cave, which meant that there was a path inside.

Just when Su Bai recalled Bearen and was about to check it out, Lu Le and the others heard the noise and came over. They also saw that cave.

“Where does this cave lead to? It’s so late at night. Do you really have to be so adventurous?” Lu Le gulped.

In this world, especially in the wilderness, it was not a good habit to dig holes everywhere. It would be bad if they entered the nest of some Beasts.

They would probably be going to be gnawed until not even their bones were left.

However, that was only for ordinary people. Lu Le only sighed and followed everyone into the cave.

The breeze caressed everyone’s face. They entered the cave and quickly discovered that the situation here was indeed not right!

The cave was very narrow at the beginning, but as it gradually expanded, the surrounding vegetation and Beasts became richer.

“The Crystal Plains?”

Paris exclaimed, “The Crystal Plains? It’s very picky about its growing environment. Whenever the energy is not satisfied, it will die in less than half an hour.”

The appearance of Crystal Plain proved that the energy here was abundant.

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