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Chapter 311: 311 Annoyed Paris

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311 Annoyed Paris
Looking at the noisy Paris, Lu Le was close to punching him.

They were in an unknown underground space so they had to be cautious and calm in every step. Lu Le thought if a guy like Paris acted alone, he would probably not live for more than two days.

“What else do you want?!” Paris said unhappily.

Lu Le pressed Paris to the ground and said, “Get down. Don’t say that I’m blocking your way. You’ll know when you crawl over and take a look.”

Although Paris was confused, he could not resist the temptation of the Crimson Core and crawled deeper into the cave.

However, in less than three minutes, he returned at a very fast speed with his face ashen.


The walls of the cave were indeed Crimson Core veins, but there were more Beasts, the Rhodoapes!
When Paris thought about how he had almost entered the Beast’s nest with his hurried steps, he was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

“Aren’t you guys very strong? Just kill them directly! What are we waiting for?” Paris got up from the ground and asked.

Su Bai smiled and said, “We’ll do that after you calm down. The Beasts here are all of higher levels. We need to take it step by step.”

Su Bai used his spiritual power to investigate, there were as many as seventy to eighty Rhodoapes inside, and their levels were not low.

That was what he was able to detect within the range of his spiritual power. Beyond the range, Su Bai could not tell how many there were.

Seeing Paris’s sorry state, Lu Le could not help but laugh out loud, “Just stay here obediently. Be careful not to die without knowing how.”

Then, Lu Le, Su Bai, and the others started to discuss how to get rid of the Beasts in the cave.

Paris, who was ignored, clenched his fists, he kept rolling his eyes.

A mineral like the Crimson Core was a fatal temptation to Paris.

Based on the current situation, Paris had to contribute if he wanted to maximize his own benefits!

Otherwise, the Crimson Core that Paris would get would be nothing but a handful.

Paris seemed to have thought of something and walked to the side of the crowd confidently.

“The positions will be distributed like this. I will be the center forward to support you.”

“No problem, Captain!”

As the captain of the team, Su Bai had to deal with all kinds of problems and adopt strategies to solve them. Therefore, he was the best choice for the center position.

After the discussion, everyone was ready to start clearing the Beasts.

Paris saw the opportunity and found Su Bai and revealed his plan.

“The hardness and characteristics of the Crimson Core are very troublesome. Captain Su, you guys are in charge of clearing the Beasts, and I’ll be in charge of mining. What do you say?”

“That works too.”

Su Bai nodded without any objection.

The scale of the Crimson Core vein was relatively large, and they only had one night to work.

One more person meant one more strength. It could shorten the time and avoid other troubles.

“As for the share… How about we split it 40 – 60?” Paris ‘eyes revealed a greedy look as he chuckled.

“40 – 60?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

Su Bai knew Paris would ask for a lot, but he did not expect Paris’s appetite to be so big, and wanted to monopolize 40% of the Crimson Core veins by himself!

There were twelve people here, including Paris. According to the distribution of work, Paris was only responsible for the safest mining work. Being able to get 10% was already the most generous treatment.

Moreover, after clearing the Beasts, everyone would help to mine them.

Su Bai refused decisively. “No. Mining the Crimson Cores isn’t too difficult. 40% is too much.”

Paris said in a much higher voice, “Not much! You had no idea that mining the Crimson Core doesn’t just require brute force. I’m the only one who can do it here!”

Crimson Core was different from ordinary ores, and the method of mining them was also different.

This was Paris’s biggest reliance. However, Su Bai remained calm because he also knew how to mine the Crimson Cores.

After all, it was a material that Alchemists praised very much, so it was also recorded in the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell.

Due to the Crimson Core’s characteristics, there was no way to mine a complete piece by brute force. It would be scattered pieces like fish scales and lose its alchemical value.

The method recorded in the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell was to use the fire of the alchemy furnace to bake the surface of the Crimson Core vein and let it fall off naturally.

Beastmasters who had never come into contact with alchemy only needed a few minutes to master that.

After all, it was not difficult to convert energy into a furnace. One only needed an external item like the alchemy furnace.

Su Bai did not need it, so he could mine it faster!

“Don’t think that I can only follow you! Wait for me to go back and bring Lord Anves here. We won’t have it easy!” Paris said angrily.

This commotion attracted Lu Le and the others.

Paris could not hold it in anymore. He was threatening them.

If Su Bai had not suggested coming to the lake, they would not have found such a wonderful underground world, let alone the Crimson Core veins.

“I don’t know if we’re doing well or not. But Mr. Anves isn’t as shameless as you.” Lu Le sneered.

Bing Qingqing agreed and said, “That’s right. We don’t intend to take it all for ourselves. If you keep pestering us, we can ask Mr. Anves to be the judge of that.”

“Do you really think you’re a scoundrel? You still dare to threaten us?”

“So what if you tell Mr. Anves? Do you think you are a big shot? The mobile Beast-core Turrets can’t enter this cave. In the end, we’ll have to clean up these Beasts.”

“That’s right!”

The other Beastmaster members had the same attitude.

The reason why the dwarves had not discovered this underground cave was entirely because the Beasts here were powerful and there were many of them.

If the Heavencraft City wanted to excavate the Crimson Core veins, it would be a huge commotion.

The dwarves had to dig the surface of the ground and dig deep to find the Crimson Core vein. There were also two external factors, the lake, and the Beasts.

“Y-You all!”

Paris’s plan did not succeed. His body trembled as he shouted angrily, “Fine, we’ll see about that!”

After saying that, Paris turned around and left without any hesitation.

From the looks of it, the others knew that Paris had to go back to get reinforcements. It would take at least two hours.

“Let’s get to work,” Su Bai said indifferently.

Immediately, the team began to prepare to enter the cave.

“Su Bai, will that guy be alright?” Bing Qingqing asked.

There were many Beasts on the way back. If Paris was attacked and died in some corner, they would also have a part of the responsibility.

Su Bai shrugged and said, “Don’t worry. Alchemists are not as fragile as you think.”

After all, Paris was a Gold-level Alchemist. He must have a trump card of his own.

Then, Su Bai gave Lu Le a signal and began to step into the cave.

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